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10 Tips for Using WhatsApp Business to Maximize Profit

by Flexadia 12 months ago in Sosial Media
10 Tips for Using WhatsApp Business to Maximize Profit

The WhatsApp Business is often used by business people to make it easier to establish relationships with consumers or even new customers.

You can also take advantage of WhatsApp Business for the smooth running of your business. Here we will explain how to take advantage of the WhatsApp Business Application .

Tips for Using WhatsApp Business for Maximum Profit

Tips for using WhatsApp Business include setting up away messages, greeting messages, quick replies , activating two-factor authentication and encryption features, and creating chat labels.

WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used applications by Indonesian people. Not only for personal or work purposes, to business.

The WhatsApp Business messaging feature can be arranged in such a way as to maximize business performance. You can even download it for free on iOS or Play Store. Here are tips for using WhatsApp Business for you.

1. List of WhatsApp business accounts

The first step to use the WhatsApp Business App, you need to register a mobile number to be a business WhatsApp Messenger account.

How to create a business account is as follows.

  • Download the WhatsApp Business application that is present on the Play Store.
  • Follow the installation instructions, then click Agree and Continue , and select Allow for the next steps.
  • Enter the cell phone number. We recommend that you use a new number instead of a personal number so that business and personal matters are not mixed.
  • You will be asked for verification.
  • After that, enter the business name. This name needs to be considered carefully because it cannot be changed in the future.
  • Your WhatsApp Business account is also active.

2. Change business profile

Business profiles can be used to provide customers with business-related information. Or convince them that your business account is true, not a fake account.

For that you need to complete a profile according to your business. Here you can add categories, email and website addresses , store opening hours, and more.

You can set it in the Business Settings section . Fill in all the required fields with the correct data. Then, press Save to save all the settings.

3. Check message statistics

You can set statistics to see how many messages have come in from customers. You do this by going to the Settings section and selecting Statistics .

From this menu you can check how many potential buyers are interested. This can also be an evaluation for the business.

4. Set up Away Message

This feature can be activated to send messages to customers when you are not online or the store is out of business hours. The goal is to provide convenience to customers.

The way you can do is select Settings then Business Settings and select the Away Message section .

You can also fill in the message you want to convey as the default. The replies section that has been made, don’t forget to Save . Away Message will also appear according to the settings.

5. Set up a Greeting Message

This feature helps you to follow up with messages that are sent automatically to customers who seem interested in your product, but haven’t made a purchase yet.

This is not forced because it is perfectly legal to do in business. Who knows with this message, potential customers will be interested in buying it.

This message will be sent 14 days after you and the customer no longer communicate. Select Settings , then go to Business Settings , and select Greeting Message . Change the Off position to the On position .

Your Greeting Message is ready to launch.

6. Make Quick Replies

This feature helps you to reply quickly by popping up certain words. For example, you type the word sorry, later on the word sorry will appear quick replies

The sentence itself can be set as desired. There are general keywords that can be entered. For example, besides sorry there is also thank you . The trick is to select Settings , then go to Business Settings , and select Quick Replies. Enter the desired keywords. Write your message in the keyword description. When you type a keyword, the message will appear.

7. Enable encryption feature

Those of you who use business WA will definitely have an encryption feature to secure your account. Don’t let your account be hijacked by someone else, especially if it’s a business account.

You can make this feature provide information that the encryption has changed. The trick is to go to Account settings , then go to the Security section , and slide Show Security Notification to green.

When your encryption changes occur, you can get information from WhatsApp.

8. Enable two-factor authentication

Using a secure WhatsApp Business, you can enable two-factor authentication. It can also prevent your business account from being stolen.

The trick is to check the Settings menu , then go to the Account menu , select the two-step-verification menu . Swipe to enable this section to enable .

You will then be asked to enter a 6-digit PIN. The PIN needs to be recorded so that you remember it.

After that you will be asked to enter an active email address. You can press the Done button.

9. Create a broadcast message

When you have just launched the newest product, you can inform customers who have contacted you via WhatsApp Business. This method can be done occasionally so as not to disturb customers. You do this by taking advantage of the message broadcast feature.

You just choose which contacts you want to send a broadcast message to . Can be selected up to 200 more contacts. Then, write a message about your newest product. You can send it too.

10. Create chat labels

To facilitate data collection, you can use chat labels. You can categorize the messages into new customers , messages that have not been replied to, messages that are waiting for payment, and more.

The way to set it up is easy. You just press the chat from the customer, there will be a sign like an arrow at the top, the category you created earlier will also be visible. Put a check mark in the category you choose.


WhatsApp Business can be used by anyone who wants to do business. You can try it now to be able to connect directly with customers.


1. What is WhatsApp Business?

A messaging application that makes it easy for you to do business, such as the buying and selling process, can be done via WhatsApp Bisnis.

2. What are the features and advantages in WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business has a feature to create customer chat labels, broadcast messages for easy promotions, create a message feature that is sent automatically when the store closes, and more.

3. What is the difference between WhatsApp Business and regular WhatsApp?

If you want to know the full difference, you can visit the following link to read it.