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11 TikTok Content Ideas for Business 2022

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11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

TikTok Content Ideas for Business – It is undeniable that TikTok is a social media that is currently the most loved by various groups around the world.

Starting from children to adults use this application to create interesting videos, and even go viral. Remembering, TikTok’s diverse content seems to give birth to new famous figures.

Not only TikTok content in the form of dancing to the music, but there are various types of content created thanks to the creativity of its users so that it can be liked, and even inspires many people.

Well, for those of you who want to create quality TikTok content that is not only entertaining but also provides inspiration and education, here are some recommended ideas that can be implemented and have the opportunity to go viral.

5 Best TikTok Content Ideas

#1. Do It Yourself or DIY Content

11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

This recommended idea for the first TikTok context is suitable for those of you with a hobby of creating your handwork.

For example, how to fold clothes quickly or how to arrange clothes in the closet as neatly and quickly as possible. DIY TikTok content itself contains easy tips for doing things for viewers on TikTok who may not know it.

By consistently creating DIY content with clear and useful video content for viewers, it’s no wonder that your TikTok content can be liked by many people in no time.

#2. Educational Content

11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

The next recommended TikTok content idea that can be chosen is the educational theme. As previously mentioned, TikTok’s current content does not only contain entertainment but can also be used as a medium to provide education that contains informative content.

Moreover, the educational content of TikTok is made in a contemporary style so it attracts many users to watch it.

No wonder, if many experts in certain fields create informative TikTok content such as discussing diseases and how to overcome them. For those of you who have the desire to provide education, TikTok content can be an option.

However, make sure that the TikTok content that you create is factual because it is educational that other users have the opportunity to apply.

#3. Hashtag Challenge Content

11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

You can do this next TikTok content idea if you don’t want to be too serious or just for entertainment in making it, namely the hashtag challenge.

Where TikTok itself is the same as other social media that have the hashtag feature. In addition, the hashtag challenge itself is the most popular feature on TikTok right now.

Where the content contains the special challenges that every TikTok user does. For example, the hashtag challenge content that went viral last year was the Pass the Brush Challenge or the Any Song Challenge.

If you want to use this content idea, try to make it as different as possible so that it is interesting to watch.

#4. Comedy Content

11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

This next content idea can be a choice of TikTok content if you feel you have talent or often make people laugh out loud. Considering that comedy content itself has its audience, people will still watch super funny comedy and even casual humor.

With comedy content that you create consistently, many people will always be waiting for it in the future until it can go viral.

#5. Tutorial Content

11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

The last recommended idea for TikTok content is tutorial content. This idea can be an option for those of you who have expertise in certain fields such as make-up for certain events, dressing in Outfit of the Day, cooking favorite foods, learning to play musical instruments, sports, and many others.

Where the content of this tutorial content must be informative. Especially with the duration of the video which is relatively short at only 60 seconds.

How to create good content for TikTok

For content created by Moms and Dads to enter FYP (For Your Page), the videos made must be unique and interesting.

FYP is the main page containing recommendations in the TikTok application that will appear every time you open the application.

Content creators will certainly target their work to enter this page so that it can be seen by wide users.

However, it is not easy to present content that is liked by many people. Content creators need to understand what kind of content viewers like.

Just like YouTube or Instagram, which have their algorithms, so does TikTok. The TikTok algorithm will display videos that roughly match a person’s interests.

Learning about the interests of the audience, finding out trends, and looking for creative ideas are steps that need to be taken.

Usually, it can be started by imitating anything that is currently viral and many other people have made. Just channel your creativity.

Not only that, but you also have to be able to browse hashtags, songs that are being used, videos, accounts, or challenges that are being used as content.

To search for a specific user, song, or hashtag, use the search feature with the magnifying glass icon. To interact with fellow TikTok users, you can give a reaction or response to your followers.

Like double-tapping the screen or tapping the heart icon on the right, commenting, or sharing the content every time you watch it.

To follow a content creator, you can swipe the screen to the left. The application will open the creator’s profile page. That’s how to make TikTok for beginners, quite easy and not difficult right?

With so many features in this app, it will take some time before Moms and Dads get used to using it.

Over time Moms and Dads will get used to it and of course, creativity will be honed. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

11 TikTok Content Ideas for Business

The form of content for business promotion will certainly be different from the form of content for ordinary entertainment.

You should be able to include the product you want to sell and promote it naturally in the content. For video content, you can also use the video template whose videos are cute and cool.

Here are some ideas that you can use to create business content on the TikTok platform to promote your business.

#1. Live Promotion Content

11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

The first TikTok content idea is direct promotional content. This type of content intentionally includes the product and shows it. Not only to promote the products to be sold. This type of content can also be used to promote the business account itself.

By asking users of the TikTok platform to follow, like, or subscribe. This type of content should not be done too often. Because TikTok users might get bored of seeing promotional content constantly.

#2. Content About Company Profile

In addition to promoting products sold or issued by your store or company. You also need to do branding or promotions about companies or stores that you run yourself. The TikTok platform is a great place to do that.

You can make a short profile video with an interesting story. Remember, you have to create a concept like telling a story. If you just provide contact and company or store info. Surely the content will feel boring for users.

#3. Challenge Content with Hashtags

The next TikTok content idea that is suitable for businesses is to create a hashtag challenge. This type of content is ideal for businesses. Because you can involve customers to spread information about your product.

If the challenge that is made is attractive to many people, it will be done massively. So, it will be very profitable for you. Because you can do extensive promotions without bothering anymore. Apart from this, you can also take one of the ideas from the business hashtags on TikTok.

#4. Content Creating Product Tutorials

11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

Content ideas for TikTok that can be used for further business promotion are tutorial content. This tutorial function does not only have a promotional function but can be informative content. So, your product buyers know how to use the product.

Content with this type of tutorial does not have to be limited to just explaining how to use it. You also have to be creative with the content. So it can show the advantages of other products.

For example, what you sell are cosmetic products. So, don’t just show tutorials on how to use these cosmetics. Also, showcase certain make-up creations that attract TikTok users.

#5. Product-Related Educational Content

The TikTok platform is not just a platform for fun. There is a lot of educational content uploaded on TikTok. This example of TikTok content can be used as promotional content.

You can create content with educational purposes that the problem is related to your product. You need to show that the product you are selling is a solution to the problem you are discussing.

Make the content as interesting as possible with a narrative like telling a story. That way, viewers won’t get bored of seeing the content you create.

#6. Product Packing Content

11 Best TikTok Content Ideas for Business

Customers who buy your products, there will be satisfied if you can see the purchased products are being processed. Because it’s the process of packing and shipping, it can be an interesting TikTok content idea for businesses.

Besides being able to increase customer interest, this content can increase the level of customer trust in the store or company that you run. Especially if you show that the order was packaged and shipped safely.

#7. Content Behind Product Creation

This TikTok content idea focuses on showing customers how the process that a product goes through until it finally reaches the hands of buyers. This content is also often referred to as behind the scene content.

This type of content has become popular and is even highly expected by customers. Because customers now really care about the goods they buy. So, many of our customers want to see how the goods they buy go through the manufacturing process.

Give a point of view on the content, as if customers are invited to be involved from the manufacturing process until the product is ready for use. This idea can also be applied to various types of products. Starting from food, and drinks, to fashion items.

#8. Product Catalog Content

You can also use your TikTok platform to create a product catalog. In addition to promotions, TikTok video content ideas like this also serve as information for customers who will buy.

So, potential customers can find out what choices they have and the variety of goods that can be purchased. You must make this video catalog attractively. Do not be like a list of items like a printed catalog.

#9. Product Release Content

If your shop or company will produce a new product or a new product variation. Then the TikTok platform is the right medium to structure its promotion. You can make short trailers or spoiler videos. Enough short videos until finally on the product release date.

This TikTok content idea can increase customer curiosity about the product that will be released. Combine this idea with other content concepts. For example, the concept of the hashtag challenge and the concept of promotion. This is to give maximum effect on the day of the release of your new product.

#10. Content Shows Workplace

In addition, it shows the process of packaging, shipping, and product production. The next thing that can be a content idea is to show the workplace. Just like the previous content, this content can increase the trust of customers in you.

Especially if you show a neat and clean workplace. A plus for you who can make your workplace look aesthetic and yet. You can display the places where finished products are stored.

Then, make a neat order according to the packaging process. That way, customers will be more interested in following videos exploring the workplace that you show.

#11. Using Adstok

For this last TikTok content idea you can use Adstok. Adstok is a TikTok marketing kit template for promotions on TikTok which is going viral this year.

In addition to getting templates, you also get content ideas that have been scheduled and you just have to practice.


Those are some ideas for creating TikTok content that has a chance to go viral. Of course, you have to polish this idea with more creativity and imagination so that the results are different from the others.

Apart from ideas, of course, you need a tool to create TikTok content with great results. Therefore, it takes a smartphone that is equipped with qualified specifications and features, especially in the camera section.

Fortunately, currently getting a smartphone with qualified specifications and features can be done online through Eraspace.

There are many choices of smartphones from some well-known brands that can be tailored to your needs. It is enough to visit the official Eraspace website or download the application. So what are you waiting for? Come on, find your dream smartphone easily only in Eraspace now.


How to create a business page on TikTok?

Don’t worry, TikTok business accounts can be opened for free, you know. To find out how to make it, here is a summary of the steps.

1. Install TikTok

To be able to use a TikTok for Business account, of course, you must first have the application. The TikTok app is already available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

After the installation process is complete, open TikTok and click the “Me ” menu at the bottom and sign up or register.

Follow the steps, and enter the required information such as phone number and email address.

2. Create a business account

Next, click the “…” symbol at the top right of the “Me ” page, and select “Manage my account “. There, you can find the “Switch to Pro Account ” and “Business Account” options. After that, choose the category that best fits your business.

3. Create content

After doing steps 1 and 2, you already have a TikTok for Business account. What needs to be done next is to create interesting content and promote your products through that account.

Can you promote your business on TikTok?

Yes, of course, you can because TikTok already provides the TikTok for Business feature, so the answer is definitely yes. For the benefits, we have explained above, yes.

Is TikTok good for small businesses?

Very good, because currently, TikTok is one of the most widely used social media platforms, especially for young people. So if you have a small business, it is highly recommended to promote it on TikTok.

Why TikTok for business?

Anyone can create a TikTok account. However, TikTok for Business is a little different from the free-to-create accounts.

Launching Einstein Marketer, this account is specifically for optimizing the promotion of the owner’s business.

With a dedicated TikTok account for businesses, there are some special features such as:

  • Unique engagement solution
  • Performance real-time tracking.
  • Makes it easy to find relevant and trending content

With this account, you can get views, likes, and comments faster and increase brand awareness and conversions.

According to TikTok’s official website, its business account has been used by more than 1000 well-known brands. Every post uploaded can get more than 200,000 views and increase by 9% brand engagement.

Should I use TikTok for my business?

Yes, and it should. If you have a small or large business, I highly recommend you to use TikTok to promote your product or business.