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Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which is Better in 2022?

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Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which is Better in 2022?

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which is Better in 2022? (image: biteno)

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which is Better? – Do you want to create a website with optimal performance and can store all important data and files safely? Then your website needs a hosting service. Hosting is a website service that functions as a place to store important data from website owners and visitors.

Without hosting, a website can’t operate stably and optimally. If the website is like a house, then hosting is the land or land on which to build a house. To build a large and magnificent house, of course, you need a large area of ​​land, right?

Likewise with websites. For maximum speed, performance, capacity, and performance, hosting with large resources is needed. The rapid development of technology also has an impact on the progress of hosting services.

Currently, the types of hosting are very diverse, including VPS, Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Managed WordPress.

Well, specifically in this article, Flexadia Friends will learn the differences between Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting. You need an understanding of both of them to avoid mistakes in choosing hosting and to get a hosting service that suits your needs.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which is Better in 2022?

Shared hosting is like a boarding house whose facilities are shared by all residents of the boarding house. The boarding house has a shared bathroom, electricity, water, and kitchen.

Likewise with Shared Hosting where users have to share facilities and services with other users. So simply, Shared Hosting is a type of hosting service whose servers are shared by several users at once.

Shared Hosting services provide shared facilities such as disk space, bandwidth, memory, and others. The disadvantage is that if one user uses too much power or memory, the website performance of other users will also be affected.

Therefore, if you choose a Shared Hosting service, you should first ask about the “soft limit” so that the web hosting provider can increase the capacity of the website when the traffic volume is high.

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What is Dedicated Hosting?

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which is Better in 2022?

Before discussing in-depth the differences between Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting, it is best if Flexadia Friends get acquainted with Dedicated Hosting or often called “Dedicated Server”.

If previously Shared Hosting was likened to a boarding house, then to get to know Dedicated Servers better, use the parable of a hotel room. You can enjoy all facilities such as water, kitchen, bathroom, to private WiFi without fear of being disturbed by other visitors at the hotel.

Dedicated Hosting is a hosting server that is specifically used by one user only to manage their website. The main advantage of this type of hosting is that you don’t have to worry about the website going down because the server used is private without any other user intervention.

However, to manage Dedicated Hosting, you need an adequate understanding of all the intricacies of servers. Because Dedicated Hosting gives users the freedom to set up their server according to their needs.

If Flexadia Friends has a fairly large budget, understands servers, and also needs a very high-performance website, it is highly recommended to choose Dedicated Hosting.

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Differences between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Well, we have come to the main part of this article. The following will explain some of the differences between Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting based on the main aspects they have.

1. Performance

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which is Better in 2022?

Website performance is certainly the priority in considering choosing a hosting service. Because if the website’s performance is stable and fast, then visitors will feel more comfortable exploring the page.

In Shared Hosting, website resources are limited because the server is shared. So if you use Shared Hosting, you can’t expect to have a stable and fast website performance. Because the performance of your website is also influenced by the traffic of other website users.

While on Dedicated Hosting, website performance is faster, stable, and reliable. This is because Dedicated Hosting provides a private server that is only used by one hosting account.

2. Security

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which is Better in 2022?

The difference between Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting can then be seen based on the security side. In Shared Hosting, the resources and servers used are shared so that the level of data security is still low. It is not recommended that you store confidential data because other users can also access the hosting server.

Whereas in Dedicated Hosting, data security is more guaranteed because the server and all available resources are used personally.

Well, if the website you want to build does not have confidential and crucial data, using Shared Hosting is enough to meet your needs. But if you want to build e-commerce with thousands of customer data stored in it, it is highly recommended to subscribe to Dedicated Hosting.

3. Configuration

The difference between Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting which will be discussed next is the configuration of the two. The server configuration of Shared Hosting is very simple. So it is very suitable for use by Flexadia Friends who are still newbies and beginners in the world of IT Technology.

In contrast to Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting has complex application and software configurations so special skills and expertise are needed to operate it. It is recommended that if you are interested in using Dedicated Hosting, you should first learn about the concept of server configuration.

4. Cost

Cost or price can also be a consideration for Flexadia Friends in understanding the difference between Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting. First, let’s discuss the costs needed to subscribe to a Shared Hosting service.

Because Shared Hosting implements a sharing system where servers and resources are shared by many users, the price offered is also very cheap. Starting from $0.8 per month, you can already use Shared Hosting services.

While on Dedicated Hosting, the price that is installed per month is much more expensive, starting from $69. The price is very reasonable considering the performance and security of the website which is guaranteed to be safe and fast.

5. Flexibility

The next thing that will be discussed related to the difference between Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting is the aspect of server flexibility or customization. The flexibility referred to here is the ease with which users can upgrade themselves on the hosting server.

Dedicated Hosting provides convenience for its users to upgrade configuration, resources, to resources so that the website can accommodate higher traffic. In other words, Dedicated Hosting offers great flexibility in server customization.

While on Shared Hosting, because the configuration and resources obtained by users are limited according to the selected service package, then you cannot customize the server as you wish. So in terms of flexibility, Dedicated Hosting is far superior to Shared Hosting.

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Shared Hosting Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting as consideration for Flexadia Friends in choosing a hosting service.


  • Has a very affordable subscription price.
  • Has a fully-managed configuration so that users do not need to manage and maintain the server themselves.
  • Does not require special technical skills so it is suitable for beginners.
  • Providing complete services and facilities ranging from bandwidth, database, and SSL, to disk space.


  • Lack of flexibility in doing server customization.
  • The level of data security is less reliable because the server is used by many users at once.
  • Prone to website down when other users suddenly experience a surge in traffic.
  • There are limitations in the memory of the website file storage.

2. Dedicated Hosting Advantages and Disadvantages

Below are some important points regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting.


  • Has very large resources and resources.
  • Has a very stable and reliable performance and security.
  • Flexibility in choosing the operating system used on the website.
  • Can store a lot of website data (big data).
  • Able to accommodate the soaring website traffic.
  • Provides root access to set up the hosting server.


  • Has a fairly expensive price.
  • Requires special expertise in the technical field of website servers.
  • It is quite time-consuming because you have to do your hosting server maintenance.

Which is Better, Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting?

For a website that is built to be able to operate stably and optimally, of course, a hosting service is needed. Hosting is a website service that serves as a place to store important data from users and website visitors.

Then what kind of hosting service should be used? Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting have been quite popular and have attracted so many customers. So that Flexadia Friends can make Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting recommendations for hosting services for use on websites.

Some of the main differences between Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting for consideration are the aspects of the cost of use, security, performance, configuration, and flexibility.

In addition, if Flexadia Friends currently has sufficient technical server and programming skills, has a website with high load and traffic, and has an adequate budget, then Dedicated Hosting is the best choice.

On the other hand, if Flexadia Friends have no technical server and programming skills at all, are busy with other work so they don’t have time to take care of hosting configuration and server customization, and have a very limited budget, then Shared Hosting can be the right choice.

Well, enough of this discussion about the difference between Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting. Hopefully useful, yes! For those of you who want to read other interesting articles about websites and content creation tips, you can visit the Flexadia blog.