• May 31, 2023

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

by Flexadia 1 year ago in Design
13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay! – Flexadia Friends have stock photos piled up on camera and want to earn money from them. So the easiest and most practical way is to sell it as a license or copyright through various online photo selling platforms.

With the variety of online photo buying and selling sites on the internet today, you might be confused about making the right choice. Therefore, this article is here to help Flexadia Friends by providing 13+ recommendations for the best places to sell photos online.

Recommended Places to Buy and Sell Photos Online

The following will present the 14 best platforms that provide online photo buying and selling services. Come on, see more in the discussion below!

1. Shutterstock

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

Is anyone not familiar with Shutterstock? This one stock image, vector, photo, video, and music provider platform is already very well known all over the world. Even ShutterStock is claimed to be the most preferred photo platform by photographers and art connoisseurs.

Shutterstock provides more than 360 million photos with premium quality and authenticity. The types of photos displayed on ShutterStock are exclusive and non-exclusive. With a very global market share and very massive users, ShutterStock is perfect for photographers who want to earn extra rupiah.

Although ShutterStock is not a platform from Indonesia, its users from Indonesia always increase by around 49% every year. So, very tempting isn’t ShutterStock’s market share?

If Flexadia Friends intends to sell photos or images on Shutterstock, then you must register as a contributor first. The steps required to register as a Shutterstock contributor are also quite easy and uncomplicated. You just need to do:

  • Register on the following link by filling in some personal identification such as name, email address, and password.
  • Verify the account that has been registered.

After that, your contributor account is active and can be used to upload photos and images. Here are a few tips for uploading good photos on Shutterstock: try to upload images with a resolution of at least 4 Megapixels, and include a description of the image in English.

How much do you get paid for being a Shutterstock contributor? The fee is calculated based on the number of downloads you get for each photo you upload. The fee per download applied by ShutterStock is $0.10 (based on the latest data for 2020).

The percentage of profit-sharing from image royalties is quite profitable for contributors, which ranges from 15% (level 1) to 40% (level 6).

Another advantage of Shutterstock is that it provides an image uploader Dashboard that can be accessed via desktop and mobile. Additional tips so that the photos you upload can be curated by Shutterstock, if there is a model or talent in the photo, you must attach a model release form (permission from the person in the photo).

What can be sold through ShutterStock?

  • Illustration or vector image with eps 8 or 10 format.
  • Editorial photos ( news, sports, and entertainment categories ) or general photos (landscapes, designs, and others).
  • Video Footage with a short duration of only 5 to 60 seconds.
  • Musical arrangements that can be used as back sound.

For cash disbursement methods provided by Shutterstock include PayPal, Monetskyrill, and Bank Check. How are you interested in registering as a contributor on Shutterstock?

2. Getty Images

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

The next recommended online photo selling platform is Getty Images. Although this platform is not as popular as Shutterstock, Getty Images has a total of 1.5 million subscribers spread over 200 countries.

Getty Images’ market share is professional brands or publishers who need exclusive photos with high quality and resolution. Therefore, photos and images uploaded to Getty Images are not tinned. Most of the photos are authentic, unique, beautiful, and hard to find on other online photo-selling platforms.

Just like ShutterStock, to get additional income through Getty Images, you must register as a contributor first. The steps required to be registered as a Getty Images contributor are also quite easy and uncomplicated.

You just need to do:

  • The first requirement to register as a Getty Images contributor is to be at least 18 years old.
  • If you meet the requirements, then you can download the Getty images application on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Upload a portfolio of 3 to 6 sample photos, images, videos, or design illustrations via a YouTube link.
  • Next, Getty Images will assess and review the portfolio you submitted and will inform you of the results (accepted as a contributor or not).

However, it should be noted that the competition to qualify as a Getty Images contributor is very tight. Because even now there are around 200.00 active and talented contributors ranging from beginners to accomplished artists, or part-time photographers.

Getty Images prices for each download are $110 to $499. Later contributors will receive a royalty profit sharing of 20%.

3. Adobe Stock

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

Adobe as a giant computer software provider company currently has very massive users and is spread globally. Various design and visual software made by Adobe have certainly accompanied the twists and turns of the careers of designers, photographers, and illustrators. One such software is Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock is recommended as a place to sell photos online because it has the advantage that it is integrated with various Adobe tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, and others.

Tips for uploading photos to be accepted by Adobe Stock:

  • Photos uploaded are in JPEG format.
  • Has a resolution of 4 Megapixels (minimum) to 100 Megapixels (maximum).
  • The maximum size of uploaded photos or images is 45MB.

Another advantage of Adobe Stock is that it provides tools to optimize photos, such as setting keywords and alt text images so that photos can attract more customers. Adobe Stock also provides a dedicated contributor dashboard to facilitate the process of uploading photos via mobile and desktop.

The types of stock photos that sell best on Adobe Stock are annual event photos, trend photos, food photos, landscapes, and unique product photos. But you need product photo tips to create authentic photos for Adobe Stock to glance at.

The price tagged by Adobe Stock in each download is $43.3 to $26.40. With a royalty distribution of 30% (photo royalties) to 35% (video royalties) for contributors. So, still hesitant to choose Adobe Stock?

4. Foap

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

The next recommended place for selling photos online by Flexadia is Foap. Present as an application that you can download on the App Store and Google Play, Foap has become a platform for a million people to sell photos.

This is because Foap offers income with an amount that is not kidding. There is clear evidence that a man from California earned a total income of up to IDR 45,000,000 in less than a year through Foap.

The price of selling photos on Foap is set in various ways. Starting from $5 for every photo you upload and successfully gain subscribers. Then $100 to $2,500 for each contributor who can complete a special mission from Foap.

Foap can also be used via smartphones, making it very easy for contributors. Therefore, for Flexadia Friends who hoard a lot of photos on their smartphones, let’s send them to Foap so they can get extra income with fantastic amounts.

5. Alamy

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

Well, this time Flexadia recommends Alamy as an interesting place to sell photos online. Touted as the platform with the highest royalties, what is the actual proportion of profit sharing at Alamy?

It turns out, Alamy offers a royalty share of up to 50% to contributors, you know! Very tempting isn’t it? No wonder this platform has penetrated 173 countries by consistently adding 100,000 new images every day.

For Alamy’s installed cost per photo, download ranges from $19.99 to $639.99. Even Alamy has an interesting promo for those of you who are still students. Due to student contributors, they can enjoy 100% full royalties for the first two years.

6. Dreamstime

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

This online photo-selling platform, which has been established in 2000, has managed to hypnotize 34 million users to contribute to it. Of the 34 million users, 700,000 of them are active contributors who are still loyal to filling Dreamstime page after page with their photo works.

As a photo platform that is hype and contemporary, Dreamstime accepts a variety of works ranging from design drawings, photos, illustrations, icons, vectors, and videos, to sound clips. The royalty scheme offered by Dreamstime is also very flexible depending on the type of content uploaded and the number of downloads obtained.

Dreamstime itself has a work contract requirement, namely that contributors must be willing to undergo a 6-month commitment to continue uploading their work on Dreamstime. During the initial 6 months at Dreamstime, you have not received royalties because the photos you upload are counted as portfolios.

If you have passed the 6-month deadline, then you can start to collect rupiah coffers through the distribution of royalties. The distribution of royalties at Dreamstime is divided into two groups, namely exclusive contributors (receiving royalties 27.5% to 55%) and non-exclusive contributors (receiving royalties 25% to 50%).

7. FreeDigitalPhotos.net

FreeDigitalPhotos is here as a recommendation for the next place to sell photos online. This Hong Kong platform tends to have a unique and interesting marketing strategy. Initially, photos uploaded on this platform will be offered to buyers for free at a very low resolution.

Well, if buyers want to get photos with premium and best resolutions, then they have to buy them for a certain fee. The advantage of FreeDigitalPhotos is that it gives royalties to its contributors with a very fantastic nominal (70% distribution to contributors).

The price of photos offered by FreeDigitalPhotos is divided based on the level of resolution. The higher the level of resolution that the buyer wants, the higher the price set.

8. Depositphotos

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

Looking for a place to sell photos online to increase your income with less complicated requirements? Then Depositphotos can be an absolute choice for Flexadia Friends.

Depositphotos has a payment system regulation that is slightly different from other photo-selling platforms. Where this platform applies payments to contributors based on the experience and resolution of the photos that are successfully obtained.

So, Depositphotos’ benchmark for paying contributors is not judged by the number of downloads. The amount of commission offered by Depositphotos ranges from 34% to 42%.

9. iStockphoto

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

This time we will discuss an online photo buying and selling platform that is already very popular and is a target for photographers to sell their work. The number of iStockphoto subscribers alone has reached 1.5 million over the past year.

Similar to other platforms, iStockphoto also requires you to register as a contributor first to be able to upload photos. Here’s how to register as a contributor on iStockphoto:

Register on the iStockphoto page by filling in several personal identities, such as name, email address, and country of origin.

  • Upload at least 3 to 5 photos for iStockphoto to review first.
  • The waiting time is 5 days to 7 days until your photos can be optimally curated by the iStockphoto team.
  • Notification of qualification to become a contributor will be notified later via email.

iStockphoto is the front line of the most popular photo platform and certainly has special criteria in selecting photos and images from contributors. The requirements are:

  • Photos must have a minimum resolution of 720×960 pixels to 9000×9000 pixels.
  • Have a JPG, JPEG, or PNG format.
  • Ensure that the uploaded photos have number one quality and are without noise.

A few tips for Flexadia Friends who are interested in submitting their work on iStockphoto, you should send a photo or image with Custom Content & Creative theme.

Regarding royalties offered by iStockphoto, it ranges from 15% to 45% depending on how exclusive the curated photo is.

10. 500px

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

500px is the next place to sell photos online recommended by Flexadia. This platform has collaborated with Getty Images and VCG ( Visual China Group ) so that it has a global market share.

500px presents a variety of image content for commercial ( digital campaign ) to editorial ( book or website covers ) needs. The algorithm currently run by 500px is also very profitable for new contributors.

Because this platform will display photo content from new contributors at the very top of their SERP. For the distribution of royalties alone, 500px offers a proportion of 60% to contributors.

11. Smugmug Pro

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

Smugmug Pro has been named at the top of the ranks of the highest-paying online photo platforms. How not, the amount of royalties given by Smugmug Pro itself is at 85%. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

That’s why even though it’s relatively new, the Smugmug Pro customer line is already numerous and varied. But the weakness of this platform is that if contributors want to be able to send photos, then they must first register as a premium member with a registration fee of around $12.5 per month.

12. Stocksy

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

Stocksy is a startup that has a core business as a place to sell photos online. Out of several other online photo platforms, Stocky has the most democratic regulations because photo royalties are shared fairly.

The payment system implemented by Stocksy is that for each download transaction, the contributor will receive a 50% royalty. Meanwhile, for each extended license, the royalty earned is 100% in full. In addition, at the end of each year, Stocksy will also share 90% of all the profits they get with contributors.

13. EyeEM

EyeEM is here as an online photo platform with a very unique concept. Flexadia Friends can upload photos of themselves to EyeEM and sell them. In addition, the type of photo that is used as a benchmark in EyeEM is “Advertising Photography”.

For the payment system implemented by EyeEM, contributors will get a commission of up to 50% for each download they get.

14. Fotolia

13+ Sites Where to Sell Photos Online, High Pay!

Fotolia is an online photo platform that was acquired by Adobe. Through Fotolia, you can increase pocket money by uploading various interesting photos that have been hidden on smartphones and untouched.

There are two types of payment methods at Fotolia, namely Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription. For Pay-As-You-Go, contributors will earn between 20% to 63% royalties.

While the Subscription payment option allows contributors to earn 33% revenue every time a customer purchases photo content.