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Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Review : Cheap and Festive

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Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Review : Cheap and Festive

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Review – At the end of 2021, Samsung released the Galaxy A03 Core to Indonesia. This device is the cheapest Samsung cellphone ever sold. The reason is, that the price of the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core is only marketed at Rp. 1,199,000. Pretty interesting isn’t it.

Comes with a 6.5-inch screen with HD + resolution levels, its performance relies on the Unisoc SC9863A chipset and has a 5,000 mAh battery capacity. From the camera side, there is 1 on the back with an 8 MP resolution and a 5 MP front camera.

It’s not a qualified specification, but it’s still okay for everyday use. For more details, here is Pricebook’s experience when using the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core.

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Review : Cheap and Festive

1. Design and Screen

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Review : Cheap and Festive

In terms of appearance, the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core carries an Infinity-V screen design with a V-shaped notch at the top. The screen also has a fairly thin bezel, so it looks more spacious.

Compared to cellphones in the same price range, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core is indeed very wide. Its size reaches 6.5 inches, even bigger than the previous generation Galaxy A01 Core which is equipped with a 5.3-inch screen. The screen resolution is still HD + 720 x 1600 pixels with a ratio of 20:9.

Even though it’s fairly standard, for a cellphone size of less than 1 million, this screen is enough to accompany daily activities, such as watching movies, playing Tiktok or social media.

The back also appears very simple. The cover is made a little rough and not slippery so it can reduce the risk of slipping out of the grip when held. For color, there are 2 options offered, namely blue (the unit reviewed by Pricebook) and also black.

What’s interesting is in the camera compartment. Where the camera module is emphasized in the form of a box with thick accent lines. There is one camera lens that has a fairly large size with an additional flash light underneath.

To see the capabilities of the camera, proceed to the following discussion.

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2. Camera

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Review : Cheap and Festive

As already explained, the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core is only equipped with a rear camera and one front camera. The rear camera has a resolution of 8 MP with an aperture of f/2.0 and is equipped with an Auto Focus feature.

There are not many camera mode options, there are only panorama, photo and video options. Then the choice of shooting is in 3:4, 9:16, 1:1 and Full sizes as well as an additional timer feature. All can be used and adjusted to the needs when shooting.

It’s not a slick configuration, but it’s enough to capture the moment that must be stored on the cellphone. But make sure to shoot in normal lighting conditions.

Because in normal light, the camera can still give good photos. Moreover, if it is supported by a good shooting angle, you can still show off on Instagram or Facebook.

Since the resolution is small, it is recommended that you shoot at a distance that is not too far away, so that the photo still looks good when zoomed in.

Then when shooting in low light conditions, you can take advantage of the presence of a flash light. Because the use of this flash is quite helpful, so the resulting photo is not too dark.

While the front camera of the Galaxy A03 Core has a resolution of 5 MP with an aperture of f/2.2. When used for video calls or zoom meetings, this camera is still reliable. The face is still clearly visible even though the lighting conditions are not too bright, like in a room.

When taking selfies, try to be in sufficient light conditions so that the photos are maximized. Because when taking selfies there is no flash light that can add lighting.

3. Android Go

The Samsung Galaxy A03 Core runs on the Android 11 Go Edition operating system which is more compact than standard Android. Android Go is a special operating system designed for devices with limited specifications.

This system is intended for low-end devices with 1GB RAM or less. Because this system is able to reduce RAM usage and add data processing quota.

For example, the installed Facebook application is the Lite version, then there are some features that are usually found on Samsung phones, but can’t be found. One of them is the Always on Display feature.

However, there are still Dark Mode and Smart Manager features that will optimize device memory usage such as RAM and internal storage.

4. Performance

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Review : Cheap and Festive

With a price tag of 1.1 million, users really don’t expect too much. But for new users who upgrade from feature phones to Android like parents, at least they can still hope for this cellphone.

The Samsung Galaxy A03 Core itself is powered by a Unisoc SC9863A processor. For those who don’t know, Unisoc is a Chinese company that produces chipsets under the Unisoc name. In the past, Unisoc chipsets were known as Spreadtrum before being acquired by Tsinghua Unigroup.

Then Unisoc SC9863A itself is included in the SoC (System on Chip) category for entry-level cellphones. This processor is still produced with 28nm technology and was released in 2018, so it is not a capable chipset for heavy tasks, including gaming.

But for standard use such as browsing, chatting, social media to zoom meetings, it is very reliable. Trying games like Mobile Legends Bang Bang or other casual games are still ok when played with the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core.

How about games like PUBG? This game can actually be played, but it feels uncomfortable because it often breaks and lags. So it is not recommended to play this game. But for those who are curious, there’s nothing wrong with trying it.

Oh yes, the Galaxy A03 Core is equipped with 2 GB of RAM memory and 32 GB of internal storage. If it feels lacking, the storage can be expanded up to 1 TB via the external microSD slot.

So files such as photos, videos or others can be stored on this media to reduce the load on the internal memory.

5. Battery

samsung galaxy a03 core battery

Samsung doesn’t want to be left behind with the big battery trend in the Galaxy A03 Core. The reason is that this cellphone has a 5,000 mAh battery which is claimed to be able to accompany all day activities.

This claim is true, because when used for standard use such as browsing, watching movies, social media to chat, the battery lasts until the night.

But it’s different when invited to play some games. The battery does seem to be decreasing quickly, where from the test results by playing the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game playing 1 hour the battery decreased by 12 percent.

Then try playing PUBG games for 15 minutes the battery is reduced by 5 percent. While watching HD movies on Youtube for 1 hour the battery drops by 10 percent.

Meanwhile, when charging, for 30 minutes the battery is 13 percent charged and within 1 hour it is 30 percent charged. Meanwhile, to fully charge it takes more than 3 hours.

This is quite reasonable, because the large battery is only supported by 10W charging and still uses the microUSB port.



  • Cheap price
  • 6.5 inch large screen
  • External storage up to 1 TB supported
  • 5000 mAh big battery


  • There is only 1 rear camera
  • No fingerprint sensor
  • Not supported fast charging
  • small RAM

This device is not equipped with qualified specifications. Performance is still quite ok for standard use, such as browsing, chatting, social media or playing Tiktok. But it is not recommended to be used as a cellphone for gaming.

According to Pricebook, this cellphone is suitable for users who want to upgrade from a feature phone to an Android phone or as a gift for their parents.

The wide screen measuring 6.5 inches is enough to offer comfort, especially for users who are completely new to using Android phones. The use of the Android Go OS also adds to the convenience, because the menus are concise and uncomplicated.

Moreover, the battery is also quite durable, it is very possible to do activities from morning to evening with just one charge. So, if you have IDR 1.2 million and want a Samsung cellphone, this Galaxy A03 Core can be an option.

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Specifications

OS Version11
Screen Size6.6 inch
Screen Resolution1600 x 720 Pixels
Processor DetailsUnisoc SC9863A
Internal Memory32GB
Rear Camera8 MP
Other Main Camera Resolutions
Front Camera Resolution5 MP
Battery Capacity5000 mAh