8+ Online Media for Business Promotion, Which Do You Choose?

8+ Online Media for Business Promotion, Which Do You Choose?
8+ Online Media for Business Promotion, Which Do You Choose?

Online Media for Business Promotion – Before entering the internet era and getting to know what is called online promotional media, business people and business owners usually market the products they sell with conventional promotional media, such as print ads or those shown on television.

In recent years, online promotional media is a solution for business people to gain more income and profits in an easier, more practical, and of course efficient way.

Definition of Online Promotional Media

When interpreted literally, media means an intermediary or introduction, namely the intermediary of the message source and the recipient of the message. It can also be interpreted that the media is a tool or means used by someone to convey a message from a communicator to the public.

Meanwhile, what is meant by promotional media is the means used to support promotional activities and the introduction of products or services to the public. Promotion is an activity in the field of marketing carried out by the company to buyers or consumers.

From there, it can also be interpreted that online promotional media is a promotional activity to introduce a product or service. The marketing process is carried out online through internet media and utilizes technological sophistication.

Online marketing is a series of activities, from planning, action, and service to product delivery. Most of their activities use the internet.

One of the factors that make online promotions more often used is that the number of internet users is increasing day by day. This is very profitable because it facilitates the marketing and sales process.

Online marketing can be done through the online promotional media that you have. Examples of online promotional media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

8+ Online Media for Business Promotion, Which Do You Choose?

1. Google Shopping

Google Ads is an online promotion media that has a variety of campaign options that you can choose from. If you are aiming to increase sales, Google Shopping could be a relevant campaign for you.

Ads on Google Shopping contain product images, prices, and a link to your online store. This specific information is perfect for an audience who is ready to shop. If you want to use Google Shopping to promote, you need to create a Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account.

When someone enters a keyword in the Google search engine and selects the “Shopping/Shopping” section on the search results page, that is where your ad will appear.

2. Facebook Ads

8+ Online Media for Business Promotion, Which Do You Choose?
Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform today. These factors make Facebook Ads the most effective online promotion medium for product marketing.

Another advantage is, that if you market your product with Facebook Ads, the ad will not only appear on Facebook but can also appear on other websites that work with Facebook.

Remember, this service is not free. You need to pay a fee to start the promotion here. Don’t worry, Facebook Ads costs are relatively cheap, starting from only $0.7, you can already place ads.

3. Instagram Ads

8+ Online Media for Business Promotion, Which Do You Choose?
Instagram Ads

Instagram and Facebook are under the same company. In the past, if you wanted to promote a product on Instagram, you had to advertise through Facebook Ads first. Currently, it is easier for you as a businessman, because advertising as an online promotional medium can be directly installed through the Instagram application.

As with Facebook Ads, the cost of advertising on Instagram is also relatively light, starting from only $1.3.

4. Twitter Ads

8+ Online Media for Business Promotion, Which Do You Choose?
Twitter Ads

Another most effective online promotion media is Twitter. Not only one type of ad on Twitter, but there are several other references for you, namely promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends.

If you already know your target audience clearly, you can create your campaign. But if you don’t know, you can use the automatic promotion feature provided by Twitter.

5. TikTok Ads

8+ Online Media for Business Promotion, Which Do You Choose?
TikTok Ads

TikTok, which used to be better known as a social media platform that is often used for dancing, can now be used to bring benefits to business people.

TikTok Ads is one of the online promotional media that is considered effective, profitable, and does not require advertising costs.

Apart from advertising features, you can also easily increase TikTok video views organically. In TikTok, there is a For You Page (FYP) feature, where you can see posts from accounts that are relevant to you even if you follow their accounts. You don’t have to pay to enter FYP.

Some of the ways you can get your content to enter FYP are by creating good content, following trends, using relevant hashtags, following challenges, and much more.

6. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a new feature on Instagram whose concept is similar to the FYP feature on TikTok. With Instagram reels, you can create video content with a maximum duration of 30 seconds that has the opportunity to be seen by all Instagram users.

If you are already actively selling on Instagram, you can start to take advantage of this feature for a wider reach of consumers.

7. YouTube Ads

8+ Online Media for Business Promotion, Which Do You Choose?
Youtube Ads

The next most effective online promotion media that you can use is YouTube Ads. This online promotional media is considered to be very effective in product marketing because it has a very wide reach, comparable to the price you have to pay for the advertising costs.

Product campaigns on YouTube can be done through Google Ads. The fees required range from $0.003 to $0.10 per video view. This price is not patent because it varies quite a bit, depending on which region you want to advertise in.

8. Marketplace

The marketplace is not only known as a medium for selling but also can help your business to be more known. Each marketplace usually already provides advertising features that you can use as an online promotion medium.

One way you can market your products for free on the marketplace is to create a good catalog. This serves to attract interest and bring in customers. Make sure the product description you make is detailed enough.

9. Endorsement

In addition to using the ads feature on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, to Twitter as the most effective online promotion media, you can also use endorsement services from influencers to market products.

The rates installed by each influencer are certainly not the same, depending on how many followers they have and what kind of content is being promoted.

For example on Instagram, the cost of promoting products in feeds will usually be more expensive than promotions on Instagram stories because ads on Instagram stories only last 24 hours.

Don’t forget to make sure that the influencer you choose is following your target market. If you want to start with a small fee, you can try using the services of a micro-influencer first.

Why Use Online Promotional Media?

Many reasons accompany why most business people choose to use online promotional media as a means of marketing the products they sell.

The main reason, of course, is that promotion opportunities in online media are increasing over time. Other reasons are:

  • Wider promotional reach
  • Easier customer targeting
  • Build brand awareness more effectively
  • Maintain communication between customers and sellers
  • Get input or advice directly from customers
  • Increase competitiveness with business competitors in the same field
  • Can be used for free

After you know what is meant by online promotional media, what are examples of online promotional media, and what benefits you can get when you use them, maybe after this you can take more account of using online promotional media as a much more effective means of product introduction and marketing. and efficient compared to the old conventional way.