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Nitro PDF Reader 2022 Free Download (32/64 Bit)

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Nitro PDF Reader 2022 Free Download (32/64 Bit)

Nitro PDF Reader 2022 Free Download – Nitro PDF Reader is a handy PDF editor application to handle PDF documents. Nitro PDF is the best PDF reader and editing application.

Some of the editings that can be done with Nitro PDF include: adding descriptions to PDF documents, inserting notes, highlighting, crossing out, or underlining selected text. With Nitro PDF Reader, you can create PDF files in over 300 different formats.

In addition to some of the features already mentioned above, Nitro PDF also comes with a QuickSign feature, you can add a signature scanner image as well as sign and return documents electronically in just seconds. Interestingly, Nitro PDF Reader comes with a well-designed and user-friendly interface. In addition, this program is also very stable to use because it has been refined from the previous version.

Nitro PDF Reader uses a Ribbon-style interface similar to Microsoft Office, namely the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) which allows users to create group shortcuts, this will make it easier for you to access the tools you use most often. The navigation panels offered by Nitro PDF Reader include Pages, Bookmarks, Comments, Output, Signatures, Attachments, and other tools.

Nitro PDF Reader Features

Nitro PDF Reader 2022 Free Download (32/64 Bit)

Nitro PDF Reader is a full-featured PDF reader with annotation tools, an image and text extractors, and special tools for converting documents to PDF format. Check out the full explanation of the features of the following Nitro PDF Reader:

1. Edit PDF

Editing PDF documents is a feature that for most computer users is still quite impossible. With Nitro, you can edit PDF files like any other document. Nitro allows you to edit or change words/sentences in documents. In addition to writing, you are also possible to edit the existing images in the document.

2. Convert PDF

Conversion or called Convert is one of the features available on the Nitro. Here you can convert your PDF files to more than 300 different formats, for example from PDF to PPT, DOC, XLS, and many more. You can use the conversion feature according to your wishes and needs. To edit a PDF file, of course, you also need to convert the PDF file to a format that is more flexible for editing, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

3. Extract the PDF

With the extract and copy method, Nitro PDF is able to extract images from PDF pages. By clicking on the Select button, then click and select the image you want to extract. Next, the image will be selected after clicking, then right-click on the image and select Copy Image or Extract Image.

There is an easier way when you want to extract all images from a PDF file, namely: you don’t need to open the file, just click the Extract Images button on the toolbar, and select the PDF file. Then select the storage location, then click the Extract button and wait until the process is complete.

4. Mode Tab Group

With the presence of Tab Group Mode, Nitro PDF Reader can read two or more PDF files at once. This feature has two modes, namely horizontal and vertical. You can prepare two PDF files that you want to open, then right-click on one of the tabs and select New Horizontal Tab Group or New Vertical Tab Group.

5. Adding a comment

Generally, providing comments or descriptions on documents via Google Docs or Microsoft Word is common. However, adding comments to PDF files still has a lot of questions. Those of you who want to collaborate with a team and want to provide reviews on PDF files can be done simultaneously from the Nitro PDF Reader application.

With the Text Box feature, you can write captions in your document. As for responding to comments, you can use the Call Out feature.

6. Form creation

Nitro PDF Pro version allows you to create digital PDF forms to fill out as needed. For the best formatting flexibility, you can add text boxes, duplicate fields, and add drop-downs. As for how to create digital forms by converting paper or forms such as purchase orders, expense reports, employee surveys, and patient forms, into electronic forms that are more effective and easier.

7. Digital signature

Signing the document does not have to be done when the document is printed, the document file that you have also allowed for a digital signature to be added. Nitro PDF, has an eSignature feature that you can use to sign documents.

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Nitro PDF Reader 2022 Free Download

Nitro PDF Reader is highly recommended as an option for managing your PDF files. This application allows users to create, share, edit, convert, and sign PDF files.

Users can also choose the type of package from Nitro PDF, namely the free version which contains basic features that include PDF file management tools, and the pro version which has new and superior feature enhancements. Here’s a download link for Nitro PF Reader that you can use.