• Sep 18, 2023

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Free Download

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Microsoft Outlook 2016 Free Download

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Free Download – Microsoft Outlook 2016 is an email client that is optimized for the work environment but can also be used for personal use. It is full of features that are well organized making it easy to use.

In a number of offices, the intensity of using email has indeed decreased, replaced by other communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and social media. However, email is still widely used by many parties, and there are still many who choose Microsoft Outlook to take care of everything related to email.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Features

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Free Download

1. Delay sending email messages

Microsoft Outlook 2016 immediately sends an email message after you click the Send button. In some situations, this instant delivery is actually not beneficial, for example when you forget to include an attached file or send a private message to the wrong email address.

To prevent such situations, the sending of e-mail messages can be delayed. For example, set Microsoft Outlook 2016 to delay sending for 10 minutes. That way you still have time to cancel sending email messages in case something is forgotten.

2. Quick-Step

Quick-Step provides shortcuts to perform several actions in one click to manage incoming e-mail messages, such as moving an e-mail message to a specific folder and at the same time marking it as an e-mail message as read.

The Quick Steps you create will appear in the Quick Steps box. To run it, you can click Quick-Step or use a keyboard shortcut.

3. Delivery Receipt dan Read Receipt

If the Delivery Receipt feature is enabled, Microsoft Outlook 2016 will display a notification informing you that your email message has been sent. On the other hand, Read Receipt is a feature to display a notification when the email message you sent has been read by the recipient.

4. Focused Inbox

Focused Inbox relies on machine learning technology to automatically sort email messages. Two new tabs named Focused and Other will appear after this feature is activated.

Email messages that are considered important are grouped into the Focused tab, for example, messages from senders with whom you communicate frequently.

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Email messages that are considered less important are redirected to the Other tab. Examples are newsletters, email messages containing advertisements, as well as email messages originating from forums and social media.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Free Download

Although the Focused Inbox of Microsoft Outlook 2016 offers its own convenience in managing email, this feature is not perfect. Its accuracy in sorting emails may be wrong several times so it must be “trained” first. The trick is to manually move the missorted messages to their proper places.

The more often you use Microsoft Outlook 2016 and correct any mistakes made by Focused Inbox, its accuracy in recognizing and sorting emails will also increase. Download the latest and free Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows via the link below:

Download Outlook 2016