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Microsoft Access 2016 Free Download (Full Version)

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Microsoft Access 2016 Free Download (Full Version)

Microsoft Access 2016 Free Download – Microsoft Access 2016 allows hundreds of thousands of data to be stored in digital databases that are built on the relational model, a database system model designed by an IBM scientist named Edgar F. Codd in the 1960s.

Microsoft Access 2016 is professional software that brings all the functionality you need to manage databases. Apart from offering an abundance of features, Microsoft Access 2016 also presents its features in a structure that is easy to browse and customize.

Microsoft Access 2016 Features

Microsoft Access 2016 Free Download (Full Version)

1. Report

The report is a feature to create reports. Reports can be saved, printed, and can also be viewed directly in Microsoft Access 2016 in four viewing modes, namely Layout mode, Print Preview, Design, and Report.

Reports can be generated using several methods. It can be in one click to present a simple report, can use the Report Wizard which will guide you step by step until the report creation is complete, and can also be created from scratch to produce reports exactly the way you want.

2. Opens an object in a tab

The objects in the database can be opened in separate tabs so you can move from one object to another quickly. The presence of this tabbed feature makes the database can be managed more efficiently.

3. Navigation pane

Efficiency in managing database objects is also supported by the navigation panel. All the objects you are working on are displayed in that panel. If you are using a laptop that has a small screen size, the navigation bar can be hidden when not in use.

4. Table Analyzer Wizard

Microsoft Access 2016 is able to convert a flat-file database into a relational database by using the Table Analyzer Wizard. However, not all flat-file databases can be converted properly without errors so sometimes you have to correct the conversion manually.

5. Database documentation

Database Documentary is a part of Microsoft Access 2016 which traces the entire contents of the database and records all the details in it to create database documentation.

Documentation is not intended to help end-users, but for parties related to database development in case the database needs to be rebuilt from scratch or when there are certain problems with the database that needs to be fixed.

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Microsoft Access 2016 Free Download

The process of creating documentation can take a while or take a long time. In addition to the size of the database file, the complexity of the database also affects the length of the process. Therefore, you should wait until you have free time to do it.

For small-scale enterprise databases, the documentation can take between 100 and 500 pages. You can print all the pages or save them in PDF format so you can open them on another computer using PDF reader software. Download the latest and free Microsoft Access 2016 for Windows via the link below:

Download Access 2016