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15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

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15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

Instagram Content Ideas For Business – Today, a business will find it difficult to compete without social media. One of the most widely used social media around the world is Instagram. It’s no wonder many businesses are beautifying the appearance (feed) of Instagram to attract customers.

However, creating a good and varied feed every day is certainly a challenge. Especially, after spending all day at the office without any new ideas. Not to mention, Instagram feed content must be interactive with the CTA.

So, what are some Instagram content ideas that are suitable for business?

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

There are many types of Instagram content, and 15 of these types can be used as Instagram content ideas for your business.

1. Product Image or Video (Introduction)

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

One of the goals of businesses creating content on Instagram is to showcase their products. So, to make your product more known, post pictures and videos of your product regularly. That way, followers will get used to it and know what you are selling.

Then, don’t just put photos and videos away. Also, put the price tag on the product image. So, interested followers can immediately know the price. This is also useful for elimination and saves time because you don’t have to painstakingly promote to potential customers who don’t match the price of the product.

Don’t forget, that captions are also important. For photos and videos, give a soft-selling caption. Explain the product in terms of advantages and features, don’t get hung up on the price. It’s okay to explain pictures with quirky captions!

By the example of Instagram content above, you can see how Scarlett Whitening introduces its products. Scarlett is more focused on how to use the product than the price.

Tip: don’t look like your product photos and videos are ads. Just focus on the aesthetic, appearance, and features of the product. That way, the photos, and videos can be entertaining as well as selling.

2. Product Manufacturing Process (Behind the Scenes)

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

Behind-the-scenes content, believe it or not, increases customer confidence in your business. Why? Because, by looking behind the scenes at you, they know a little bit about how your business works and how you work.

So, those who like the way you work are more likely to become repeat customers. Plus, behind-the-scenes content is easier to create because you just need to record it without putting any filters on it.

The simpler your behind-the-scenes video or photo, the more customers will feel that your business is honest and authentic.

The example above, Shopee, captured the moment the Shopee admins were joking and playing games. That way, people know that Shopee admins are human too. People will feel connected to these admins and, as a result, trust the brand more.

3. User Content (User Generated Content)

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

User-generated content is content that is more authentic and more trustworthy. The reason is, that what makes this content is fellow users. So, the chances of content creators lying or exaggerating are less.

Typically, you’ll see this user’s content in the influencer’s Instagram feed. They will give a review of a product honestly. Well, these influencers hold the trust of a lot of people because influencers are also users who use the product.

So, put user content in the form of reposts to your Instagram feed. That way, customers’ trust in you can increase. Plus, influencer content can guarantee a large number of followers and engagement, so it’s quite profitable for business.

4. Accounts Informational

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

If you have industry-wide information to share, share it on your Instagram. If you can, use a carousel to include more information. By sharing information about the industry, your credibility in the eyes of customers will increase.

What’s more, potential customers will perceive you as an expert in the industry. Then, they will have more confidence in your business and want to buy. This Instagram content idea has been used by many businesses because usually content like this fulfills what potential customers want.

Well, you can also position your product as a solution. For example, according to the example above. Ruangguru knows that many high school students want to pass the SNMPTN. Thus, Ruangguru offers a rationalization system for SNMPTN for those who feel that the value is not enough.

This post gets a lot of likes because potential customers are interested in the theme and don’t hesitate to click on the link. This is very profitable for Ruangguru as a business.

5. Questions & Polls

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

Potential customers should be encouraged to interact with you. This does not mean forcing them to interact with your account. You have to cleverly get them to voluntarily interact. Then, you can use the content of a question or poll.

In Instagram Story content, you often see the ‘Ask Me a Question’ button, right? Well, that is the way businesses interact with potential customers and get to know them better. Curious customers will ask themselves if you give them space.

You can save the questions they ask for your reference. So you know exactly what the majority of potential customers want. Likewise with polls. With polls, you can give potential customers choices and measure their responses.

Like Erigo Apparel above. They ask their followers for opinions about what products they want to produce and product launches. So when they launch a product, they already have a customer who wants it.

6. Reels

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

Sometimes, in addition to complete and good content, we also need to consider the ability of human focus. Well, humans can only focus for 8 seconds. So, it’s no wonder that short videos like TikTok are starting to go worldwide. On Instagram, the short video format is called Reels.

In just a short time, Reels has earned a lot of users and many businesses that have gone viral. Well, you can also try Reels. Reels content can also vary, such as product introductions, promotions, behind-the-scenes content, tutorials, tips, and much more.

With a very short duration, you do have to cut the content into small summaries. However, through Reels, potential customers who like your content will be encouraged to view your profile. What’s more, the range of Reels is very wide. If your Reels go viral, your Instagram can get more followers.

In the example above, Promise Jiwa uses Reels for promotion. The low price encourages people to interact with the Reels, even if it’s sarcastic. However, this proves that Reels can catch people’s attention effectively.

7. Tutorial Content

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

30% of people search for tutorial videos on YouTube. This proves that people prefer to watch videos than read instructions. So, you can use this to create tutorial video content to guide your followers.

The most appropriate tutorials are tutorials that still concern your industry. For example, you are a businessman working in the food industry. So, give a tutorial on making food from the recipes you have. You can also give cooking tips for followers, such as measurements, special ingredients, and so on.

On the other hand, video content increases your engagement. Videos make them want to interact with you, such as making suggestions, asking about the topic, or making supportive comments. With high engagement, your content can be boosted by Instagram to the newsfeed.

8. Customer Testimonials

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

Why can testimonials be used as Instagram content? Customer testimonials can be used as content on Instagram because the average buyer will see ratings and reviews before buying an item.

So, by posting good testimonials about your business, you automatically encourage potential customers to believe in the product.

Plus, if you tag customers who leave reviews, others will be encouraged to leave reviews as well. Then, many customers send testimonials with pictures. This is your chance to show that the goods sent are exactly as pictured and certainly live up to expectations.

9. Giveaway

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

Giveaways are very useful for increasing engagement rates. The main reason is because of the large number of people who will interact with your account. Followers, even non-followers, will compete to follow, like, and comment to get prizes.

Then, they will feel appreciated by you. The prize doesn’t have to be just money. You can give vouchers, discounts, goods, and much more. Plus, you can make giveaways more fun for followers.

Like Tokopedia above, they use a puzzle strategy for the giveaway. This will make followers think and be happier when they succeed. As you can see, there are >8,000 likes on the post.

Or, you can take the usual but sure-fire path, like the example on the right. By displaying pictures of goods, you can make followers tempted and participate.

10. Highlight Instagram

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

On every Instagram profile, the first one that appears is the profile, right? Well, with Instagram Highlights, you can put what you want to show your followers on your profile. That way, the first thing that followers see is what you put, such as discounts, testimonials, products, and so on.

Highlights also work as a ‘trailer’ of the content of your Instagram feed. So, potential followers will immediately know what you are selling and can decide whether they want to follow or not. Plus, Highlights makes it easy for followers to find something specific on your Instagram.

11. Trending Content

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

Even if it only lasts a short time, examples of promotional content on Instagram with trending topics can benefit your business. The reason is that trending content is being noticed by many people. So, if you also follow the trend, more people will see your content.

Usually, trending content comes from memes, challenges, and quotes. Well, you have to be creative in thinking about how to integrate these trends into your content. Then, share your content with hashtags to get your content noticed. That way, your content will reach more people and your account will be more crowded.

12. Work on Old Content

Ideas can run out too, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use old content. Recycling content ensures that you reach more people. However, being recycled doesn’t mean just copying and pasting it.

You have to make variations of the same idea so it doesn’t seem monotonous. Well, what you need to maintain is the main message or key message. That way, all of your ads have the same core and seem consistent and focused.

However, if the content you want to recycle is of the same type as the content in number 11, you shouldn’t. Trending content only lasts a moment and the hype will settle faster. So, recycle content that is evergreen or timeless.

13. Post for the big day

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

On major holidays, such as national holidays or religious holidays, create content specifically for that day. During Eid, use the basic colors green and gold, and at Christmas red and white. That way, it shows that you are updated and aware of the celebrations around you.

Then, posting about religious holidays shows that you value all of your customers, no matter what religion. This will give a good impression of your brand in the eyes of customers.

14. Post Series

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

If you have fairly long content, you should divide some of that content into a carousel post. However, if the carousel is still not enough, you can create a content series. For example, in part 1 you discuss benefits, then in part two, you discuss examples.

Series posts are not only useful for long content but are also useful for making followers wait, such as waiting for episodes. For example, you have story content that updates once a week. So, those who are waiting for content will come every week to your Instagram. That’s good too, isn’t it?

15. Fitur Swipe Up

15 Instagram Content Ideas For Business in 2022

Well, when you look at other people’s Instagram stories, you must have seen the words ‘ Swipe Up ‘. The purpose of ‘ Swipe Up ‘ is to tell you to do an action, namely to swipe your phone screen to get a link. These links usually point to the product page you’re currently viewing.

This method is effective because curious people will try to swipe up and are immediately redirected to the product page. Those who are genuinely interested will buy and those who don’t at least know you have the product. That way, the level of potential customers’ awareness of your product increases.


There are many types of Instagram content that you can create, examples of which are above. You can take advantage of national trends and days, even your industry knowledge. What’s more, you can also promote without having to hard-sell and show off prices continuously.

So, use your Instagram to connect with potential customers and followers. Interact so you have a fairly close relationship with them, then ask them a question or poll to find out what their preferences are.

Also, don’t forget to create useful content and behind-the-scenes content to show how authentic and honest your business is. With all of the above types of content, you already have a solid Instagram content strategy in place.

Last but not least, don’t forget a CTA ( call-to-action ) to lure your customers into action. How about, being ready to create your Instagram content?