How to Use WhatsApp Business [Complete Tutorial]

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How to Use WhatsApp Business

How to Use WhatsApp Business – Apart from helping you separate your personal and business use of WhatsApp, WA Business also helps you optimize your customer service. It’s not wrong, WA Business is indeed designed with special features that help make it easier for professional services.


How to Use WhatsApp Business [Complete Tutorial]

One of the interesting features compared to regular WhatsApp is that we can manage our business profile. This is the first step to inform customers about our business, opening hours, type of business, office address and more.

Check out Flexadia’s review for this tutorial on starting and using WhatsApp Business.

Reasons to Use WhatsApp Business

It’s not just the business label that makes this WA application suitable for business. But also because of its features that help your business services become more optimal.

Here are some reasons why you should start using WhatsApp Business for your business:

1. Separate WhatsApp for Personal and Business Needs

There are times when you want to separate those who contact you for personal purposes, and those who contact you for business matters, offers, and buying and selling. With this separation, your personal WA account will become a personal account with less distraction from strangers.

From a business perspective, you will also be more comfortable because you can differentiate when you act as a businessman serving customers. You can also differentiate contact settings, profile pictures according to your individual needs. Same thing with status updates.

So no private status can be seen by strangers you don’t really know.

2. More Professional

This is for sure! Using WhatsApp Business means that you get various benefits from the business features on WhatsApp. You can set the initial greeting, and chat templates or script shortcuts that make communication more professional.

In addition, the business profile can also display the location of the business and a brief description of your business. When people tap on your profile, they can see that your account is a real professional account.

3. Set Opening Time and Working Hours

An interesting feature of WhatsApp business is that it manages business opening and closing times. This means that you can also set the working hours of the staff or yourself. When a customer contacts you outside of business hours, you can activate Messages Outside of Business Hours.

That way, the customer will know that the account status is offline, and you will contact the customer again after being online. This makes customers not feel neglected and tend to want to wait for you to respond back.

4. More Optimal in Serving

In addition to the chat template feature or quick reply, WhatsApp Business is also equipped with catalog and label features. Catalogs will help customer service send product catalogs quickly. While the label will help customer service in managing customer chat.

You can define this labeling according to your needs. For example, create the following labels:

  • New Customer
  • Waiting for payment
  • Ready to send
  • Order Complete

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Tutorial on Creating, Setting Up, and Using WhatsApp Business

A. Preparation

Before you start setting up your business profile, make sure you know how to start using WhatsApp Business first. Here are some things you need to prepare before creating WhatsApp Business:

1. New contacts or custom contacts to use for WhatsApp Business.
2. If you want to keep using your old contacts, this means that your contacts will migrate to WhatsApp Business (not personal WhatsApp anymore).

B. Create a WhatsApp Business Account

After making the preparations above, follow these steps to create your WA Business account:

3. Download the WhatsApp Business app on Playstore, then tap Install
4. Once installed, open the WA business application
5. Tap the option ‘Agree & Continue’ or ‘Agree and Continue’
6. In the next step, you need to enter the cellphone number that will be your WhatsApp Business contact
7. After entering your cellphone number, WhatsApp will send a verification code sms to your cellphone
8. Enter the verification code, then click Next
9. In the next step, WhatsApp asks if you have any backups to restore. If this account is completely new or doesn’t have a backup, you can select the ‘Later’ option.
10. Done! You just finished creating your WhatsApp Business account

C. How to Set Up a Business Profile on WhatsApp Business

Technically, you have successfully installed and created a WA Business account on your smartphone. But this is not enough. You need to proceed with the steps by setting up your business profile.

Try clicking the three dots icon on the top right, here you will find:

  • Shortcut to Business Features
  • New Group
  • New Broadcast
  • WhatsApp Web
  • Star Message
  • Settings

Because in this step we will focus on setting up a WhatsApp Business account, our attention will be on Business Settings and Features. We will set the account name, business information and also a business profile.

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11. Tap the Business Features section of the three-dot icon at the top right, then select Business Profile.
12. There are several sections that you can set to make changes to your WhatsApp Business account.
13. To set a username or business name, click the business name icon with a person icon (in this example FlexadiaMedia Support).
14. Provide brief information about your business in the Description section or photo icon.
15. For location, set according to your business location. Here, you can set according to the location that appears on Google Map.

16. The business category is filled in according to your business category.

17. Email and website address to be filled in accordance with the email address and website of the company/brand.
18. To set working hours or online contact time, tap the clock icon. There are three choices in the WA Business schedule, the first is to open at certain hours, the second is always open, and the last, by appointment only.

For the first and last options, you need to specify in more detail the working hours of each day. Slide the tabs on each day, and determine the opening and closing hours according to the working hours.

19. At the very end, you can add a brief info that .
20. When all is done, click Save.

D. How to Set Messaging Features on WhatsApp Business

There are four excellent features that you can use in WhatsApp Business Messaging Features. The four are :

  • Messages Outside of Working Hours, which is to reply to messages automatically outside of working hours.
  • Greeting, which is a message that automatically appears when a new customer calls.
  • Quick Reply, which is a template message that we have set according to business needs
  • Labels, which we can use to manage chats and customers

To do the settings in this segment, let’s continue this WhatsApp Business tutorial article from Flexadia. Make sure you’re already in the Business Tools > Messaging Tools section to get started with this tutorial.

D.1. Enabling Messages Outside Business Hours

21. To set an off-hours message or an offline message, tap ‘Out-of-hours message’.
22. Turn on Send Messages Outside of Business Hours with the icon tab until it turns green.
23. Set a message that will appear when a customer calls outside of working hours (You can also take a look at Flexadia’s example).
24. Save

D.2. Arranging Greetings on WhatsApp Business

25. To set a Greeting message, tap ‘Greetings’.
26. Enable Send Greetings with the icon tab until it turns green.
27. Set the message that will appear when a potential customer contacts customer service.
28. Save

D.3. Set Quick Reply

You can add up to 50 messages (until this article is published). These quick reply messages should be sentences in chats that often appear to answer or provide important information to customers.

Following are the steps to set up Quick Reply on WhatsApp Business:

29. To set up a Quick Reply message, tap ‘Quick reply’.
30. Use the round green icon and the + sign to add a quick reply message.
31. Set up a quick reply message by filling in Message body, shortcut (short code describing it) and keywords to make it easier (optional).
32. Save

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D.4. Setting Labels

Labels in WhatsApp Business will help you to manage chats and messages easily. For example, to mark which customers need to follow-up payments or customers who have made a successful transaction, but are still waiting for the receipt number update.

There are no special rules for creating this label. This means that you are free to use it as needed. Importantly, the purpose of labeling should make it easier for staff to manage customers and categorize chats.

To set a label in WA Business, here are the steps:

33. Tap Label to start setting up your WA Business ‘Label’.
34. Use the round green icon and the + sign to add a new label.
35. Specify the name of your new Label, and click OK.

E. How to Use WhatsApp Business

After completing the WhatsApp Business setup, it is time to start using your business account. Here Flexadia will share how to use this WA Business into the following three parts:

  • Chat using the Chat Template
  • How to use Labels to tag Chats
  • Create a New Group
  • Creating a New Broadcast Message

E.1. How to Use Quick Reply

Chat on business WA is generally exactly the same as personal WhatsApp chat. However, you can use chat templates or reply quickly to simplify and maximize communication with customers.

To use Quick Reply, here are the steps:

36. Open chat room
37. Use the “/” sign followed by the name of the shortcut to bring up the quick reply shortcut. For example, “/waiting”, because previously Flexadia had set up a quick reply to set a waiting message to the customer.
38. Enter

E.2. Using Chat Labels

After creating chat labels, of course you want to use them to optimize chat settings on your WhatsApp account. To be able to use this, here are the steps to give a label:

39. Long tap on one of the customer chat rooms you want to label.
40. Select the label icon at the top menu.

41. Specify the label you want to use to mark the chat room, by placing a check mark.
42. Save.

E.3. Creating a Group on WhatsApp Business

You can also create WhatsApp groups on WA Business. If you need a specific team or group of contacts to communicate, creating this group can be a solution.

Immediately, here are the steps to create a WA group on WhatsApp Business:

43. Tap the three-dot icon at the top right, then select ‘New Group’.
44. On the new page, you will be directed to add members from the group.
45. Add members by searching for and tapping their contact name on their phone.
46. After the addition of group members is complete, proceed by clicking the arrow button icon.
47. Specify a group name and group profile photo (The example in this Flexadia article is ‘Content Writer’), then click the check icon.
48. Done! You have successfully created a WhatsApp group on WA Business.

E4. Creating Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages or broadcasts are often used to inform certain messages to many users at once. This information can be in the form of promotions, new product information, or changes in operating hours. For business people, this feature is quite often used.

How to make broadcast messages in WA Business is exactly the same as in WA personal. Here are the steps:

49. Tap the new message icon
50. Select the contact list from which you want to receive broadcast messages, then select ‘New Broadcast’.
51. Once the Broadcast group view appears, you can send your broadcast message in the message box, then tap the Enter icon to send.

F. Other Important Features

In addition to the business profile settings and messaging features, there are other features that are no less important, namely Two-Step Encryption and Security (Two-steps verification).

By default, messages and calls on WA Business are protected by end-to-end encryption procedures. By turning on security code notifications, you can find out the code changes of the contacts who called you.

Meanwhile, with two-step verification, you can perform two-step security by setting a PIN. This PIN will be a 6-digit random number that will be used for security verification.


WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging medium in this century. Almost everyone who has a cellphone must use it because of its convenience and its attachment to a cellphone number.

However, if you use WA for business purposes, whether it’s selling online, or company customer service, WhatsApp Business is the answer to your needs for more professional and effective communication. There are various business features that you can take advantage of. Starting from Business Information, Operating Hours, and messaging features that support business communication.

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