• Sep 20, 2023

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping to Sell More Products

by Flexadia 1 year ago in Marketing
How to Set Up Instagram Shopping to Sell More Products in 2022

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping to Sell More Products in 2022

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping – Still confused about how to make Instagram Shopping Indonesia? Not infrequently online business owners have tried to activate this feature but failed. No need to be confused, this time Flexadia will explain a complete guide so that your application is accepted.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is a feature that will help customers find out the prices of goods sold on Instagram directly without the need to visit the website. Customers can immediately find out product prices through Instagram.

Indeed, what are the benefits of Instagram Shopping? Why do people want to rush to have it? This Instagram feature is like a digital storefront where online sellers can sell their products directly on Instagram and make it easier for buyers to shop.

There are several benefits that you can get when you use this feature:

  • Reach a wider market. The number of Instagram users in Indonesia alone reaches 59.8 million. This number can be much more if your target customers include international or global customers.
  • Make it easy for customers to shop. Customers who see your product posts can find out more information just by tapping the price tag and placing an order without leaving the application.
  • Increase online store website traffic. You can also direct consumers who see your product posts to your website to get more information so that traffic will increase.
  • Maintain good relationships with customers. Satisfaction and relationships with customers can be maintained because you have succeeded in providing a practical shopping process and complete information. If buyers have questions about a product, they can easily send a DM or leave a comment.
  • As a means of promotion that is unique and diverse. Instagram shopping can help carry out promotions in various ways and formats, from photos, and videos, to live. You can also advertise your products through the Shopping Ads feature or collaborate with influencers through the Shopping for Creators feature.

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping

Not just any business account can create Instagram Shopping. Therefore, keep in mind the following requirements for your request to be accepted by Instagram:

1. Confirm Business Eligibility

Make sure your business has eligible products. The item you are selling must be a physical product, not a service or service. The goal is that product images can be tagged with a price tag or tag after getting approval for Instagram Shopping.

In addition, your business must also comply with the Seller Agreement and Trade Policies that have been determined by Facebook, which is the parent company of Instagram.

2. Switch to a Brand Account

The way to apply for Instagram Shopping is that you have to change your account to a business account first. You can find these settings in the Account Settings menu in the Instagram application.

After switching to a business account, you can add relevant business information, such as store opening hours, business address, phone number, and a link to your website. We recommend that you select the Shopping & Retail category to show that your store sells physical products. Avoid setting business categories as shopping services, brands, or others.

3. Connect to Facebook Page

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping to Sell More Products in 2022

Of course, your business account must also be connected to a Facebook Page or Facebook Page. The trick is to open your Instagram profile, select “Settings”, then select “Accounts Center” and connect your Facebook Page.

If you don’t have a Facebook Page yet, there will be an option to create one first. Keep in mind, that what is needed in this step is only a Facebook Page, not a Facebook Page Store.

4. Upload Product Catalog

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping to Sell More Products in 2022

After the steps above are fulfilled, you must upload the product catalog. There are three ways to catalog products, one by one manually, via a CSV file, and also from Pixel.

When adding products to the catalog, make sure you name the product as clearly as possible. Avoid capitalizing all words (example: use Numa shirts instead of NUMA SHIRTS). Also, show as clearly as possible what you are selling (example: Numa daily cotton pants).

5. Domain Verification

Domain verification is needed to prove that the website domain used is really yours. This step is done in Business Settings in Facebook Business Manager and is available in three ways, namely DNS Verification, HTML File Upload, and Meta Tag Verification.

6. Create a Facebook Shop in Commerce Manager

This step should not be missed because the Facebook Shop in Commerce Manager serves to connect your website with Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget, you must have admin status in Facebook Business Manager, OK!

How to create a Facebook Shop is to open the Commerce Manager page, then click “Create Your Store”. Make sure you are using a computer to do this step.

7. Submit a Review

After all the steps above have been fulfilled, the next step is to review your Instagram account. This process can be fast or long. If your Instagram Shopping application is approved, you will be able to see the “View Shop” section of your profile. Easy way to do it:

  • Open your Instagram account
  • Click Settings
  • Select the Business menu
  • Click “Set up Instagram Shopping”, then follow the steps provided
  • Next, Instagram Shopping results will be available in your account notification.