• Sep 25, 2023

How To Scan Documents on iPhone and Android

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How To Scan Documents on iPhone and Android

How To Scan Documents on iPhone and Android

How to scan documents on iPhone and Android is very easy. Scanning documents is the process of making documents to be used as digital data. While the document scanner is a tool to scan documents. The scanner can scan documents in large quantities and continuously (for the ADF type).

You no longer need to use a large special scanner. By utilizing mobile phone technology, scanning documents is now much easier and more practical.

However, scanning with a smartphone requires a special application. With certain applications, you can not only scan documents but also convert the document format to PDF or JPG.

How to Scan Documents on iPhone

iOS 11 has added a scanner feature to Notes. Here are some steps to scan documents with iPhone:

How To Scan Documents on iPhone and Android

Notes iPhone App

  1. Open Notes
  2. Click the box icon with a pencil in it to create a new note.
  3. Click the circle with the sign (+) in it.
  4. In the menu click again the circle with the sign (+) in it.
  5. Select Scan Documents.
  6. Position your phone’s camera over the document to be scanned. Notes will automatically focus and take a picture of your document. In addition, you can control it manually and adjust it according to your needs.
  7. After scanning, you can review the list of scanned documents in Notes. If necessary, you can also make corrections such as cropping the image or rotating the image the way you want.
  8. When finished, click Done in the upper left corner to save the customized scan automatically.

How to Scan Documents on Android

For those of you who use Android like Samsung, Vivo, or Oppo, you can use this method to scan documents. By using the CamScanner application, scanning documents is even easier. Here are the steps:

How To Scan Documents on iPhone and Android

CamScanner App

  1. Download an app on the Play Store called CamScanner.
  2. CamScanner will provide Register and Skip options. Choose to skip if you don’t want to register.
  3. Prepare the document you want to scan, for example, put it on the table.
  4. Click the camera icon located in the lower right corner or the entire document can be displayed on the CamScanner application screen. Click the camera icon to start scanning the document.
  5. Then, the scanned document can be rotated left or right and adjusted in size. Click next if there is nothing to change.
  6. Select an available color mode or filter if needed. There is also a choice of black and white if needed or original. Click save to continue.
  7. Click share in the upper right corner to save.
  8. And click the PDF icon to continue then tap the share button to save it on your phone or share the scanned document to WhatsApp or other social media.

Those are some ways to scan using a cellphone using an easy-to-use application.