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How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube

by Flexadia 1 year ago in Productivity
How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube [2022]

How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube – Are you a YouTuber who wants to know how to get more subscribers on Youtube? One of the measuring factors for success on Youtube is seeing the number of subscribers who subscribe to your channel. The number of subscribers is very important, especially for novice YouTubers. The reason is, that you must have at least 1000 subscribers to earn income from your YouTube channel.

How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube

This time, Flexadia shares successful tips on how to get more subscribers on Youtube, especially for those of you who are still beginners. Don’t worry, the steps will be discussed in full below.

1. Create Interesting Content

A Youtuber certainly cannot be separated from content. However, uploading video content on the YouTube channel should also not be careless. The reason is, that there are billions of videos uploaded by other YouTubers and your content has to compete to get viewers. Therefore, one of the important factors for increasing YouTube subscribers is optimizing the quality of the content.

Serving interesting content is an effective way to increase YouTube subscribers. The trick, determine your target audience, then find out the content and topics they like. Analyze previously uploaded content. See which content types your audience prefers.

The visuals in the video also play an important role. Pay attention to video quality and edit videos by adding graphics or sound effects that make your videos more interesting.

2. Regularly Upload Videos

Don’t expect to have a lot of YouTube subscribers if you only upload one or two videos. If you want to increase your subscribers, you need to upload videos regularly so that your YouTube channel looks more lively. This is one way to add subscribers that you must apply.

Make a schedule for uploading videos so that you can manage the time for content creation, editing, and publishing. For example, apply a video upload schedule every week, every two days, or even every day, according to your busy schedule.

3. Create Video Playlists

How to get more subscribers on Youtube can be done by improving the audience experience on your channel. One way is to organize and group video content into playlists with certain categories. That way, it will be easier for the audience to find the content they are looking for.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the title of the playlist so that the audience is more interested in watching the video content in it. Instead of giving titles by topic, offer the benefits your audience will get by watching the playlist. Surely the audience will be encouraged to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

4. Give a Subscribe Button

In addition to adding other video content recommendations, you can also add a subscribe button in the watermark branding section. Examples as seen in the following image:

How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube [2022]

Audiences will find it easier to subscribe to your channel just by clicking the watermark button when they watch videos.

5. Create Attractive Video Thumbnails

How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube [2022]

You can also use this method to increase viewers of YouTube video content. Thumbnails are 1280 x 720px images that serve as covers for videos. An eye-catching thumbnail display is one of the important factors to attract viewers to click on your video, watch it, and finally subscribe to your channel.

You can take screenshots of the video and edit it so that it is worthy of being a cover video. You can also add various visuals that make video thumbnails more attractive.

6. Add Recommended Content on Video

How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube [2022]

The more your video is watched by your audience, the greater the chance that they will be interested in subscribing to your YouTube channel. For that, you can recommend other video collections so that your previous content also increases viewers.

Adding content recommendations can be done by creating a video recommendation card that will appear in the upper right corner of a YouTube video. Or, you can also add an End Screen by bringing up recommendations in the last few seconds of the video.

7. Create a YouTube Channel Video Trailer

The video trailer on the YouTube channel gives a professional impression. When you visit a YouTube channel, you will be treated to a video that will play automatically when you open the channel homepage.

Create a snippet that provides a bit of information about what your YouTube channel has to offer. Trailers are usually short and show an overview of the YouTube channel as a whole.

8. Make Longer Videos

The length of the video turns out to have an influence on the YouTube algorithm. According to The Verge, several well-known YouTubers have tried to extend the duration of their videos, and in fact, they have worked.

Multiple views reveal that longer videos are not only more valuable but also preferred by YouTube. YouTube’s algorithm prefers content that keeps people engaged longer so that audiences spend more time on YouTube.

9. Respond to Questions in the Comments Kolom

Responding to comments is also an effective way to increase YouTube subscribers. Build a good relationship with the audience. By replying to their questions and comments, your audience will be more likely to return to your channel and will eventually encourage them to subscribe.

The more diligent you are in responding to audience comments, the higher the engagement rate on your channel.

10. Write Informative Channel Descriptions

The description describes the big picture of your Youtube channel. This description is likened to a channel introduction page. Fill in the channel description column completely and informatively. Write an overview of this channel, what content will be created, to the social media links you have.

11. Keyword Optimization

One thing that is no less important, your content must be easy to find in order to get a lot of viewers and subscribers. This means that you need to optimize so that your videos appear well ranked on the YouTube search page.

The trick is to determine keywords that are relevant to what you are targeting. Look for keywords that can lead audiences to your videos from YouTube searches and then add those keywords to your metadata, titles, tags, descriptions, video files, thumbnails, and so on.

12. Pay Attention to Video Quality

In addition to interesting content, you also need to pay attention to the quality of the video. Good video quality reflects professionalism and a better audience experience. Upload videos in MP4 format and adjust the 16:9 ratio used by YouTube.

Make sure the video you upload is clear enough with the best video resolution. Do not let your video have a resolution that is too small so that it breaks and cannot be enjoyed by the audience. Here are the recommended video resolutions and ratios:

  • 2160p: 3840 x 2160
  • 1440p: 2560 x 1440
  • 1080p: 1920 x 1080
  • 720p: 1280 x 720
  • 480p: 854 x 480
  • 360p: 640 x 360
  • 240p: 426 x 240

13. YouTube SEO Optimization

Another way to increase your subscriber count on YouTube is by optimizing the SEO aspect. SEO on YouTube plays an important role so that your video ranks first in search results. Some tips that you can do to optimize YouTube SEO include:

  • Rename the video file containing the target keyword with the format: keyword_key.mp4
  • Enter keywords naturally in the video title
  • Optimize video description
  • Tag videos with popular keywords related to the video topic
  • Categorize videos
  • Use custom thumbnail for video result link
  • Use SRT files to add subtitles & closed captions (CC). CC will display subtitles on the video which can help the audience understand the video narration and can be translated into different languages
  • Add Card and End Screen to increase YouTube channel views

14. Promote YouTube Channel

You can’t miss this tip either. Promoting your YouTube channel to various media, for example on websites, social media, and so on can help increase subscribers.

Put your YouTube channel link in your Instagram, or Facebook bio, or insert a video on your website. You can also promote your channel to the appropriate community. Make the most of your network to attract more subscribers.

15. Leverage Trending Columns

Are you running out of video ideas? Don’t worry! You can use the trending column on YouTube to see what content is hot in the community.

Click the Explore menu on the left side of the YouTube homepage, then select Trending. Scroll through trending videos until you find the right inspiration for your next content.

16. Interact with the Audience

Build a good relationship with the audience. The trick, be diligent in interacting with them. You can also build interaction by creating more interactive video content. That is, involve the audience to invite them to fill in the video comment field.

For example, by asking what content they want next or their opinion on something related to the topic you discussed in the video.

17. Create Searchable Video Titles

To make your content easy for your audience to find, use easy-to-search titles. Title writing does have a big impact on the visibility of your content.

Choosing a title with the right keywords can make your video appear at the top of the list. Do keyword optimization well so that it is easy for your audience to find your videos and later encourage them to subscribe.

18. Add Call To Action

Inserting a CTA is one way to add subscribers to your YouTube channel. You can animate the subscribe button and insert it into every video.

That way, your audience is reminded to subscribe to your channel while watching a video. To make it, you can use a video editing application like KineMaster.

19. Create Serial Content

The next tip that you can apply is to develop a strategy for content creation. Serial content can be the right content strategy for your YouTube channel so that it can attract a lot of subscribers.

Examples of some YouTubers who apply this strategy include Nessie Judge, Korea Reomit, and others. If you are confused about finding a topic of discussion, you can take advantage of the YouTube trending column, or use several tools such as Google Trends.

20. Learn YouTube Tips

Do you still lack the tips above? Another way that you can use to attract YouTube subscribers is to enrich your knowledge by studying the tips provided by YouTube itself.

You can check updates, breaking news, and insights about YouTube on the YouTube Creators channel. Apart from these channels, you can also see the YouTube Creators site to deepen your knowledge.