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How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

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How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon – Although Windows has become one of the most widely used operating systems by PC / laptop users, it doesn’t mean you can use it completely smoothly all the time.

Sometimes users also experience a number of common problems when running the operating system, such as the appearance of the statement “Your Windows license will expire soon“. This kind of thing makes users feel uncomfortable, let alone interfere with work activities.

If you look at the information that appears, this problem occurs when the Windows license you are using has expired or has expired. So you need to reactivate it by entering the latest license code, in order to fully enjoy the features and services.

So what if the error still appears even after renewing the license? Take it easy, to find out more about this “Your Windows license will expire soon” problem, you can see the full explanation below.

The cause of the appearance of “Your Windows license will expire soon”

Generally, this problem often occurs when you use pirated Windows because usually pirated Windows are only able to activate with a certain deadline. However, this also does not rule out the possibility that it can happen to original Windows users. Further, you can refer to the following points.

  • Using pirated Windows – Pirated licenses can indeed be used to activate Windows without spending a penny, but the licenses provided are also limited. So it’s not surprising that if you use it for a certain period of time or it’s close to running out, the PC / laptop will display the notification. Usually, this often happens when you use Windows activator software.
  • Using Windows trial – This problem can also be caused because you are using a Windows trial. Although it is unlikely to happen, if you use a trial version of Windows, it will certainly have its own active period.
  • Using genuine Windows with a limited active period – Another possibility is that you are using a genuine Windows operating system but have a certain time limit. This incident is often experienced by Windows users who are tempted by original Windows promos provided by someone, but in reality, this is not the case.

How to Fix “Your Windows license will expire soon”

To get rid of the error message, you can try some of the solutions we provide. You can start with simple things such as restarting the computer, restarting Windows Explorer, to changing Windows OS settings. Please read and follow the steps below.

Note: We use Windows 10 as a medium for images and annotations. If there is a slight difference from the Windows OS you are using, then you can adjust it.

1. Try restarting the PC first

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

The simplest first tip for you to do is try restarting your PC / laptop. This option does look simple, but many Windows OS problems can be solved easily.

On the other hand, there is a possibility if this problem occurs because the system service is not running properly. By restarting the device, the system will be reloaded and the computer will run better, and hopefully, the Windows license description will not reappear.

If you’ve tried these tips but the license information still appears, you can move on to the next method.

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2. Restart File Explorer

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

The next method is to restart File Explorer. This method is often an alternative option for Windows users if there are license errors that often appear when starting the computer. Sometimes restarting Windows Explorer is also used to fix other problems, such as a folder that cannot be opened, or a local disk that is not responding, to an error .exe file. How to restart Windows Explorer? Listen and follow the steps below.

  • First, right-click the Windows 10 Taskbar » and select Task Manager.
  • Then tap “Processes“, find and click Windows Explorer » click Restart.
  • Wait a while for the system to refresh.
  • Done.

Do not panic! When you click “Restart“, the desktop screen will freeze/blank for a moment. This is because the Explorer process has stopped, but after a while, it will run normally again. If the restart process is complete, the next step is to run the command using the Command Prompt. You can follow the steps below to run it!

Run Command Prompt

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

slmgr -rearm
  • First, click the Start menu icon on the Windows Taskbar.
  • Type cmd in the Windows Search » field and then right-click Command Prompt from the search results.
  • If so, click More » and select Run as Administrator. Click Yes if an approval notification appears.
  • Next type the command: slmgr -rearm » press Enter.
  • After executing the command, a “Command completed successfully” notification will appear.
  • Restart the device to see the changes.
  • Done.

Supposedly by running the command, the statement “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” will disappear after the device is restarted. The command serves to reset the license status on Windows to return to normal. It’s another case if you find a “Windows is not activated” notification, then you need to reactivate it.

3. Renew Windows OS license

If the previous method didn’t work, you may need to renew the Windows license on your PC. This option is arguably the easiest to do to fix a problematic Windows license because you only need to delete and re-enter the product key that you have. Here are the steps to remove the product key license.

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

slmgr /upk
  • First, open Command Prompt with Administrator mode as before.
  • Then type the command: slmgr /upk » press Enter.
  • Wait for the process until the notification “Uninstalled product key successfully” appears.
  • After removing the Windows license, try restarting the device, then the message “Your License Will Expire Soon” will also disappear.
  • Done.

After removing the Windows license, you need to reactivate your Windows OS so that it can be used normally without any problems. There are two ways you can do this, namely by entering the latest Windows product key (if you have one) or using an activator program.

Enter the new Windows OS license

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

  • First, access the Start menu » Settings » and select Update & Security.
  • If so, select the Activation tab » and click on Change product key.
  • After that, enter the license you have » click Next » then click Activate to confirm.
  • Done.

Using Activator Software

If you do not have an official license code from Microsoft, then you can activate the Windows OS by running an activator program. Actually, this option should not be done because it is illegal and dangerous, considering that the activator program itself is able to practically activate Windows OS, without requiring a license code. The expensive license it offers has made some users forced to outsmart it in this way.

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Even though later you can activate Windows with an activator, it doesn’t mean you are free from licensing problems. Why is that? Because this software can only activate the Windows OS for a certain period of time (not permanent), it is very likely that the “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” problem will reappear. There are a number of activator programs that you can use for free, such as KMSPico, KMSAuto++, AACt Portable, and others.

4. Disable Windows License Manager Service

If you feel that you have updated your Windows license with a new one but the notification “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” still appears, then you can remove it by disabling License Manager Services and Windows Update. How to? Follow these steps.

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

  • First, press the Windows + R combination on the keyboard
  • If you have, type services.msc in the search field » press Enter.
  • When the Services page appears, right-click Windows License Manager Service » and select Properties.
  • Then in the “Startup type” section, change it to Disabled » Apply » OK.
  • Then return to the main Service page, and right-click Windows Update » Properties.
  • Change the “Startup type” option also to Disabled to stop the service » click Apply » OK.
  • Done.

5. Try using the Group Policy Editor feature

Group Policy Editor is a program or administrative tool from Windows that has the ability to configure important settings on a PC / laptop. Through this feature, you can not only get rid of the “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” notification, but you can also fix system/application errors, disable startup programs, and so on.

Unfortunately, this tool can only be accessed on the Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows. If you are using Windows Home, please select another suitable method. Here’s how to configure it so that the license issue is resolved.

STEP 1: In the first step, press the Windows + R combination simultaneously on the keyboard. If the “Run” window appears, type gpedit.msc in the search field » press Enter/OK.

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon


STEP 2: Then the “Local Group Policy Editor” window appears automatically, locate and access the Windows Update folder or you can copy-paste the location below:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update

STEP 3: In the right pane, double-click on the No auto-restart with logged-on users for scheduled automatic updates installations menu. If a new window appears, select the Enable option from the available list » click Apply » OK.

After you follow the steps that we provide correctly and sequentially, you can be sure that the “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” notification will not appear again.


By applying some of the tips above, hopefully, the information “Your Windows license will expire soon” can be lost and you can use Windows OS normally again. So that this incident does not happen again, make sure you are using genuine Windows and not pirated ones. This problem often appears on pirated Windows users.

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What happens if you don’t activate the Windows OS?

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What are the negative impacts of using pirated Windows?

In addition to the limited features and services provided, pirated Windows can also make a PC less than optimal. This is due to the low level of security, so it is possible to be exposed to viruses/malware easily. More than that, pirated Windows users will not get technical support from Microsoft.