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How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7 [10 methods]

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How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7 [10 methods]

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7 – The blue screen is an event where the computer device experiences a system error. This often happens and is experienced by many laptop/computer users using the Windows operating system.

Even so, it’s still annoying if a blue screen occurs on your device, isn’t it? Because it not only interferes with your daily activities but can also reduce user performance.

There are several things that can bring up the Blue Screen, for example, an error in the software or hardware on the computer device. If your computer is experiencing the same thing, don’t panic first. Given that not a few consider this blue screen one of the problems that cannot be overcome. In fact, this Blue Screen can be overcome easily and quickly.

Causes of Blue Screen In Windows 7

Before we discuss further “How to fix Blue Screen on Windows 7“, it’s good if we know in advance the cause of the Blue Screen. In several incidents that I experienced, there were several things that made the laptop Blue Screen. See the explanation in the following point.

  • System error – Generally one of the causes of the Blue Screen is caused by a system error. Or maybe this could be due to a lot of running programs, overclocking, and system crashes.
  • Driver Damage – Blue Screen in Windows can also be caused by the operating system not detecting the expected new device properly, causing drivers that were manually or automatically installed to crash.
  • Outdated RAM – In certain cases, outdated RAM can cause Blue Screen on your computer or laptop. As I experienced last year, where the RAM on the Laptop was in an outdated state.

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7

By looking at the cause of the problem that is happening, of course, there are several solutions that you can do. On the topic of discussion this time, I share a little information related to overcoming Blue Screen Windows 7.

However, if you are using the Windows 8 operating system and above or below, you only need a little adjustment of the tools.

1. Restart the Computer

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7

In this first method, I use the easiest and most practical way to do it, namely by restarting the computer or laptop. Under certain conditions, sometimes the Blue Screen is caused by a small error. So just by rebooting your device, you can get your computer back to normal.

To reboot Windows, you simply press the laptop’s power button for 3 seconds. After that, the computer will automatically reload. But if this method doesn’t work, please follow the next steps.

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2. Using the Windows Action Center

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7

It is known that Microsoft has provided an Action Center feature that can assist users in solving problems found in Windows. Starting from not being able to connect WiFi to overcoming the Blue Screen. When a specific hardware or software problem occurs, the Action Center can check if there is a solution to fix it.

  • First, Click Start » and select Control Panel.
  • Then, under System and Security » and click Review your computer’s status.
  • If so, click Maintenance » and then select Check for solutions.
  • After that, Windows will tell you if there is a solution to solve the problem.
  • Done.

3. With System Restore

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7

If the help of Windows alone does not restore normally, of course, there are other ways that you can try. For example with System Restore, where you can restore the computer system to a state before the Blue Screen occurred. The method is quite easy to do, only with a few steps as follows.

  • First, press the power button to turn on the computer.
  • When the boot process is done, press the F8 key » select Safe Mode » then press Enter.
  • When safe mode booting is complete, click Start » Control Panel » System and Security » select Action Center.
  • After that, click the Recovery option » select Open System Restore » Follow the instructions » Finish.
  • Wait a few seconds while the computer restarts automatically.
  • Done.

4. Installing Antivirus

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7

Furthermore, there is one way to overcome the Blue Screen on Windows 7, namely by Scanning for Malware. Malware can also be the reason why Windows experiences system errors. Due to Malware, the interior of Windows on your computer can be damaged. There are tons of antivirus apps that you can find in a google search to get rid of the malware. One of them is with Malwarebytes.

  • First, download and install Malwarebytes.
  • In the main Malwarebytes window, please click Scan.
  • Wait for the scanning process for a while.
  • Done.

5. Check for Windows software updates

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7

The latest update from Microsoft may be able to help you overcome the Blue Screen that occurs in Windows 7. With Windows updates, your computer will automatically update the system and the latest drivers.

  • First, click Start » Control Panel » and select System and Security.
  • Then, find and click on Windows Update.
  • In the Windows Update section, please click Check for updates to start the process.
  • If so, select each update you want to install » and click OK.
  • After that, click Install Updates to update.
  • Done.

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6. Check Your Hardware

Blue Screen is not only caused by software but can be caused by the computer’s hard disk or RAM.

The easiest way to check the hardware yourself is to check the condition of the hardware directly. But with the features that Windows 7 provides, you can identify and fix errors from certain hardware.

Check Hard disk errors

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7

  • First, click Start » then click Computer.
  • Right-click the drive you want to check, then click Properties.
  • Then click the Tools tab » in the “Error Checking” section, and click Check now.
  • Click Start, to start the process.
  • Done.

Check Memory

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7

  • First, click Start » Control Panel » and select System and Security.
  • Next, click Administrative Tools » double click Windows Memory Diagnostic
  • After that, select it and click on the Restart now option, and check for problems.
  • Your computer will automatically restart.
  • Done.

7. Repair the Operating System

How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 7

Another way you can do this is to repair the operating system, this method is expected to overcome the blue screen. Bugs in the system will be fixed as well. To do the repair yourself, you can do it in 2 ways, namely by using the Windows CD (for laptops that still provide a CD ROM) or Flashdisk via Windows boot.

  • First, press the power button to turn on the computer.
  • When the boot process is done, press the F8 key » select Repair Your Computer » then press Enter.
  • In the “Select a keyboard input method” section, select US » click Next.
  • If your computer has a password, please enter it first » click OK.
  • If so, select Startup Repair in the “Choose a recovery tool” section » wait a few minutes while the process is being carried out.
  • Click Finish, to complete the repairs process.
  • Done.

8. Find the appropriate device driver

It often happens when you have just installed hardware, but there is a device driver error or it is not installed. Of course, this might cause a blue screen in Windows. For that make sure you have the latest drivers from the connected device. You can find the driver on the device’s manufacturer’s website or use an automatic PC driver finder software.

9. Reinstall Windows 7

If necessary, reinstall Windows to overcome the Blue Screen. This is indeed the most powerful solution and is often done by many users. That way, the operating system on your computer will return to normal. Not only Blue Screen but system errors or damage can be resolved properly.

10. Come to the Service

If all the methods I have provided are not able to solve the Blue Screen problem on Windows. The final solution is to take it to a service center. This is certainly highly recommended because problems that occur can be handled properly and appropriately. But make sure to also choose a trusted service place.


There are various reasons that make your computer or laptop device experience a Blue Screen. This can happen when Windows experiences a system error or there is a software malfunction.

Indeed, some of the solutions that I gave above are only general and simple. But it is possible if one of these solutions can solve the Blue Screen problem on Windows 7. Hopefully, some of the methods above that I share can overcome the Blue Screen on Windows 7.

What is Blue Screen?

Is a condition where your desktop screen suddenly turns blue and is usually accompanied by some error information.

What are the main causes of Blue Screen?

This error is often caused by a faulty system. Apart from that, outdated RAM can also be the reason why Blue Screen occurs on laptops.

Why does the laptop suddenly restart itself?

This usually happens when the processor overheats, where the temperature of the computer/laptop increases drastically due to prolonged use.

If you have questions or opinions that you want to convey, please write them in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck!!