• Sep 20, 2023

How To Backup Mac to External Hard Drive (Time Machine)

by Flexadia 1 year ago in Mac
How To Backup Mac to External Hard Drive (Time Machine)

How To Backup Mac to External Hard Drive (Time Machine)

How To Backup Mac to External Hard Drive (Time Machine) – Many MacBook users always underestimate to back up data or create backup files. It’s also called a machine, we don’t know what will happen or unexpected things have happened. If the MacBook suddenly breaks down and needs to be repaired, what happens is that you only cry because the important files in it have not been backed up.

That’s how important it is to back up data or create a backup file on your MacBook. Even though Apple itself has made a backup service or data backup easily using Time Machine. It’s good for MacBook users to master how to backup MacBook data using Time Machine.

Well, before backing up or backing up data on your MacBook, you only need to prepare an empty hard drive whose capacity is greater than the hard drive capacity on your MacBook.

Why should the hard disk capacity be bigger? Because we can say that we want to back up data and make backups of all program files and applications that are on the MacBook.

Backup files or backup files can be used for a long time. So that when you back up in the second third and so on, your hard disk still holds all the backup files.

Although the second, third and so on backups will rewrite the results of the previous backup.

How To Backup Mac to External Hard Drive (Time Machine)

How To Backup Mac to External Hard Drive (Time Machine) is actually much easier than we think. Flexadia will teach you to do it step by step, so you are not afraid to make mistakes.

1. Prepare External Hard Disk

Connect an external hard disk to the MacBook, Make sure your MacBook can recognize the hard disk you are using.

2. Open Time Machine

How To Backup Mac to External Hard Drive (Time Machine)

The backup software used is Apple’s built-in Time Machine. Select Apple menu >> “System Preferences” in the upper left corner of the wallpaper, then click “Time Machine”.

3. Select Backup Disk

How To Backup Mac to External Hard Drive (Time Machine)

After entering Time Machine, click “Select Backup Disk”. Then select the hard disk you want to create for MacBook data backup.

How To Backup Mac to External Hard Drive (Time Machine)

Data backup is an important must-do for everyone! If you store files on your hard disk, one day if your MacBook is damaged or lost, you’ll still have a backup file ready to use anytime on your Macbook.

So you can see your needs and choose the important data and important applications that you use. If you don’t need to encrypt backup tick the option otherwise you can skip this step.

Then, when you connect the hard disk again, you will be asked to enter the password to view the data you backed up. After selecting the disk to use and checking the encrypt backup, the system will prompt you to delete the data on the hard disk to use Time Machine to create the backup.

The countdown will start after the system is wiped, and the computer will be backed up after the countdown is complete!.

Usually, the first backup should take a long time. Maybe a few hours, but you can use the computer while backing up (just like I’m writing while backing up now) which is quite convenient ~ after the second and third it will be very fast.

If you don’t want to open multiple windows, you can select “Show Time Machine in menu bar” to close the window. You can see the current status in the top options bar.

When the backup is complete, it will display the most recent backup time. If you select “automatic backup”, it will show the active backup time on MacBook.

4. Backup complete!

Once the backup is complete, you can view the results in your finder. On the right, you can see the time of each backup. If you just deleted a file, I can go back in time and find the file I want. Click “Continue” and the file will appear where you placed it.

Subsequent backups For future backups, you can choose whether you want to “automatic backup” or “backup immediately”. “automatic backup” means that while your hard drive is always connected to the computer, the computer will back up new content every hour.

Files transferred will not be backed up from the beginning every hour, so there are fewer things to backup and the speed will be very fast Then if you don’t always plug in the hard disk and when you want to backup, mount the hard disk, you can click “Backup Now” in Time Machine option, you can back up again quickly.