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13 Best Free VPS Providers and Stable Servers

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13 Best Free VPS Providers and Stable Servers

13 Best Free VPS Providers and Stable Servers

Best Free VPS Providers and Stable Servers – Building a website-based business does require good and systematic skills. With the free VPS, business through the website becomes easier to control, develop, and more stable than shared hosting, suitable for online web stores.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a technology that allows an administrator to manage physical server hardware in several parts.

Free VPS providers are the most sought-after to support today’s websites to build a wider network. Various services provide free trials starting from 7 days to 1 year.

What is the Difference Between VPS and Hosting?

If with hosting, you will be given server settings that are set the same. Whereas in VPS, hosting is given root access to the server so that connected users can also install on the intended operating system to optimize performance.

VPS capacity is also easier to accommodate websites and is different from hosting which has limited accommodation.

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Why Should VPS?

VPS is suitable for those of you who are building a system based on a website or programming via the internet. Apart from that, there are other reasons, namely:

Because by using a VPS, you can easily choose which VPS is the most appropriate for your business. With the trial period, you are free to try different features and configurations. This VPS support will also help in improving your website services.

With a free VPS, you can customize the hosting control panel as needed so that the program runs effectively.
With so many VPS available, you can adjust it according to the cost.

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What is the function of a VPS?

After knowing how VPS influences website development, you also need to know what the VPS functions are. Here’s the review.

Website Execution Means

The purpose of website execution is a service to be able to do web hosting. You can use VPS to get better resources.

Of the many VPS users, developers are the largest due to a large number of clients with website processing requests.

As File Storage

With the VPS as hosting, the VPS function also doubles as a means of storing files that can be accessed via the internet network.

The amount of VPS storage capacity is also determined by how good the quality of the VPS you choose is, which can also be indicated by how expensive the VPS is.

Desktop Machine

VPS is also referred to as a machine that runs a business. Through VPS, you can embed bots on the server which will run automatically according to the requested command within a certain time.

VPN Service

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a private connection that can only be used by registered users who have a username and password to connect. VPN requires an intermediary to make it connect with other devices. The server in question can be a VPS with a VPN installed on it.

Application Hosting

Many developers want to do development and testing on developed applications. The use of this VPS is used as application hosting. VPS can also be used for custom mission-critical software at an affordable cost.

Try Machine

In building a website, of course, you need to know how well the website has been built. VPS will help in testing the quality of the website whether it is as good as needed or not. By testing through a VPS, the shortcomings that exist in the website will be known and can be updated.


Of course, you don’t want to lose important data on the server, right?. VPS as data backup will help you in preventing data loss. When there is data loss or a server breach, you can access the data again by doing a restore from time to time on the VPS.

With the various benefits of VPS, many servers are competing to offer the best VPS for developers.

The existence of this VPS provider will provide the main convenience for novice online businessmen. And below are some recommended free VPS providers.

14 Free VPS Providers 2022

In 2022, due to the effects of the pandemic and layoffs, many new businesses have emerged with various attractive products and services. Having a VPS will certainly be very helpful in developing their business.

Here is a list of the best VPS that can be used for free with a quality trial period.


UpCloud provides a free trial of up to 1 month. The method is quite easy when registering using the promo code XB9XK6 so you can get a free $25 balance that you can use for approximately 1 month. So that the balance is not expired, you can deposit a minimum of $ 10, so the total you get is $ 35.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is made with a design that makes it easy for developers to have a simple way of working on a website and it’s very easy to manage connections between work systems. Digital Ocean is suitable for beginners to use because of its easy-to-understand features.

AWS Amazon

13 Best Free VPS Providers and Stable Servers

AWS Amazon is quite well known as a free VPS with a very long trial period of 1 year. With Amazon’s AWS, you can download Linux systems for free. The amount of storage provided during the trial period is 30 GB with no bandwidth limitations. As a first step to trying out a trial from AWS Amazon, you will be asked to register and make an administrative payment of around Rp. 15 thousand.

Microsoft Azure

13 Best Free VPS Providers and Stable Servers

As the best free VPS, Microsoft Azure provides a balance of up to 200 dollars with a duration of 1 month for a free VPS trial.

With the balance provided, you can buy a VPS or software on Microsoft Azure. This VPS is also friendly for students such as students by providing free services.


Dewabeb.com provides a longer trial time of 30 days. The usage limit is with 1 CPU with a maximum of 1 GB of RAM and an SSD of up to 30 GB. During the trial period, you can try various advanced features provided by Dewaweb.com.

Google Cloud

13 Best Free VPS Providers and Stable Servers

The balance provided by Google Cloud is greater than Azure, which is 300 dollars. In terms of quality, the performance provided by Google cloud is quite stable in all countries with a smooth network. You don’t have to worry about quality, because Google Cloud has complete features.


Kamatera offers a 30-days free trial. With great performance and fast setup. Kamatera also allows adjusting CPU usage as needed. Even for the price paid, VPS at Kamatera is still affordable.

Alibaba Cloud

13 Best Free VPS Providers and Stable Servers

Like Google Cloud, the balance provided by Alibaba Cloud is also $300. On Alibaba cloud, you can download VPS with good quality and very easy work.

During the trial period, we recommend that you use it to try out the best features on Alibaba Cloud.


With a 5-days free VPS trial, you can use up to 5GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. In addition, the free VPS on Masterweb.com can also be used for 3 OS including free centos VPS.

Cloud Sigma

Cloud Sigma is a free trial VPS that provides a period of up to 1 year. Before trying to go to the free stage, you must first register with a debit card by filling in the data fields provided.

The free facilities provided by Cloud Sigma are certainly very helpful, especially for those of you who have never tried a VPS at all.

Bitnami Cloud

If you choose Bitnami Cloud, you will not get a free trial period like other VPS.

However, Bitnami Cloud gives time for you to try the features on Bitnami Cloud through the demo provided at the beginning. With this demo, you can understand what Bitnami Cloud has to offer and how to use it.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud provides a free period of 30 days with a balance of $300. With Oracle Cloud, your internet-based activities will be greatly helped with stable performance.

IBM Cloud

13 Best Free VPS Providers and Stable Servers

IBM also has an offer for those of you who want to try a VPS for free. Although it has a specification limit in the trial period, the free features in the IBM Cloud are very helpful for beginners and those with moderate traffic goals.

IBM Cloud itself is popular among free VPS because IBM Cloud provides an unlimited free period without the need to register first via a credit card.

Let’s develop your website as soon as possible and get various convenience benefits through VPS. That way, the website will be more developed and widely known by the public. Of the 14 free VPS providers above, which one would you like to try?