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5+ Ways to Edit PDF Files Via HP and Laptop, 100% Successful

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5+ Ways to Edit PDF Files Via HP and Laptop, 100% Successful

How to Edit PDF Files – PDF is the most widely used document format, especially for students and workers. This is because the PDF file format is neater and safer than other formats. Unfortunately, you can’t edit PDF files, so you have to know how to edit PDF files easily.

Even so, you don’t need to worry because the PDF file editing process can still be done through the official Adobe Acrobat DC application. However, the application can only be done for a fee, so you can make edits there when the PDF document is confidential.

How to Edit PDF Files

5+ Ways to Edit PDF Files Via HP and Laptop, 100% Successful

If you want to edit a PDF file via a laptop or cellphone, then you can follow the steps below.

1. Live Editing in Adobe Acrobat DC

How to edit a pdf file that you think is very important and secret can be done through Adobe Acrobat DC directly on a laptop or PC. This application is a paid application, so in its use, you must subscribe first.

For Acrobat Standard DC, the price per month is around 0,012 USD, while Acrobat Pro DC has a higher price per month, which is 0,014 USD.

The way to edit PDF files using Adobe Acrobat DC is as follows.

  • Please open the pdf document you want to edit, then right-click on the cursor or mouse.
  • Click ‘Open With’, then select ‘Adobe Acrobat’ and wait for your PDF document to fully open.
  • When it’s open, you can click ‘Tools’, then select ‘Edit PDF’ so you can make edits.

In the editing process via Adobe Acrobat DC, you can add some text, underline, highlight, and other features. So, this editing process can be adjusted according to your own needs and desires.

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2. Take advantage of MS Word

Not only useful for typing and editing word documents but MS Word can also be used to edit PDFs, you know. To do the editing process here, you have to change the PDF format to doc or Docx first.

To be more practical, you can change the PDF format online through websites available on the internet. Some websites that you can use are iLovepdf, smallpdf.com, or PDFtoWords.

If it has been successfully converted and downloaded, then you can directly edit the pdf file in MS Word below.

  • Locate the pdf file you want to edit, then right-click it.
  • Select ‘Open With’, then scroll until there is a Word option.
  • Click ‘Word’ until information appears that the PDF file will be edited via a word document.
  • Click ‘Ok’ and wait for the conversion process to complete successfully.
  • When finished, the document will appear on the MS Word worksheet, so you can edit it as needed.
  • If you want to save again, then click the ‘Save’ menu, then select ‘Save As’.
  • If you want to save in PDF format, then when you are on the Save As menu, you can choose a storage location, change the name, and specify the type of document to be a PDF.

3. Edit PDF Via Google Docs

If you want to edit PDF files via Google Docs, then make sure you are connected to the internet. If you have, then you can immediately follow the method of editing the following pdf file.

  • Please upload the pdf file into Google Drive first.
  • If so, please open the PDF file on Google Drive, then select ‘Open with Google Docs’ which is in the top center.
  • The PDF file will immediately open in Google Docs and you can easily edit it right there.

If you have successfully converted the PDF file, it can be downloaded immediately so that it is stored again on your device. For the process of saving your document files, you can click ‘File’, then select ‘Download’. After that, select the PDF type and the document has been saved again in PDF format.

4. Via Macbook Preview

You can also do how to edit pdf files through Macbook Preview easily in simple steps. Here, you can make edits in the form of changing the font shape, text color, and size.

The features are almost the same as MS Word, so the editing process is not much different, namely:

  • You can browse and select the PDF document that you want to edit first.
  • If you have found the file, please open ‘Tools’, then click the ‘Annotate’ option in the ‘Dropdown’.
  • If you want to edit the PDF immediately, then just click ‘Text’ and you can immediately edit as you wish.

5. Via Smartphone with WPS

Not only through a laptop or PC, but you can also easily and practically edit pdf files from your cellphone. You can take advantage of WPS Office which can be installed on a smartphone without any additional applications.

5+ Ways to Edit PDF Files Via HP and Laptop, 100% Successful

Well, for the steps to edit PDF documents via WPS on this cellphone you can follow as follows.

  • If you haven’t installed the WPS Office application, then you can download it first on the Play Store.
  • If it is already installed on the cellphone, you can search for the PDF document that you want to edit.
  • Open the PDF file using WPS, if it is already open, click the tools section so that you can immediately do the editing.
  • If the editing is complete, then you can save it back to the storage memory on the smartphone.

6. How to Edit PDF Files Online Through Websites

You can easily edit PDF files online through the Smallpdf site, namely:

  • Please enter the browser and type ‘Edit Pdf File’ in the search engine field or just type ‘Smallpdf’.
  • Then, immediately go to the site, then click ‘Choose File’, then select the pdf document that you want to edit.
  • If it has been found, then you can click ‘Select’ and wait until the pdf file to be edited is on the site.
  • Next, you can use the preview to edit and insert text, images, and other edits.
  • When finished, click ‘Apply’, then select ‘Download PDF’ and wait for the download process to complete.

That’s information related to how to edit Pdf files that you can do easily via PCs, laptops, and cellphones. With this method, you don’t need to be confused anymore when there is an error in your PDF file.