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Download WinRAR 2022 Free Download (32/64 Bit)

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Download WinRAR 2022 Free Download (32/64 Bit)

WinRAR 2022 Free Download – For file types that can be said to be quite safe from various disturbances, namely the type that has been compressed. Where there are several services and types of compression that can be done by users, whether it is a disk image file or maybe general compression such as tar, zip, rar, and so on.

And usually, this is used to compress application files so that users can still install applications properly without malware that infiltrates them even though they have gone through several processes. However, it is different if the file has been changed by the publisher to embed several installations so that it is profitable for him when someone else installs it.

Well, for this kind of thing, the name is WinRAR. For users of the Windows operating system, of course, you are familiar with this one application. Because every new Laptop/Computer is complete with an operating system, on average it will be equipped with the following applications.

What Is WinRAR?

Download WinRAR 2022 Free Download (32/64 Bit)

As previously mentioned in the opening, with the following application you can open files with compressed formats such as RAR and the like. But not only that, but WinRAR can also do compression as well.

WinRAR is a useful software for Desktop and mobile device users in this day and age as a medium for handling and controlling the files they want to manage.

Indeed, the name is WinRAR, which can be used to read or create files with the rar extension compression. However, there are also other things it can do, namely compressing to other formats such as tar, gzip, and others that can be supported and opened for devices with different operating systems.

The WinRAR software itself is available for 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems, and besides being able to be installed on Windows, this application can also be installed on several other operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, DOS, macOS, Android, and even iOS.

Depending on each supported device, some functions and features may differ as well. However, the basic function of this application is still the same, namely as management and providing better data security protection than files when left open.

WinRAR features

1. Support Multiple Formats

Even though it has the name rar, the supported file formats are not only that, there are several other formats that can be opened by the following software, including even image files which are commonly used to compress operating systems.

Thus making you no longer need to install a lot of software for the need to open compressed files like that. Because only with WinRAR is enough to carry out several tasks at once.

2. Has a Sophisticated Compression System

To perform this compression itself, a sophisticated algorithm has been applied, so that the level of data security and errors can be minimized properly. So even some error files can still be compressed using WinRAR.

Maybe the file error occurs because it does not match the operating system that is running or for some other reason, which is still possible to be fixed again at a later date. However, this cannot be done the other way around.

Some errors or corrupt files cannot be extracted, for several reasons this can happen. However, you can solve it by looking at and reading the error description that appears, and what is the problem with the extract failure.

3. Easy Drag and Drop

No need to compress or maybe extract by clicking here and there according to the standard. But you can easily drag and drop to compress files or remove files from the rar format.

For example, if there is a certain folder that you want to remove from the rar format, first, you can open the parent file first. Then you can click and drag the file you want to remove to a new folder outside the one that has been prepared. Release it, and later the extract process will start automatically.

4. Compress File Repair

Even though the compression has been done, it is safe from malware, but there are some incidents that make rar files or the like cannot be opened, extracted, or some other things. However, WinRAR offers a fix for compressed files that malfunction like that, so users can still get their data safely.

As for the process itself, it depends on the size of the file being repaired, and the success rate itself is also not very guaranteed. But at least you have tried to fix the damaged file first.

5. Compression to RAR and ZIP

There is a lot of support, but this WinRAR application only supports compressed files into the following two formats. So when you want to compress files with other formats, you need to find an application that is suitable and supports it.

This kind of thing is normal for software because developers want to focus on certain jobs. Because if you reach all of them, it will feel heavy, which makes the software unable to be of maximum use.

6. Reduce File Capacity

The name also performs compression, where the size of the file can be reduced and compressed, so that it can save your storage space. Although not too big, only 10%, but if applied to large files, of course this will feel really good.

For example, if you have photo or video files as well as documents with large sizes, it will be safer if you do compression like this. Because in addition to saving space, it can also protect files from malware attacks or other people’s spying.

7. Password

One of the advantages of WinRAR is that you can pin a password to protect the compressed file. So it’s not just malware, but even friends won’t be able to steal the file.

There is indeed some password-breaking software from files like that, but this is not an easy thing that anyone can do. So, it can be said to be safe virtual, or real.

Advantages of WinRAR

1. Complete Enough Features

As a file compression software, WinRAR has quite complete features because it doesn’t just compress and extract. There are several other functions offered by the following software, some of which are test, view, delete the folder, find, wizard, to repair.

With some of these features, you can manage files more easily and fix some parts before extracting them to certain folders so that they can be used more easily and quickly.

2. Simple UI

Although it has many features, the appearance of WinRAR can be said to be so simple. That way users no longer need to make adjustments for a long time to use the series of features offered.

3. Maintained Security

Not only does it protect files from malware attacks from outside parties, but there is a password feature that helps users get better security against compressed files.

Through a password code like this, other people who use your computer will also not be able to easily access your compressed files which are used to protect and hide some important files.

4. Small Installation File

No need to worry about limited storage capacity, because WinRAR does not have such a large capacity. That way you won’t feel so bad when you install it, because it’s less than 500MB.

Likewise, the master, with its small size allows users to easily insert it into a flash, microSD, or other external storage devices that is often carried anywhere.

5. There is a Portable Variant

For those of you who may be lazy with installation and want more flexibility in using, there is a portable version. Where this portable WinRAR allows users to directly use the software without the need to install it first.

Disadvantages of WinRAR

1. Consumes All Existing Disk Resources

If you compress or extract, it is not recommended to run together with other heavy applications, unless you are using an SSD. Because the process will eat up all available resources from the hard disk.

Thus, when the Task Manager is opened, don’t be surprised if the system usage disk from WinRAR is the highest. This is only natural because the process is related to file storage matters that depend on the hard disk read & write.

2. Often Used to Hide Virus

It may avoid malware attacks on the files contained in the compress, but vice versa. Where for viruses that have been compressed this will also not be detected by the Desktop defender system, so you also need to be careful when downloading from other sites.

Especially for pirated applications, where on average you will be asked to turn off anti-virus first. Because the crack program that is in the compressed file when it is released and runs can’t be detected, it can launch its action smoothly.

WinRAR 2022 Free Download

More or less that is the understanding, features, advantages, and disadvantages of WinRAR software. For the problem of this deficiency, it depends on the user himself as to whether he keeps his device safe. Even if you run a malicious program, as long as you can handle it, it’s not a problem.

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