• Sep 23, 2023

Download the Latest Psiphon 2022 (Free Download)

by Flexadia 1 year ago in Internet
Download the Latest Psiphon 2022 (Free Download)

Download the Latest Psiphon 2022 (Free Download)

Download the Latest Psiphon 2022 (Free Download) – Websites that you can open today may not necessarily be able to reopen in the future because they are blocked. Usually, the reason put forward for blocking is the presence of negative content.

Sometimes there are also certain events that cause an online service to suddenly be blocked. For example, the Whatsapp case in May 2019. To overcome this, you can use Psiphon.

What is Psiphon?

In short, Psiphon is software that functions to penetrate internet censorship. This software is available free for Windows, Android, and iOS. At first, Psiphon was released as open-source software and developed by the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto until finally Psiphon Inc. was founded.

Psiphon is very popular because the speed is sufficient for browsing and watching videos on YouTube, there is no data limit and it is free. Psiphon, Inc. as the developer claims that Psiphon has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Psiphon Features and Benefits

Download the Latest Psiphon 2022 (Free Download)

Basically, you hardly need to do anything to use Psiphon. This software can be run directly without needing to be installed. After running, you just need to wait until Psiphon is connected to one of the servers.

While the server selection occurs automatically and the selected server is considered the fastest. Once connected, a website will appear in your browser containing information on the IP address that has changed. This IP address can change by itself as the server changes when a connection failure occurs.

Regarding servers, Psiphon provides a number of servers such as Canada, Poland, Sweden, United States, Singapore, Slovakia, Japan, Italy, India, and many others. You can choose any server you need. The server you choose will automatically be the default server.

Psiphon also provides a Split Tunnel feature. This feature serves to determine which data traffic should go through the proxy. Unfortunately in this case you cannot freely choose based on the software used or based on the IP address.

If the Split Tunnel feature is enabled, only international connections are routed through the proxy. As for connections that are detected as domestic connections, you can see all those connections in the log.

Download the Latest Psiphon 2022 (Free Download)

To end the connection, you can click the Disconnect button in the main window. The disconnected connection is indicated by the color of the icon on the taskbar which changes from red to gray. If you close the Psiphon main window, the connection will also be disconnected by itself.

In closing, the data that passes between the server and your computer is encrypted automatically so that it cannot be snooped on or read by other parties. However, Psiphon is more intended to penetrate the censorship.

If your main goal is to hide your identity, we recommend using the Tor browser. Download the latest and free Psiphon via the link below: