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Download Microsoft Publisher 2021 (Free Download)

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Download Microsoft Publisher 2021 (Free Download)

Download Microsoft Publisher 2021 (Free Download)

Download Microsoft Publisher 2021 (Free Download) – Graphic design is a process of visual communication through the use of typography, photography, and illustrations. To create a design of course requires software. We know there are lots of design software that users can meet. This is indeed not surprising, considering that nowadays design has become one of the skills that are most in-demand by the public.

Download Microsoft Publisher 2021 (Free Download)

Graphic design is also one of the important and needed needs in a company. Even from a user perspective, it’s not just teenagers. Not even a few adults who like graphic design. Talking about graphic design software, there are several software that is most often used by the public. Among them are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, InDesign, and so on. Apart from this, do users know that Microsoft Office also releases design-related products?

It’s natural that users don’t know the product, considering that everyone knows only a few of Microsoft Office. Like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or OneDrive. Apart from these products, there are other products from Microsoft Office that are interesting to try. One of them is Microsoft Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher is not as popular as other design software. But this software is worth considering, especially for novice designers. In Microsoft Publisher users will be given the convenience of designing posters, advertisements, certificates, and more. Now for users who don’t know it, see a full review of the following understanding, functions, features, and advantages of Microsoft Publisher.

What is Microsoft Publisher?

Download Microsoft Publisher 2021 (Free Download)

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application from Microsoft. Unlike Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher places more emphasis on page layout and design than text composition and proofing.

Microsoft Publisher was released in 1991, and this software is included in the Microsoft 365 package in addition to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others. Interestingly, this Microsoft Publisher offers users the perfect tool in creating text with quality images and producing attractive layouts.

Microsoft Publisher can be used for various fields. For example in the field of education, a novice designer can use this software for learning purposes. With the availability of existing features, users can produce attractive designs. This software can be used by users as the first step in making designs before trying more advanced software such as Photoshop or Corel.

On the other hand, the use of Microsoft Publisher can be used for business purposes. In addition to presenting a simple interface, the job as a designer will be faster. What’s more, there are special effects to help enhance images/photos. Tools for manipulating color, text effects, and other design aspects are also available in Microsoft Publisher. So that the resulting output in print is of high quality.

Microsoft Publisher Functions and Benefits

The function of Microsoft Publisher will be much different from other Microsoft Office products. But many people think that the function of Microsoft Publisher is the same as Microsoft Word. Indeed, in Microsoft Word we can create certificates, brochures, business cards, and the like, it’s just that the level of difficulty is quite high. Because basically, it is not the main function of Microsoft Word.

Unlike Microsoft Publisher, which is designed to do just that. Moreover, by using this software, users do not need to create a design from scratch, because there are various attractive templates available. Here are some functions of Microsoft Publisher that users need to know.

1. Create a professional layout

With a myriad of features provided, users can freely adjust the layout to produce professional output. In addition, the resulting output will look exactly the same as what you want.

2. Unique design

In Microsoft Publisher, users will find several kinds of templates that can be used. Allows users to produce a variety of materials, from certificates, and business cards, to unique, professional greeting cards and marketing tools.

3. Customized publication

Various support tools available in Microsoft Publisher allow users to produce various products. From printing to professional-quality email publications. It can even be used to export the work users have done into a non-editable, industry-standard format.

Microsoft Publisher Features

Download Microsoft Publisher 2021 (Free Download)

Maybe not a few people are curious, as to why this software has fairly capable popularity in the design world. Talking about the popularity of Microsoft Publisher, it will not be far from the features it provides. This is not surprising, considering that this software has made it easy for novice designers to create designs. Especially with the availability of several interesting templates and tools. Check out the following some of the features found in Microsoft Publisher.

  • Mail merge tools.
  • Personalization tools.
  • Import photos from online albums like Facebook and Flickr.
  • Professional-level effects for text, shapes, and images.
  • Drag-and-drop to import images.
  • Default cloud-saving.
  • Document sharing capabilities.
  • Ability to use high-resolution image backgrounds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Publisher

Download Microsoft Publisher 2021 (Free Download)

Each software today certainly has different advantages and disadvantages. Users can also feel this when using Microsoft Publisher. In addition, only some users respond to it. In fact, by looking at these advantages and disadvantages, we can determine “Is this software what we want?”.

But users don’t need to worry about this, because Microsoft Publisher has a lot of advantages. Among them are the easy creation of graphic layouts, there are custom features, the collaboration made easy, wizard features, and many free templates that users can use. For a more detailed explanation, you can refer to the following.

Advantages of Microsoft Publisher

  1. Free design templates are available. One of the eye-catching advantages is the availability of several free design templates. Microsoft has indeed provided a website to get templates for free, and there are also hundreds of templates that users can choose as they wish.
  2. Easy creation of graphic layouts. We know that Microsoft Publisher does not have difficult features like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Corel. With only drag-and-drop into the available layouts, users can produce attractive and professional designs.
  3. Collaboration features. Microsoft Publisher has collaboration features that allow multiple people to work in real-time, either modifying or deleting.
  4. Wizard features. With the support of the Wizard feature, it is certain that users will not experience difficulties in operating Microsoft Publisher. Because a step-by-step tutorial will be presented on each document that will be created.
  5. Share via Cloud Service. Users can share via the cloud that has been provided by Microsoft. The recipients will only need to send a link to download the results to the cloud. So the user does not need to use a physical data storage device to be handed over to the recipient.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Publisher

  1. Only for the Microsoft Windows Platform. It is known that Microsoft Publisher can only be used for Microsoft platforms with various operating systems. Starting from Windows 7, 8, 10, or Vista. Regarding Publisher on other platforms such as Linux and Mac, it is not available, because there may be some problems that occur.
  2. Paid. Unfortunately, to use Microsoft Publisher, you have to buy it first. The price itself for around $129.99. In terms of price, it is very expensive, because that price includes the Microsoft 365 package.


From the review of the information above, it can be concluded that Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software released by Microsoft in 1991. With this software, users will be given the convenience of creating a graphic design. With the various templates provided, users can create posters, certificates, business cards, business cards, and the like in a practical way.

That’s a brief review that I can give about the understanding, functions, features, and advantages of Microsoft Publisher.

Hopefully, the above information can be useful for all. Share this article on your social media networks to make it more useful and useful. If you have any questions regarding the above review, please send them via the comments column below. Thank you!

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Is Microsoft Publisher paid?

Yes, because Publisher is included in the Microsoft 365 Plan. Users can subscribe for around $129.99.

Is Microsoft Publisher easy to operate?

Of course, Microsoft has designed Publisher in such a way that it can be operated easily. But if it looks confusing, Microsoft has also provided a Wizard feature found in Microsoft Publisher.

What is the definition of Microsoft Publisher?

Microsoft Publisher is software designed to create graphic designs easily and quickly. With only drag-and-drop, users can produce professional designs.

The difference between Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Publisher is used for creating and customizing visual compositions, while Microsoft Word is for writing and editing documents that can be shared later.

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