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Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

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Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download) – Microsoft Office Outlook is an application for managing personal information from the Microsoft Office Suite. This application is usually used to send and read emails.

However, the app also has features like notes, a diary, routing, and a calendar. Microsoft Outlook, in combination with Microsoft Exchange Server, can provide access to shared mailboxes, calendars, and schedules.

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

There are two versions of Outlook, namely Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook Express is a small version of Outlook, first released with Windows 98.

While Microsoft Outlook can be used not only on a PC or computer but on all Windows devices. For example in Outlook Mobile one can connect Outlook data to a smartphone.

There are additional add-ons that can be used to connect Outlook to Blackberry and other mobile devices.

Benefits of using Outlook

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

Every application must-have functions and benefits for users, but depending on the level of need and understanding of how to use it, here are the details of the function of the Microsoft Outlook application.

The Microsoft Office Outlook function provides the following benefits as an email management application:

  1. Can read emails offline or Intranet network.
  2. Send emails quickly.
  3. The most secure way to secure email on a PC.
  4. Users can create Plans or scheduling.

How to Use Microsoft Outlook

As we mentioned earlier, this application will be very useful if we know how to use it. And here’s how to use it properly:

How to Use Outlook’s Email Features

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

Outlook email is the main feature of this application which focuses on using email like sending and receiving emails easily.

1.) Compose and Send a New Message or Email

If you want to compose and send a new email then simply click File > New > Mail Message. Or it could be by pressing the Ctrl + N keys on the keyboard and then entering the email address that is intended and clicking Send.

2.) Email Confirmation

To see if the email was successfully sent and has arrived at the destination address, you can click File > Options > Mail > look for the Information Tracking column > check the Delivery message confirming and Read receipt confirming columns.

3.) Organizing Incoming Email

To make your email look more presentable, you can do it by right-clicking on the inbox folder in the navigation pane. Then click the new folder and don’t forget to name the folder. Drag the email in the main inbox to the folder you just created.

An easier way can also be to click Home > Rules > Create Rules, then enter the desired filter to determine which folder an email will be entered into.

4.) Delete the Email

To delete an email, you can do it by clicking Home > Clean Up > Clean Up Conversation. Meanwhile, deleting all emails can be done by clicking Home > Clean Up > Clean Up Folder & Subfolders to delete all emails in all folders.

5.) Manage Multiple Email Accounts

Managing more than one email account can be done automatically by clicking File > on Account Information, clicking Add Account > inputting your name, email address, and email password, then selecting Next > Finish.

How to Use Task Management

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

This application is very suitable for making task arrangements, and how to use this feature is quite easy. Change the view by clicking Change View to Task View, then clicking the New Tasks icon on the toolbar or pressing ctrl + shift + K to open the Task screen.

Don’t forget to enter the title of the assignment or project as a description in the box provided.

Also, specify the start and end date of the task or project in the Start Date and Due Date columns. Set an alert to notify you when the time is running out in the reminder so that tasks can be neatly organized and completed on time.

Enter additional information by clicking the Details icon on the toolbar. If you want to change an already created task, do it by double-clicking on the task.

Then if you want to work on a task together with several other users, you can click Tasks > Assign Task. Then click the To button and enter the address of the user you want to include in the task, and click Send so that the task can be accepted by that user.

When the task has been completed, click the Remove From the List icon to delete it, or if you want to change the display configuration and processing time, you can click Options > Tasks.

How to Use the Calendar Feature

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

The calendar view can be changed with various views ranging from views per day, per week, weekdays, and per month. Or by Schedule View to view the calendar in the form of a customized timeline.

The trick is to click the Menu Bar and then look at the New Appointment icon for scheduling personal activities. And New Meetings for scheduling meetings with other people.

How to Use Calendar Share

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

This feature allows users to share schedule information with other users, just click the Email Calendar icon and then click Share Calendar to share it with others. Or Publish Online on the Toolbar that has been provided.

In addition, you can also send a calendar via email, and adjust how much information you want to provide.

How to Make a New Appointment

Download Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Free Download)

How to make a personal schedule can be done by clicking the desired date and then clicking the New Appointment icon. Then the Appointment screen will appear and enter the topic in the subject field.

Also include the location of the desired activity and the duration of time needed. Don’t forget to enter a description by typing in the column provided, usually under the activity time column.

Or you can also click insert and then insert the document you want to work on, specify other information options on the Show as an icon, for example Out of Office or Busy. This description is intended to inform others of the schedule that is shared through Outlook.

Under the Show icon, there is a Reminder that can be used to give a warning for the schedule that has been made if it is approaching time. So don’t forget to set a time alert as well so that all schedules are made according to your wishes.

Click the Categorize Icon and select the appropriate description to assign a category to the schedule created. Then click the Save & Close icon when finished.

Then a description of all the activities that have been made will be visible on the calendar, and if you want to change it, just double-click on the desired schedule.

If you want to print the schedule that has been made, just click File > Print on the appointment screen and the schedule will be printed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Outlook

Not infrequently users know, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Microsoft Outlook. Software/programs, of course, have advantages and disadvantages to each and Microsoft Outlook too.

The advantages themselves can not be doubted. This software provides many advantages for its users. Among them are providing a User-Friendly interface, having a reliable spam cleaning system, being able to be connected to social media, and others. If you are curious about what are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Outlook, here are some points:

Advantages Microsoft Outlook

  • User-Friendly Display.
  • Can connect to Social Media.
  • Advanced protection.
  • Can view and edit Office documents that have been integrated with the OneDrive service.
  • OneDrive Free version 5 GB capacity ( Can be expanded up to 1 TB ).
  • Free version 15 GB mailbox storage capacity ( Expandable up to 50 GB ).
  • Has a reliable spam cleaning system.
  • Separate incoming emails according to the desired category.
  • Can be synced with a smartphone.

Disadvantages Microsoft Outlook

If users want to use this software, Microsoft has provided 2 options to choose from, namely using free or paid Microsoft Outlook. Of course, if the user chooses the free option, then the features provided are also limited. Call it in terms of OneDrive storage capacity which is only equipped with 5 GB.

However, this is not the case with the paid Outlook, because apart from being equipped with OneDrive storage capacity of up to 1 TB. Microsoft Outlook will provide premium features that can be used. And that’s what I think is one of the drawbacks of Microsoft Outlook.

Shortcuts Microsoft Outlook

Software, of course, has a keyboard shortcut that has been provided by each developer, as well as Microsoft Outlook. It aims to make it easier for users to operate the related software quickly and practically.

If the user has never used a keyboard shortcut ( shortcut ) before in Microsoft Outlook. I highly recommend users study them, even if only a few. That way you can feel how fast to operate the software with the help of shortcuts. Here are some basic shortcuts found in Microsoft Outlook. For the rest, you can find it on google search.

Keyboard ShortcutsInformation
Ctrl + 1Switch to Email
Ctrl + 2Switch to Calendar
Ctrl + 3Switch to Contacts
Ctrl + 4Switch to task
Ctrl + Shift + AMake a new appointment
Ctrl + Shift + CCreate new contact
Ctrl + Shift + MStart a new message
Alt + SSending message
Ctrl + RReply message


From the above review, it can be concluded that Microsoft Outlook is a software that allows you to send/receive email messages, manage calendars, store contact numbers, track tasks, and schedule events. With this software, your daily routine will not be missed, and make you more productive at work.


Is Microsoft Outlook free to use?

Yes, Microsoft has provided a free version of Outlook for users. On a note, the features provided by the free version are limited.

How much does Outlook email cost?

Microsoft Outlook Premium standalone email service starts at $19.95 per year.

What does Microsoft Outlook mean?

Outlook is a personal information manager application made by Microsoft. This application is usually used to send, receive or read email.

How is Gmail different from Outlook?

The difference is, that Gmail is an email service provider, which provides sending and receiving emails. Outlook on the other hand is an email client that uses the services of all email service providers.

That’s a brief review that I can give about the understanding, benefits, and functions of Microsoft Outlook. Hopefully, the above information can be useful for all. Share this article on your social media networks to make it more useful. If you have any questions regarding the above review, please write in the comments column below. Thank You!!

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To get the Microsoft Outlook 2019 installer file, you just need to click the download link below.