• Mar 28, 2023

Download Epson L120 Drivers (Free Download)

by Flexadia 8 months ago in Windows
Download Epson L120 Drivers (Free Download)

Download Epson L120 Drivers (Free Download) – The Epson L120 printer is often the choice for users who usually print large amounts of documents. This type of printer is also widely used in schools, homes, and offices because it has ink that is quite efficient and is not so heavy. This Ink Tank type printer is also not too expensive with the print speed it has. But what you need to know, is that when you want to run the Epson L120 printer, you also need a CD or DVD Driver that is already there by default.

For those of you who accidentally lost the CD or DVD, you don’t need to worry because you can download the Epson L120 Driver for free and easily. The Epson L120 driver itself is a program released by Epson that serves to make it easy for users to be able to control the printer via a Windows PC. This means that without the driver, the printer cannot work properly.

Advantages of the Epson L120 Printer

Download Epson L120 Drivers (Free Download)

The Epson L120 printer also has several advantages, including:

  • The Epson L120 printer has a size of about 461 x 215 x 130 and a weight of about 2.4 kg so it doesn’t require a large enough room.
  • The Epson L120 printer also has a high print speed of 8.5 IPM for black paper and 4.5 IPM for colored paper.
  • Then the next advantage is that this type of printer has efficient ink, and is easy to refill.
  • It has a fairly long warranty which is about two years.

How to Install Epson L120 Drivers

Download Epson L120 Drivers (Free Download)

The Epson L120 driver itself can be installed on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and also Windows 11. This driver is also available in two versions 32-bit and 64-bit. For how to install the driver, you can follow these steps:

  1. The first step is that you can download the driver file for the Epson L120 either 32-bit or 64-bit.
  2. Then open the application, check the “Set as default printer” section, and “Automatically update software” if you need, then click OK.
  3. Then select the language according to your wishes. Then click OK if it is appropriate.
  4. Check the “Agree” option in the license agreement section. Then click OK.
  5. The installation process will run and a notification will appear, as a sign for you to turn on the printer and connect the printer to your computer.
  6. Then after the installation process is complete, the printer driver installation was completed successfully will appear, indicating that the printer is ready for use.

Download Epson L120 Drivers (Free Download)

Unlike the type of driver that has a scanner and printer driver, the Epson L120 only has one driver, namely the printer driver without a scanner driver. Therefore, if you are using an Epson L120 printer, make sure that the driver is correct. Here’s a link that you can use to download the Epson L120 driver easily and for free.

Download Epson L120 Drivers 32-bit

Download Epson L120 Drivers 64-bit