• May 28, 2023

5 Free ColrelDRAW Alternatives in 2022

by Flexadia 1 year ago in Design
CorelDRAW Alternatives Free

CorelDRAW Alternatives Free – If we want to create a vector graphic work, it is nothing but the CorelDRAW application. CorelDRAW application is a vector graphics editor computer program developed by Corel Corporation, a software company based in Ottawa, Canada.

The CorelDRAW application works well for processing images and so on. However, there is one problem that may be faced by everyone, namely the price is quite fantastic.

CorelDRAW Alternatives Free

Well, with these problems, some people are looking for alternative replacement applications that might be cheaper or even free. In this article, we will discuss 5 alternative applications to replace CorelDRAW. Curious? Immediately, please refer to the following discussion.

1. Inkscape

CorelDRAW Alternatives Free


The first alternative to CorelDRAW is the Inkscape application. This vector processing application is already open source or free. And you can use it on various operating system platforms, namely Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The Inkscape application itself has a license under the GPL (General Public License), which aims to become a graphics processing software with standard XML, SVG, and CSS.

SVG here is a Scalable Vector Graphics which is a file format for displaying graphics in building an XML-based web (Extensible Markup Language). This Inkscape application has become one of the most popular as a replacement for CorelDRAW.

2. Affinity Designer

CorelDRAW Alternatives Free

Affinity Designer

The next replacement application is Affinity Designer. The Affinity Designer application is graphic editing software that is open source and can be downloaded for free as a substitute for the CorelDRAW application.

This application was developed by serif labs headquartered in the UK and was founded in 1990 which supports various platforms such as Windows and macOS.

The Affinity Designer application has several standard menus such as a pen tool to create complex graphics and pixel-based artwork with a toolbar that divides vector, pixel, and export tools into three parts.

In addition to having a standard menu, this application is also equipped with features intended for professionals, so many professionals enjoy and like using this application to create their vector illustrations.

3. Vectornator

CorelDRAW Alternatives Free


Vectornator is a graphic design application that was originally only popular on the iPhone and iPad. However, it is now available on macOS. This application you can download and use for free to edit this type of content with some relatively powerful tools.

Vectornator has a Pro version, while several tools are provided such as Artboards, Pen Tools, Auto Trace, to Blend. You can also save your work in various file formats such as AI, PDF, SVG, PNG, and JPG, and export layers individually.

4. sK1

CorelDRAW Alternatives Free


sK1 is an illustration application that is open source or free for professionals. Does this app support all platforms? Yes, this application supports various platforms such as Windows, Linux/GNU, and macOS. This sK1 application is an application that can make its users more productive.

The sK1 application has excellent performance and has professional color management and compatibility, so it will provide color accuracy and image flexibility to suit your needs. This sK1 application can be a choice of applications that you can consider with the various features it has.

5. Adobe Illustrator

CorelDRAW Alternatives Free

Adobe Illustrator

The last alternative to the CorelDRAW replacement application that you should try is the application made by Adobe, namely Adobe Illustrator.

Professional graphic designers must be familiar with this Adobe-owned application. Its simple interface and easy-to-use tools are the reasons users like this application for creating designs or vectors.

There is no need to be afraid of feeling difficult and confused because there are lots of video tutorials that you can access on the internet. Eits, but unfortunately you have to subscribe first to be able to fully access this application.

So this article discusses 5 alternative CorelDRAW replacement applications that you can try. Hopefully, this article can be helpful and useful for you. Thank you