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Cisco Packet Tracer Free Download 2022 (Windows, macOS, Linux)

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Cisco Packet Tracer Free Download [2022]

Cisco Packet Tracer Free Download [2022]

Cisco Packet Tracer Free Download – The IT world is one of the fields that has a very important role in various jobs. In fact, every company or institution needs an IT person to make their work easier.

For those of you who like the IT world, you must be familiar with the Cisco Packet Tracer application. Where this simulator application is closely related to those of you who work in the IT world because it is very functional.

In addition, many professionals also use the following tools to simulate the network first before carrying out executions in the field. Thus, they can carry out their work smoothly without having to experience confusion during execution.

What Is Cisco Packet Tracer?

For those of you who are still unfamiliar, Cisco Packet Tracer is a Cisco network simulator tool software. Where this application is often used for practice and learning before you later use the original device when you are in the field.

This software was built by Cisco Systems company and is provided free of charge to students and network administrators to help complete their assignments. This Cisco Packet Tracer has a variety of very complete tools, so it will be very easy for you to create an artificial network later.

Cisco Packet Tracer Functions

Cisco Packet Tracer Free Download [2022]

As a simulator application, of course, this Cisco Packet Tracer has many uses or functions, here are the explanations:

  1. This Cisco Packet Tracer allows you to configure and build a network with a drag and drop interface that is very easy to use. Of course, this will give you practical experience and you can apply it in class or even at work to explain to colleagues and students.
  2. Practice and learn new skills that you can use to complete projects in real life. This way, of course, you can minimize the risk if there is a failure or damage, as we know that some equipment to build a network is indeed expensive, so you need to be careful so that there is no damage later.
  3. Cisco Packet Tracer already supports various CCNA routing protocol technologies, security, and other critical IT resources
  4. You can use this Cisco Packet Tracer to monitor packet transfer logistics, data transfers, and more in real-time
  5. The activity wizard also allows you to get real-time feedback so you can enjoy a comprehensive learning experience
  6. Allows you to collaborate with multiple users and friends, and offers a competitive learning experience

Cisco Packet Tracer Features

Menu Bar

Is a menu that contains basic commands. Where the menu bar is divided into 2, namely at the top and also at the bottom.


  • File: new, open, open sample, save, save as, save as PKZ, save as common cartridge, recent file, exit, print, exit and log out,
  • Edit: copy, paste, undo, redo
  • View: zoom, toolbar
  • Tools: Custom device dialog, Drawing palette
  • Option: user profile, preferences, algorithm setting, the view command log
  • Extentions: Activity wizard, multiuser, IPC, scripting, clear terminal agent, LAN multiuser agent, Marvel, WAN multiuser agent, UPnP multiuser
  • Help: tutorial, contents, report an issue, about

Low part

  • New: this feature is useful for creating new work pages (new files)
  • Open: to open a file that you have previously created
  • Save: works to save files that you have created
  • Print: serves to print the work page or topology that you have created
  • Copy: To copy the device or topology
  • Paste: To paste the device or topology that you copied earlier
  • Undo: return to the beginning or cancel the last work (last activity) you have done
  • Redo: cancel undo
  • Zoom in: to enlarge a topology or device size to see more detail
  • Zoom reset: returns the measurement to the original
  • Zoom out: to reduce the size of the topology or device
  • Pallet dialog
  • Custom device dialog

General toolbar and drawing

  • Select: this tool serves to select the device to be entered into the workspace (Worksheet)
  • Place Note: serves to provide notes on existing devices in the workspace (worksheet) Inspect
  • Resize Shape: Change the size of the workspace
  • Draw a polygon. Use this tool for encirclement test: useful to mark or color a device or topology in a workspace
  • Delete: delete the device or topology on the workspace (Worksheet)
  • Add simple PDU: To send a message ( test ping ) on the workspace
  • Add complex PDU

Device Category

  • Routers: serves to combine or connect 2 or more networks in a different network
  • Switch: serves to forward data packets only without having to do the routing process. but later you can still manage it
  • Hub: Same as a switch but you can’t manage later
  • Wireless device: it contains a variety of wireless devices
  • Connection: it has various kinds of cables that are used to connect one device to another
  • Custom made device: You can customize this device according to your needs or desires
  • End Devices: Contains a variety of devices such as PC, laptops, Servers (generic), IP Phones, VoIP devices, Phones, TV, etc.
  • Security
  • WAN Emulation
  • Multiuser Connection

Realtime Simulation Bar

  • You can use this feature to view network simulations and specific data packets later.

Use of Cisco Packet Tracer

This Cisco Packet Tracer application has some limitations on its features in it, this is because this application is only a learning aid tool, not a substitute for Cisco Switches or Cisco Routers. For beginners, it would be nice to understand first the type of device that will be used. Where connect several different types of equipment requires a straight-through cable, namely:

  • Router – Switch
  • Router – Hub
  • PC – Switch
  • PC – Hub

Meanwhile, if you want to connect the same equipment, then you must use a Cross-Over cable:

  • Router – Router
  • Router – PC
  • Switch – Switch
  • Switch – Hub

Advantages of Cisco Packet Tracer

  • It makes it easier for you to make learning more interesting because the media used in this application is in the form of icons or visual images of networks such as routers and PCs, there are many more according to their original form.
  • By using Cisco Packet Tracer, you don’t need big costs in learning network creation activities, because this simulation has a lot of features in it.
  • Can increase one’s creativity in managing networks in the real world, because with the Cisco Packet Tracer application, you can do your own learning.
  • Students will be able to come up with interesting ideas by creating a network topology that they want to solve later.
  • This Cisco Package Tracer software can be obtained for free and used by anyone
  • With an application size of not more than 200 MB, this makes Cisco Packet Tracer able to be installed on various types of operating systems on PCs, both for 32 / 64 bit on Windows OS.
  • Using the Cisco Packet Tracer, it will also be possible to abstract understanding of network concepts such as the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) by using elements in the form of visuals and animations. If you work in the world of education, it can be used as a network protocol authoring system simulation function for assessment.

Disadvantages of Cisco Packet Tracer

  • The media displayed is sometimes difficult to understand for students who may be learning about networking for the first time, so adjustments are needed first and later.
  • The problems posed are sometimes not in accordance with the students’ reasoning power.
  • The media displayed by this Cisco Packet Tracer has limited physical components
  • In order to train the flow of students’ abilities to learn Cisco Packet Tracer, it is very difficult to go through.
  • It requires high concentration to learn to use Cisco Packet Tracer because it is quite difficult to understand, the commands executed in the CLI must also be remembered by students.

Cisco Packet Tracer Free Download

Cisco Packet Tracer Windows 32bitDownload
Cisco Packet Tracer Windows 64bitDownload
Cisco Packet Tracer Linux Desktop 64bitDownload
Cisco Packet Tracer macOSDownload
Cisco Packet Tracer iOSDownload
Cisco Packet Tracer AndroidDownload

So, that was a little discussion about the meaning, function, and advantages and disadvantages of the Cisco Packet Tracer. If you want to learn or maybe you really are struggling in the field of networking, using this application can really help you in managing design and development, or estimating the needs you want to use.