• Sep 21, 2023

7+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2023

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7+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2023

7+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2023

Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2023?  WordPress is one of the best platforms with various supporting features. However, problems such as sudden down servers, viruses, malware, or hacks can occur on a website. If this problem occurs, you might lose all website data. To prevent that from happening, WordPress provides backup plugins.

The backup plugin functions to prevent data damage on the website, you must install the plugin so that the backup process runs optimally. Making regular WordPress backups is the best way you can keep data on your website safe and prevent data breaches from happening.

So, so that you don’t experience losses due to loss of website data, consider the importance of the following best WordPress backup plugins.

7+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2023

WordPress provides many plugins for backing up data. Each of these plugins has its advantages. So, here are recommendations for the best WordPress backup plugins for the website you manage.

1. BackupBuddy

The next plugin is BackupBuddy which 1 million WordPress sites have used. You can back up your entire website from just the WordPress dashboard panel. Apart from that, you can also schedule automatic backups, send backup files to a secure remote location, and restore files quickly.

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The ability to repair and optimize your WordPress website database is one of the unique features that you will get from this plugin. In fact, for each plugin, you will get 1GB of free Stash Live storage with 5GB capacity on the Gold plan.

Stash Live will then continue to back up database changes, such as creating new or modified posts, and secure data in real time. Stash Live also works great even if your site is on shared hosting at a low price.

2. UpdraftPlus

One of the most popular WordPress backup plugins available is UpdraftPlus. This plugin has been used by more than 2 million website owners. The UpdraftPlus plugin also allows you to back up complete data with other plugin structures on WordPress and store them in a dedicated cloud. Apart from that, you can also download it directly to the internal storage on your computer.

This plugin also supports scheduled backup features as well as custom backups on demand. You also have the option to choose which files you will back up later. Then, the data that has been backed up will be automatically stored on Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, S3, FTP, and several other cloud services. So, you can customize any cloud platform as you wish.

3. WP Time Capsule

With this plugin, you can back up your website to your favorite cloud storage like Google Drive Dropbox, or Amazon S3. The main advantage of WP Time Capsule is that it consumes fewer server resources because it does not compress backup files. If you use this plugin, you need to register an account on WP Time Capsule.

After that, you can install this plugin for free and you can connect cloud applications with the plugin so that you can send the backup file to the location of your choice. After performing a full backup, you can schedule a time to back up recently changed files.

4. BackWPup

This plugin is an all-in-one backup solution for WordPress that offers powerful features. There is a lite version that allows you to back up your site but very limited access to its features. Meanwhile, the premium version allows you to encrypt and store backups to multiple storage locations such as Google Drive and Amazon Glacier.

Apart from that, BackWPup comes with an automated process for backup and restoration. This makes it a great choice for beginners.

5. Jetpack Backup

The next WordPress backup plugin is Jetpack. This plugin will automatically save your site changes in a backup. So, when the website crashes, you can restore the latest version with just one click. Apart from that, Jetpack Backup has another version in the form of a mobile app.

With this plugin, your website can be back to normal in just a few minutes. If you don’t like an update on a site you manage, you can also roll back changes to go back to a previous version. The Jetpack Plugin also provides an activity log to find out what actions have occurred on the site you manage. This way, you will know who is responsible for the damage to the website.

Jetpack Backup is also one of the best options for WooCommerce sites. This allows you to restore the site to its previous state while keeping all orders and products up to date.

6. Duplicator

Duplicator is a WordPress backup plugin that will make it easier for you to back up all WordPress files in zip format. So, you can download it offline and store it locally.

This plugin also supports cloud saving to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and more. Like other popular WordPress backup tools, Duplicator also allows you to schedule backups, send them to the cloud storage, and send email notifications to your email account.

7. BlogVault

This plugin is a backup software as a third-party service (SaaS) of WordPress plugins. Once you sign up for this plugin service, you will get access to an independent dashboard where you can manage backups for multiple websites.

Apart from that, you can also see the active time of the website, schedule backups, and restore the website in just 1 click. The backup steps are very easy, meaning that if you lose access to your website and hosting account, you can still restore your website because these platforms are separate from the two. BlogVault also allows you to take an on-demand backup of your entire site and download the zip file to your computer.

8. Backup WordPress

This plugin will back up website data directly outside the admin panel. By default, backup files are stored in the location /wp-content/backups/ of the websites you manage, but you can also easily change the path to your liking. This plugin will back up all files, including non-WordPress files, in the root folder of your WordPress site with a very secure path.

This plugin can work on Linux and Windows servers. Apart from that, this plugin also allows you to exclude files that you don’t want to be backed up. Currently, the Backup WordPress plugin service supports a free version with occasional updates.

9. Total Upkeep

Total Upkeep is a WordPress plugin that can allow you to take automatic data backups. Appearing as a tool for site recovery, this plugin will automatically revert failed updates. After you have finished installing this plugin, you can set the date and time so that later the backup will run automatically according to the schedule. Apart from that, you can even make a backup manually by just clicking the button.

This plugin also comes with a suite of tools to prevent website crashes from happening in the first place. This tool will also monitor the site for errors that can cause crashes and send an email as a notification so you can take specific actions.
By making use of this plugin, you can set up automatic updates. So, Total Upkeep will take a backup first and then update the website theme and plugins automatically.

So, those are some of the best WordPress backup plugin recommendations for securing and backing up the website data that you manage. You can choose it according to the needs of the website. In addition, consider the features and subscription fees as well.