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10+ Best Email Clients In 2023

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10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

Best Email Clients – Email is still an effective communication tool in business. Therefore, managing business email well will also determine the success of your business. To do this easily, you need an email client.

In this article, we will review the best email clients you can get for free. Previously, let’s start with a discussion about the meaning of an email client.

What is Email Client?

An email client is a desktop application used to send and receive business emails. By using an email client, you will find it easier to manage email.

To use an email client, you are required to configure your email account. Some of the information requested is generally an email address, password, POP3, and SMTP address to the port number used.

Fortunately, now the configuration process is getting easier. Because some email clients have presented a simpler process.

Not only that, but some email clients also have an intuitive interface, both at the setup stage and in the inbox. This is the advantage of an email client that can help you work more effectively.

Especially when coupled with the use of email hosting which provides benefits in the form of larger storage capacity and better security and privacy.

10+ Best Email Clients In 2023

The following is a list of the best email clients that you can use at no cost:

1. Windows Mail – Best Email Clients For Windows

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

Windows operating system users can more easily manage their email thanks to Windows Mail. This email client is the default application in Windows 10. Without the need to download and install, you can use it right away.

You can also manage multiple accounts at once (multiple accounts). Some email service providers that Windows Mail supports include Hotmail, Gmail, YahooMail, and others.

If you are an advanced user, you can enter Advanced Setup to enter email parameters manually.

As an email client, the features of Windows Mail are quite a lot. Anything?

The most basic but important is Sync Settings. This feature allows you to set the synchronization of incoming emails according to your needs. Can be when an email arrives, based on usage, every 15 minutes until manual sync.

Next up, there’s Focused Inbox. This feature makes your inbox tidier. All important emails go to the Focused category, and other emails go to the Other tab.

This will certainly make you work more efficiently because you only check important emails.

Operating System: Windows

2. Apple Mail – Best Email Clients For Mac

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

Apple Mail is the default email application on the macOS operating system. This email client lets you manage multiple email accounts, such as iCloud, Gmail, AOL, and others.

In terms of features, Apple Mail has a feature similar to Sync Settings in Windows Mail. The difference is, you can add VIP recipients. So, when you set synchronization every 1 hour, you still receive notifications for important emails, namely those from your VIP list. You can set the names in the list manually.

In addition, there is one feature that is a mainstay of Apple Mail, namely Mail Drop. This feature allows you to send large attachment files, up to 5GB. So, if you frequently send emails that require large attachment files, the Mail Drop feature will be very helpful.

Operating System: macOS

3. Thunderbird – Best Email Clients For Linux

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

Thunderbird is an email client that supports cross-platform. Windows, macOS, and Linux users can use this application easily at no cost.

Although free, Thunderbird is known as a reliable email client. Some Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, use it as the default email application.

This email client always presents updated features that support ease of use. One of them is the Setup Wizard. With this feature, you no longer need to remember information on IMAP, SMTP, or SSL/TLS settings. Thanks to the setup wizard, account configuration will be easier and faster.

Do you often open several emails alternately? If so, the Tabbed Email feature will be very useful for you. Switching from one email to another can be done quickly.

The currently open tab will be saved automatically when you close the app. So, when you reopen it, all the last saved tabs will appear.

Thunderbird is an email client with complete features. However, if you still need other functionality, you can install Addons directly from the Addons Manager page.

Operating System: Windows, macOS, Linux.

4. eMClient

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

Do you need an email client complete with calendar and contacts applications? eMClient could be the right choice.

eMClient is very feature rich and works on both Windows and macOS. Not only that, but this email client also supports various email services such as Gmail, Exchange, and Outlook.

One of the advantages that eMClient has is the easy account setup steps. Apart from that, you can also import data from services like Windows Mail or Thunderbird without any problems.

For users, there is one very important feature of eMClient, the Backup Tool. This email client has its tool so that the backup process goes well. The tool can still work even if the application is actively used. So, no need to worry about the security of your important data.

Operating System: Windows, macOS.

5. MailSpring

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

It would be incomplete if we did not mention MailSpring, formerly known as Nylas Mail. Because this email client application can run on all operating systems and has been equipped with various useful features.

Like some previous email clients, MailSpring also supports multiple accounts. The free version allows you to use up to 4 different emails. Later, all logged-in accounts will be displayed on one page, Unified Inbox.

Account setup in MailSpring can be done quickly. This is thanks to its Setup Wizard. You will be guided to do basic configuration, such as inbox layout view. MailSpring has also provided you with 6 attractive themes. If you are not satisfied, you can create your theme.

This email client supports translation and spells check. Unfortunately, it’s still not available for Indonesian.

One of the unique features that MailSpring has is Easy RSVP. This feature allows you to reply to all invitation emails without leaving your Inbox.

Operating System: Windows, macOS, Linux.

6. Twobird

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

Twobird is an email client that comes with notes and reminders. No wonder considering this app was created by GingerLabs who makes a note-taking app for macOS, Notability.

Don’t worry, Twobird itself can be used by Windows and macOS users.

When using this email client, the first thing you notice is a simple and clean design. So, even ordinary users will have no difficulty when using it. What’s more, the presence of the high- and low-priority email sorting features will pamper users even more.

A simple design is also part of your email. Less important things like complex formatting and signatures are not shown. So you can focus on the content of the email.

One thing that is unique from Twobird is the chatty design. This feature makes sending email activities like chatting.

Operating System: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

7. Spike

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

Like Twobird, Spike is an email client that wants to highlight the ease of communication like instant messaging. Spike even specifically calls it a conversational email.

As a conversational email, Spike keeps email inboxes organized and groups them by the user. This email client also cuts out unnecessary things in emails. One of them is signature repetition.

Another feature that Spike has is Priority Inbox. This is one of the important features to support work efficiency. As a businessman, you certainly want to know important emails from clients rather than notifications from Facebook, right? Spike groups unimportant emails into the Other category. So the main inbox only contains important emails.

Which is also the flagship of Spike is the encryption feature. You can conveniently email business associates or clients with AES256 encryption protection. With Super Stealth Encryption, your confidential data such as your passport or financial data can be protected from hackers (hackers).

Operating System: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Web.

8. Kiwi for Gmail

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

As the name implies, Kiwi for Gmail is an email client specifically for Google Mail service users. For example, Kiwi for Gmail is the desktop version of Gmail.

Kiwi for Gmail looks the same as the browser version. This is certainly an advantage because you don’t have to learn the application from scratch.

Kiwi for Gmail is capable of running on both Windows and macOS operating systems. However, the free version i.e. Lite is only for macOS users

What makes Kiwi for Gmail worth a try? Ease of using multiple Gmail accounts at the same time. This is certainly good news for owners of many Gmail accounts actively used for business. The free version allows you to use 2 accounts at the same time.

In addition, this email client also allows you to work quickly. You can multitask thanks to the Multiple windows feature. While reading emails, you can easily open related Gdocs documents.

Equally important is the integration with GSuite. This is what makes it easy for you to attach large files using Google Drive.

Operating System: Windows, macOS.

9. Spark

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

Spark is a free email client exclusively for macOS users. This email client has many unique features and can be used personally or for a team.

The latest version of spark brings the Smart Inbox feature. Unlike conventional inboxes, smart inboxes do not display the entire email. Emails are automatically grouped into Personal, Notifications, Feed, and Seen categories. That way, you can sort out which emails should be read first.

Not only that, but Spark also has a Snooze feature. If you’re working on an important email but can’t finish it right away, you can continue later by setting up a notification.

On the other hand, you can also take advantage of the Send Later feature. You can schedule an email that you have finished creating automatically. The goal is to ensure that the email is received at a time when the recipient will read it immediately.

The most unique thing about Spark is the Shared Draft feature for working on emails together with other team members. In addition, there is an Email Delegate feature that lets you designate someone to work on an email for you.

Operating System: macOS, iOS, and Android.

10. Mailbird

10+ Best Email Clients In 2022

For Windows users, Mailbird can be an alternative email client besides Windows Mail. This application has been used by more than 2 million people worldwide. This is of course by the excellent quality it offers.

Previously, Mailbird offered a Lite version that you could use for free at any time. Currently, you will only get a trial version for 3 days.

However, we still include it in the list considering the good rating and excellent features it has.

Like other email clients, Mailbird supports multiple accounts, which are arranged in a unified box. You can customize the appearance easily thanks to the customizable layout feature. Not only that but switching from light to dark mode is also very practical.

However, the advantages of Mailbird are not only in terms of appearance. This email client has an Apps Integration feature. This makes the management of various business applications you can do easily. For example, integration with Whatsapp, Dropbox, Asana, Todoist, and others.

Operating System: Windows.

11. Other Free Email Clients

In addition to what we have mentioned above, there are still several other email clients that are also free. Some of them are Evolution, Sylpheed, Pegasus Mail, Claws Mail, and others. However, we did not include it in the list. The reason is a more complicated configuration and a less intuitive display.

You can just try the application. The trick, visit the official website and download the application, then install it.

However, using an intuitive email client will certainly make your work easier, right?

Tips for Choosing an Email Client

After knowing some of the best email clients, we will share tips on how to choose the right email client.

1. According to Needs

An email client serves to help your work. So, make sure you choose an email client that suits your needs. For example, if you want to manage multiple email accounts at once, avoid email clients with account limitations. Because you will be required to pay for the premium version when you want to increase the number of accounts used.

In addition, if you just send emails and check incoming emails, you can use a simple and lightweight application. However, if you need more complete features, use a more complex email client. Of course, it will be heavier because it requires high resources.

2. Has Ease of Configuration

Choose an email client that you can configure easily. Configuring an email account is the main thing so that your email client runs well. If an error occurs, it could be that the email could not be sent or the incoming email could not be received by you.

Not only that but make sure the configuration for synchronization with your email service provider is also easy. The goal is so that you always get the latest email updates in your inbox.

3. Always Updated

Ideally, an email client should always be updated regularly. This is related to two main things: security and ease of use.

In fact, email is still a means to commit digital crimes. Data shows that more than 50% of emails circulating are spam which leads to phishing. If your email client regularly provides security updates, it will certainly be able to prevent losses due to spam.

In addition, updates are also often associated with new features. If your email service provider provides user-friendly features, make sure your email client supports it.

For example, Smart Reply to reply to emails quickly and Nudge as a digital invitation reminder,


For a business, handling emails from consumers quickly is one of the keys to success. An email client can make the job easier.

You don’t have to spend money to use the best email client. We’ve reviewed 10+ free email clients that you can use.

For more optimal results, using an email hosting service that shows your business brand certainly shows a more professional impression. Moreover, email hosting services can be integrated with any email client.

Hopefully, the information we provide is useful and can help your business to develop better.