• Sep 20, 2023

5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023

by Flexadia 9 months ago in Marketing
5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022

Best Digital Marketing Strategies – Marketing is an industry that will continuously evolve following consumer needs, habits, and demands. Every time there is a new year, expert marketers will prepare a new budget and plan for the next year to the booming trend.

The current pandemic has forced many marketers to focus more on digital channels in marketing their products. They are also competing to determine what the best digital marketing strategy is the most effective for their business in 2023.

5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023

As a seller, you also have to follow what these marketers are doing. If you’re confused about where to start, it’s a good idea to listen to this article from an experienced digital marketer from the UK named Matt Janaway:

1. Email Marketing

5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022

One of the conveniences that first appeared since the internet was the ease of sending messages via email. Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies and is still effective today.

According to research from Hubspot, 80 percent of digital marketers reported a spike in email engagement in recent years. The popularity of email marketing is predicted to continue throughout 2021. Oh yes, email marketing also has the largest return on investment ratio for small businesses, you know!

The number of people using email services will also continue to grow. According to experts, the number of users of this email service will increase to 4.48 trillion users in 2024. This is why many big brands never get bored with this marketing strategy. They are even willing to spend more to invest in email marketing.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing or marketing strategies through digital content will be even more significant in 2023. Content marketing has proven to have great results when it comes to getting exposure. This is why this marketing strategy is the best for promoting brands, and products, and building awareness.

Several content marketing strategies are predicted to be successful in 2023. Being inclusive is a strategy that is currently trending and is being carried out by various brands. Brands that uphold the values โ€‹โ€‹of equality, whether it’s from issues of ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, and others, will find it easier to attract consumers.

Written content such as blogs and illustrated content such as infographics have shifted in popularity due to video content. In addition to increasing engagement and user experience, video content has also proven effective in increasing website traffic and has a direct effect on increasing sales. Similar to video content, interactive content has also now become a best practice or good practice in carrying out this type of marketing strategy.

3. Social Media

The increase in online time for social media users due to the impact of the pandemic is a strong reason why social media marketing can be the best marketing strategy for businesses to increase engagement with consumers.

In the second quarter of 2020, for example, the average brand spent 24 percent of its total marketing budget on social media marketing. You may have run this trend that will continue until 2023 and has proven successful in increasing sales.

4. SEO

5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022

As usual, SEO is a strategy that cannot be forgotten in digital marketing. This is because search engine algorithms will always evolve according to trends, and so will always be a guide for marketers.

Even this year 2023, the conditions are not much different, it’s just that the focus of this SEO will shift slightly from what was just on the first page of the search list to a featured snippet at the top of the search list.

This is because the current search trend is to search without having to be clicked. Featured Snippets or short descriptions align with this trend because they provide information directly to consumers without clicking further.

Although this featured snippet sounds unprofitable because it doesn’t lure consumers to click on links to selling websites, this strategy will have a far more valuable long-term effect than just getting clicks to the website. The reason is, that businesses that have featured snippets will be considered to have authority in their field.

SEO is now not just a matter of whether or not a brand appears when someone searches. This is because of the presence of semantic search or search based on keywords or keywords with the same meaning. This means that the main weapon today is not only keywords, but also context, meaning of words, and intentions to appear in search lists. In addition, image and video SEO is also important because more and more internet users are doing image searches on Google.

5. PPC advertising

PPC or Pay per Click advertising is on the rise. This is because PPC advertising includes advertising at a low cost compared to other types of advertising. Budget cuts due to the impact of the pandemic are the reason behind the increasing interest in this digital marketing strategy.