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AVG TuneUp 2022 Free Download (Full Version)

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AVG TuneUp 2022 Free Download (Full Version)

AVG TuneUp 2022 Free Download – AVG TuneUp is a PC performance optimization software that can speed up and clean your PC, as well as fix problems that can cause system crashes and conditions. Continuous use of the computer can cause the ability of the computer to decrease.

Unconsciously, users will experience several problems such as programs running slowly or not responding, crashes, disk storage being full, to pop-ups from bloatware (obsolete or unused software). Developers have come up with optimization tools such as AVG TuneUp, to restore computer performance to like new and high quality.

As PC and laptop users, many have proven to use AVG TuneUp as a solution to their device problems. The purpose of using AVG TuneUp itself is none other than to speed up, clean, and repair users’ PCs with advanced performance optimization tools.

This optimization tool is claimed to be the most intelligent cleaner, with the ability to clean the hard drive by removing the junk of more than 230 applications, clean up duplicate files, and help keep your browser applications light and running fast.

AVG TuneUp Features

AVG TuneUp 2022 Free Download (Full Version)

AVG TuneUp already comes with the latest versions and a number of new features with enhanced feature functionality, updated user interface, and advanced optimization tools. Here are the new features in AVG TuneUp:

Software Uninstaller

This is part of the feature that allows you to remove various software from your computer without doing anything complicated. It can also remove multiple desired software at once with just one click, not by removing them one by one. Software Uninstaller will detect bloatware or unneeded programs and help to remove them.

Registry Cleaner

AVG TuneUp will regularly repair your computer’s registry to help keep your device running smoothly. The Registry Cleaner feature will check your Windows Registry for unnecessary entries and delete them. Deleting unwanted registry entries from your device can reduce the frequency of errors and crashes that may occur. In general, this method can speed up your computer’s performance.

Disk Cleaner

AVG TuneUp has a feature called Disk Cleaner, it’s a tool used to check for unwanted files on your hard disk. The Disk Cleaner feature will delete all unnecessary files such as junk files, with the aim of freeing up PC disk space. The results obtained will make computer operations run faster and optimally.

Browser Cleaner

You can also enjoy the browser or browser cleaning feature in addition to cleaning your computer’s hard drive. Browser Cleaner is a feature or cleaning tool that allows you to delete browsing data quickly and effectively, for the purpose of faster performance and safer privacy. This AVG TuneUp feature is highly compatible with several popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

PC Scan

In AVG TuneUp there is a scanning feature that will scan your computer for outside interference. This feature will work by detecting maintenance issues that are interfering with computer performance. This method lets you know all your computer problems and what you need to fix so that your computer’s speed and performance will be maximized.

Disk Defragmenter

The Disk Defragmenter feature is one way that allows you to increase the speed of data access by merging the fragmented files on your hard drive. This function will maintain the stability of the PC and the state of the hard disk , which in general the defragmenter is able to repair the boot sector on the hard disk and errors in the program.

Software Updater

For those of you who sometimes still have trouble or don’t have time to update the software installed on your computer, this method will certainly be very helpful. One of them is by using the software updater feature on AVG TuneUp. The program can scan all software installed on the computer, this feature can also select software that is outdated, then update it automatically.


AVG TuneUp is compatible with Windows, Mac as well as Android operating systems. This fairly broad Compatibility feature makes AVG TuneUp an added value. Most of the device optimization software out there is only compatible with one or two operating systems.

For this reason, AVG TuneUp is widely chosen by users because it is suitable for all the devices they use, and of course because of the advantages of its features in it.

AVG TuneUp 2022 Free Download

PC and laptop users can try using AVG TuneUp to improve computer performance. AVG TuneUp will speed up and clean your PC by safely detecting such as removing bloatware from the system.

This software is also capable of solving some unusual problems in the system, such as junk files, unnecessary programs on the PC, outdated software, slow running programs, and other system problems.

In order to keep the PC performance optimal, AVG TuneUp comes with several new features which excel to handle PC performance. Here’s the download link for the latest AVG TuneUp that you can use.

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