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15+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cloud Storage

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15+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cloud Storage

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cloud Storage – If you are someone who is observant and careful in storing data, you must be familiar with cloud storage. Maybe there are still many who don’t know, but cloud storage or digital storage is a place for storing and processing computer data that provides access to users via the internet network. Cloud storage itself is usually available for free and paid for with different services and the amount of storage space used by users.

Quoted from Forbes.com, shows that there are 80% of companies around the world have implemented Cloud Storage as their data processing system. This can be seen from the significant increase in profit within six months. Not only that, but these companies also save more on expenses, which can usually be used to record information into certain documents and attachments. Of course, with guaranteed quality and safety and does not take up space.

In addition to the facts above, there are many other advantages and interesting benefits possessed by Cloud Storage, such as being a reliable backup, long-term file storage, guaranteed data security, compatible access on all types of devices, and so on. For a complete discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Storage, please refer to the following discussion.

What is Cloud Storage?

15+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cloud Storage

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In simple terms, cloud storage is a separate storage space from the main computer server that can only be accessed via the internet. The workings of cloud storage are quite simple because basically, this storage system is in a separate location that is connected virtually via a web network and is managed by a third party as the owner of the server.

Its main function as a storage system is also not much different from a hard disk or flash disk installed on a computer in general. It’s just that to access it, users need a stable internet connection.

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Advantages of Cloud Storage

As a digital storage system, cloud storage offers a variety of things that cannot be provided by installed storage space such as hard disks, flash disks, and the like. You can see these advantages in the following points:

1. Easy data transfer

Several decades ago, we were still complicated with manual storage systems via flash disks, hard disks, SD cards, and the like. But now we have been spoiled with cloud storage systems that make it easy for users to transfer files from one device to another via the Internet intermediary.

2. More cost-effective

If we discuss cloud storage in the business field, then this storage system is one of the right choices for saving company costs. Why is that? Because basically if a company sorts or manages its own data, of course, there are additional costs in terms of hardware and maintenance that need to be considered.

But with cloud storage, this kind of expense is not necessary. Even now there are many cloud storage service tenants who provide very competitive and affordable price variants of their services, so that they can be rented by anyone, even personally.

3. Reliable data security

Another plus point that cloud storage users get is the guaranteed security of their data. This is because the location of the cloud storage server is placed in an area with a high level of security and is layered inside and out, so as to minimize physical data threats. Even in the event of an attack or hardware malfunction, your data will remain safe because it has been backed up by too many servers in different locations so the potential for data loss is very small.

4. Reliable backup media

The problem of data loss is a fatal thing if users are not careful and careless by not doing backups on systems and storage devices that are safe and secure. Cloud storage is one of the best alternatives as a secure data backup storage option.

Users are fully provided with access mobility in performing data recovery they want wherever and whenever. Even a cloud storage system can guarantee the security of user data because it will be backed up again to many servers so that the risk of crashes or formatted data is very minimal.

5. Storage size varies

As someone who is always in the world of technology, we certainly always need large storage space for our growing data. And of course, using storage media such as external hard disks or flash disks is also not efficient in the long term. The reason is that besides being wasteful, it also takes up a lot of space and is a hassle to carry anywhere, not to mention if the goods are lost or have bad sectors.

However, this does not apply to cloud storage, you can store a lot of data at once in various amounts of storage with additional features according to the choice of the rental price that suits you. Although it costs money, the efficiency and security offered are commensurate with the price paid.

6. Easy to access anytime and anywhere

The internet has become the largest access point for digital activities in the world, it is not surprising that most human activities are involved with online media in accessing daily information. This also applies to cloud storage services which are able to give users 24-hour access to send, download and manage their data. Thanks to this, we as users can freely move without worrying. This is because your data has been stored properly on the cloud storage system.

7. Multi-user support

Cloud Storage not only supports users in their personal needs or personal needs but also supports multiple user systems that allow many users to participate in one storage service server. In short, you can give authority to other users to manage or manage the data you store. So if you work on a project or task that involves many users, of course, this service is a plus point from cloud storage.

8. Can be used in all kinds of devices

Because it is connected to an internet connection, cloud storage has full access and support for various types of electronic devices, such as desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the like. Thanks to this, users are more flexible in managing data. Given that users do not need to install connectors or additional tools as a liaison between two different types of devices.

9. Reduce e-waste

As we know that the problem of waste on earth can be one of the causes of the extinction of mankind in the future. And e-waste is one of the biggest contributors to the destruction of ecosystems, accounting for 48 tons worldwide every year. The 48 tons contained toxins such as lead, mercury, and cadmium that dissolve into the soil and water and can spread to worse ecosystems.

One of the things we can do to minimize this problem is to reduce the purchase of electronic goods. For example, such as storage devices such as Flash disks, SD Cards, and Hard disks where their use has a limited period and is quickly discarded due to internal factors such as Bad Sector and the like.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

Although it has offered and proven its worthiness as the most quality storage media on the digital platform. However, cloud storage still has some drawbacks that some users think are worth considering. Here are some drawbacks that you need to know:

1. Bandwidth limitation

For those of you who like to use services on the internet for free, it seems that you will be disappointed if you want to use cloud storage to the fullest. The reason is that several companies that are developing in the field of digital storage will provide bandwidth limitations for those who use storage services in free mode.

Of course, this is a problem for those of you who often store and download important data and information through Cloud Storage services on website platforms such as Rapidgator, UptoCloud, Uptobox, and the like. With a limited amount of bandwidth, the speed of data transfer provided becomes slow. This causes data allocation and management to be hampered.

2. Technical problems

Although technical problems are rare, when you experience them, it will definitely be a hassle, right? For example, your account is blocked for some reason. Inevitably you have to contact the relevant customer service to deal with this problem.

However, sometimes customer service is not always available 7×24 hours, it is not uncommon to even get help from customer service, which charges users to pay a certain fee.

3. Performance depends on connection

With cloud storage, your data mobility is guaranteed to be easy, but of course, this must also be accompanied by the availability of a smooth internet connection.

As we know, everyone today must have a device that is connected to the internet, but not everyone has a stable internet connection. If you have problems with a slow internet connection, of course, the data management performance on cloud storage is also less than optimal.

4. For maximum features it costs money

Cloud storage is of course managed by a company. Of course, the company is definitely looking for profit. Therefore, many cloud storages always provoke users to switch to the paid mode for many purposes and reasons.

For example, free users have limited storage space or bandwidth is limited for downloading data on the cloud, or they are only allowed to transfer a few files every 24 hours. These kinds of things ultimately encourage users to switch to the paid mode in order to enjoy the features of cloud storage to the fullest.

5. Chance to get cyber attack

Cloud storage certainly has a complicated encryption system mechanism that is difficult for certain individuals to penetrate, but stealing user data from digital storage is not impossible to do.

User negligence is often the main factor in Cyber ​​Attack problems. For example, you accidentally give your personal account information to unknown sources and the like. If this is the case, the chances of cyber attacks are greater for data stored in cloud storage.

6. There is a possibility that data is lost or damaged

Have you ever heard of the term data overwriting? This term is used when a user accidentally overwrites old data with new data when moving data.

The problem is that when you overwrite two data with the same file format even though with different contents, it can overwrite your important data and information.

The data that has been overwritten may become corrupt or damaged if the transfer process to the storage system you are going to is interrupted or interrupted in the middle of the road.


In the end, cloud storage has become a storage medium that is in demand by many users around the world because of the many advantages it offers and minimal disadvantages.

However, this does not make non-digital storage such as hard disks or flash disks bad. Because of course, there are occasions where you can’t access cloud storage for some reason so you can only rely on the offline storage media that you have at that time.

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What is digital storage?

Digital storage is a data storage media that is located separately from the user’s computer, but the data stored in it can still be accessed and connected to the user through an internet intermediary.

Where is cloud storage data stored?

The data is stored in a server building whose location is not known to many people. This is intended to maintain the security of user data using this digital storage service.

How does cloud storage work?

Cloud storage works by using at least one data server connected to the Internet. When a user sends a file over the Internet to a data server, cloud storage saves a copy. This is possible so that user data remains safe if there are certain threats. Then when users want to retrieve the data, they must access the data server through a website or interface-based application.

Is Cloud Storage secure?

At least of all the storage media that you have, Cloud Storage is the safest choice that ensures the security of its users’ personal data. This is because the data that you have stored in Cloud Storage will later be divided into several servers so that if data is damaged on one server, your data will remain safe because it has been copied and stored on another server.