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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Sheets

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Sheets [2022]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Sheets – When it comes to Spreadsheet worksheets, the one most often heard and the main choice is Microsoft Excel. The Spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft does have extraordinary capabilities that really help complete every task/work related to numbers, graphs, to various data quickly and efficiently.

But know that Google is also developing a Spreadsheet program that is no less sophisticated than Microsoft. The program is called Google Sheets which Google introduced 14 years ago. Unlike Microsoft Excel which is used offline, Google Sheets is used online by utilizing Google Drive’s Cloud Storage storage. Want to know more about Google Sheets, see the full understanding and explanation below.

What Is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet program (part of G Suite) owned by Google. This program was developed on March 9, 2006, using the JavaScript programming language by Google Labs Spreadsheets. Previously, Google Sheets came from XL2Web which was developed by 2Web Technologies and was later acquired by Google in 2006.

Google Sheets and all kinds of other G Suite programs ( Google Docs , Google Slides , Google Forms) can also be accessed through various browsers such as Microsoft Edge , Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and others. In addition, users can also access Google Sheets from various devices such as Android, iOS, and desktop mobile applications on Chrome OS. In addition to integration with Google Drive, Google Sheets can also be accessed via Dropbox (Third-party).

In 2010, Google also acquired several collaborative programs so that they can be integrated with all Google account holders. With that, Google Sheets becomes a program that is integrated with one another and can be used to collaborate on projects/tasks. It is also easier for users to open documents even if they use different spreadsheet programs. When working using Google Sheets, users can download file formats that support Microsoft Excel.

Benefits of Google Sheets

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Sheets [2022]

1. Used to process data

Google Sheets has the same function as Microsoft Excel which can be used to process data, sort data, and manipulate data in tabular form. In companies, Google Sheets can be used to process data such as sales reports, financial reports, accounts receivable reports, and the like. Although some have been replaced by programs, spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets are still an option.

The basic difference between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel is only the storage base used. Google Sheets is more focused on integrating online storage ( Cloud Storage ), while Microsoft Excel is mostly used offline (though currently, Cloud Storage is also available from OneDrive ).

2. Perform numerical calculations / mathematical calculations

In addition to processing data, Google Sheets can also be used to perform mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, average, and so on. In making financial statements, of course, such calculations are very important. For that, users also need to understand Google Sheets calculation formulas to calculate numbers based on columns and rows. A list of Google Sheets functions can be accessed by users here.

3. Create Graphs and Diagrams

Another benefit of Google Sheets is that users can create graphs or diagrams from the data that has been created. This function will be very useful when analyzing the prices and profits of a company over several periods. Or it can also be used for research in various fields of education so that conclusions can be drawn.

Main features of Google Sheets

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Sheets [2022]

Google Sheets brings a variety of features that are certainly very helpful for users in creating spreadsheet documents such as collaboration, revision, Cloud-based real-time storage, and so on. Check out some of the excellent features of Google Sheets below.

  • Collaboration with other teams/users. Google Sheets allows users to collaborate with other users. This can be done by adding an email or member via the Share feature in the upper right corner.
  • There is a revision history. Users can see the revision of each addition or subtraction of the created document. If the user adds a team, then the user can see which Author added or edited the data.
  • Perform editing in real-time. Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet program so that every change is made in real-time without having to save the document manually ( Save or CTRL + S ).
  • Integration with Google Forms. If a user wants to create a survey via Google Forms, the results are automatically saved in .xls (Google Sheets) format, etc.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Sheets

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Sheets [2022]

Although it has quite a variety of features, Google Sheets is still inferior to Microsoft Excel with its more professional features. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Sheets that you need to know.

Advantages of Google Sheets

  • Free. Users can use Google Sheets for free and without the need for installation by accessing the Google Sheets page using a Gmail account .
  • Access from anywhere and anytime. Because it is cloud-based, users can create, open, and edit documents from anywhere and anytime (as long as the device is connected to the internet).
  • The storage capacity is quite large. With a Google Drive capacity of 15 GB, of course, it is more than enough if it is only used for storing G Suite documents.
  • Has a good level of security. Google guarantees the security of every document that has been created so that without access approval from the user, the document cannot be accessed by other users.
  • Support on various browsers. Users can use Google Sheets on various popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and others. Users can use Google Sheets via Android and iOS devices.

Disadvantages of Google Sheets

  • Lack of professional features. For standard features, Google Sheets is more than adequate. But for more professional features Microsoft Excel is still the best.
  • No desktop version is available. Unfortunately, Google Sheets is not yet available for desktop devices such as Windows, Mac, or Linux. Only available in web, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS versions.


From all the explanations above, it can be concluded that Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program that allows users to create, add, and manipulate documents in a tabular form online. Users can use Google Sheets for free from anywhere and anytime. The Google Sheets service is also incorporated into Google Workspace with Google Drive Cloud storage.

That’s my brief explanation of Google Sheets and its functions, advantages, and disadvantages. If there is something that needs to be asked or conveyed, please write it in the comments column below. Also, share this article on your social media to make it more useful and useful. Thank you and good luck!

Is Google Sheets still free?

Of course, you can use Google Sheets for free. Only by having a google account, you can use all its interesting features.

How do I use Google Sheets?

Make sure that you already have a Google account. After that go to the official Google Sheets page and log in using your Google account.

Is Google Sheets same with Excel?

When viewed from the features in general, Google Sheets and Excel are almost the same. But if you want to do serious calculations, then it would be better to use Excel, but if you want to work in a team (collaborating), then Google Sheets is the right choice.