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Advantages And Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

by Flexadia 8 months ago in Marketing
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook Ads

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Facebook Ads – Facebook ads are a tool for doing digital advertising, where Sookawan can display advertising content and run ad campaigns on their social media platforms. Facebook ads have become one of the biggest advertising tools in the world.

In this article, we will provide 10 advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Ads when you use them in advertising media.

What Is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads, also known as Meta Ads is a platform from Facebook for placing paid advertisements on the most popular social media users around the world, including Facebook and Instagram.

If previously it was called Facebook Inc., now the company that oversees Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram has changed to Meta.

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Ads that appear when you are viewing Instagram stories are done or set up via Facebook Ads.

Basically, Facebook Ads is an advertising space for Facebook users that will be directed to other Facebook users around the world.

Ad placement itself is usually on the timeline ( feed ) or sidebar. The material shown can be in the form of photos, moving images (GIF), carousels, or videos.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook Ads

Image source: web.facebook.com

To be able to advertise on Facebook Ads, of course, you need to have a Facebook account and create a Facebook Ads Manager.

But first, you need to get to know more about Facebook Ads, as material for considering whether Facebook Ads are suitable for use in your business or not.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

According to statista.com, there were around 2.93 billion active Facebook users in Q1 2022 across the world.

In Indonesia alone, there are approximately 129.85 million Facebook users. In other words, almost half of Indonesia’s population uses Facebook.

With such a large user pool, Facebook is a potential place for advertising.

You can do online marketing and reach almost half of Indonesia’s population from Sabang to Merauke.

Apart from a large number of active users on Facebook, there are several other benefits of using Facebook Ads for your business, including:

1. Target specific users based on demographics

With 2.39 billion Facebook users and more than 1 billion Instagram users, your ads will have the potential to reach more people who match the characteristics you want.

Facebook offers a wide range of users with various age targets ranging from 13 to 65+.

Apart from age, you can also target based on location, interests, marital status, and many more.

As an advertiser, it would be better if we target specifically to increase the main conversion, rather than having to target as a whole.

2. Remarketing Features

Remarketing or remarketing is a feature that advertisers can use to re-engage audiences who have been exposed to your business, for example, have visited a website, interacted on social media, or even had time to put a product in a basket but didn’t buy it.

The point, of course, is to be able to convince potential customers who are aware of your brand to immediately convert.

3. Effective for various Marketing Purposes

In the marketing strategy, there is the term funneling, which is a description of the customer journey from the beginning until a deal is reached or it can also be called the customer journey.

Through Facebook Ads, you can choose various marketing goals that suit your business, from clicks, visitors, sales, leads, and others.

So in a way, FB Ads has a variety of services for all marketing purposes.

4. Understand the audience, monitor and improve ad performance

Through the Ads Manager dashboard, you can monitor the performance of ads that have been served in real-time at any time.

If something doesn’t go according to plan and expectations, you can immediately make adjustments.

Facebook Ads allows you to drill down into more detailed information, such as ad results over time and demographic breakdown.

This of course will be very useful to improve the performance of your next ad.

For example, from the Ads Manager dashboard, you can find out which audiences are more interested in certain types of ads or which groups convert the most as well as the behavior of these audiences while viewing ads.

5. Build relationships with the audience and get instant feedback

Unlike advertising in offline marketing (such as billboards or banners on public transportation), you can immediately get instant feedback from the audience who sees your ad.

You can see the reactions they gave, such as like, love, and dislike, and see the comments given.

You can see all comments from the incoming audience through your Facebook page account.

From here, you can directly establish communication with potential customers and direct them to carry out your marketing goals. Whether it’s becoming leads, subscribing to newsletters, or purchasing products.

You can immediately get feedback from the audience who saw your ad which is useful for evaluating ad performance.

6. Build social proof

As previously discussed, advertising on FB Ads can immediately get instant feedback from the viewing audience.

With positive comments and testimonials from customers on your Facebook page, the trust of potential customers can increase.

7. Improve brands

Significantly, advertising on FB Ads can help increase your business/brand awareness. Why is that?

Every time you advertise your product on FB Ads, there will be a large audience that will see it, whether it’s just reading the headline or clicking on the ad.

This will increase the audience’s knowledge of your business brand. Of course, this depends on the budget you provide for advertising. The more budget you allocate, the more audience reach you can get.

8. Has cost control features & is affordable

You can set yourself how much you want to spend on the campaign that is being installed for a certain period.

Only starting from IDR 10,000/day, you can do online marketing through Facebook Ads.

9. Tracking Using Facebook Pixel

Facebook Ads use Facebook pixels which we can embed on business websites with the aim of tracking the audience from seeing the ad to the activity carried out on the website.

The goal is to analyze audience behavior to improve ad performance and product/service improvements.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook Ads

Advantages Of Facebook Ads

Facebook has many advantages in terms of advertising. This is evident from the use of these tools that are increasingly mushrooming both in Indonesia and in the world.

More and more people are using Facebook as a medium for advertising. Here are some of the advantages of Facebook Ads

1. You Can Set Your Own Marketing Targets

Facebook can make it easier for you to determine the marketing targets you want to get. Starting from a wider reach, more lively social interactions, or higher sales conversions. You can choose one of the various options they provide.

2. Efficient Branding Activities

The branding process will also become more efficient by advertising on Facebook. Instantly and quickly they will show your ad to millions of people who are likely to need the services of your brand.

3. Displaying Diverse Content

You can choose the type of advertising content that you want to appear in your ad. Starting from an attractive offer banner image, and a short video about your product, to a carousel that can display several images at once.

4. Wide Impression

Facebook is a social media that has millions of users around the world. You can get a very wide range of impressions by utilizing this platform. A brand just starting out can get massive and fast marketing opportunities by leveraging Facebook ads.

5. Appropriate Fee

Besides that, the advantage of Facebook Ads is that it can offer advertising costs according to our abilities.

You only need a minimum of IDR 16,000 – IDR 20,000 in order to start advertising on their platform. You can use a small budget in conducting test marketing before you can finally scale it up.

6. Complete Reporting System

Another advantage of Facebook Ads is that there is a report feature that you can monitor at any time. You can analyze data from the ads that you have run to be able to make improvements in each advertising sector. Starting from campaigns, and ad sets, to creating ads that you are running.

Disadvantages Of Facebook Ads

While they have many advantages, there are also disadvantages to Facebook Ads. In this section, we’ll cover the drawbacks of Facebook Ads that you should consider before running ads.

1. Less Relevant User Interests

Most Facebook and Instagram users when registering on these social media do not include appropriate interests or are no longer relevant. Because most of these users are older and have very different interests than when they registered an account on Facebook.

Irrelevant users can mistarget your ads and cost a lot of money. Therefore, use a small budget first so you can validate your audience’s interest.

2. High Competition

The next drawback of Facebook Ads is very high competition. There are lots of advertisers on Facebook, so you have to provide interesting content and offers so that users don’t ignore them.

3. Conversion Rate Sometimes Not Reached

Facebook ads will determine the target according to the interesting input that has been entered by the user. Because of this, sometimes there are several campaigns that are misdirected and cause your ads to be low on demand and expensive.

Your ad may only be clicked on by people, but they don’t convert or buy because the offer isn’t right for them. You can overcome this by doing market research first before you do advertising with a larger budget.

4. Automatic Rules That Don’t Work

You can define ad rules or rules automatically on Facebook Ads. But the drawback is that this rule often doesn’t work due to a bug or error. You always have to monitor manually so that you can run the rules that you have created.


So, those are the 10 advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Ads if you use them as a medium for advertising. You can use these advantages in compiling the best content in advertising. Meanwhile, you really have to overcome their weaknesses first by using the appropriate strategy.