• Sep 27, 2023

Adobe Lightroom CC 2022 For PC Free Download

by Flexadia 1 year ago in Design
Adobe Lightroom CC 2022 For PC Free Download

Adobe Lightroom CC 2022 For PC Free Download

Adobe Lightroom CC 2022 Free Download – This time I will share the advantages and disadvantages of the lightroom application for Android, iOS, and PC.

Adobe Lightroom is one application that has so many advantages for editing your photos to make them more perfect. This one application can create satisfying results for you, especially since this application is used on Android and can be downloaded for free.

Adobe Lightroom CC 2022 For PC Free Download

If you’re looking for an app that can edit high-resolution photos, then Lightroom is a good option to try. This is because Adobe Lightroom was developed for the need of editing RAW files that have very large file sizes. RAW files can usually be opened in certain applications because they are quite heavy.

However, if you use Adobe Lightroom, you can do it easily. If you are interested in using it, please download the latest Adobe Lightroom CC via the link at the end of this article. If the file contains a password, then use the number 123 to open it.

Advantages of Adobe Lightroom Application

1. Manipulate Color Brightness

Adobe Lightroom CC 2022 For PC Free Download

This app can enhance the color of your photos without causing a collision effect on the colors. You can use this on the vibration and saturation features. You can increase the color vibrance of the photo object to make it stand out more and adjust the saturation so that the color of the object can be separated from one another.

This feature is very suitable for you to use on green tree leaves, blue sea, and red sky.

2. Remove Objects

To remove an object, you can use the healing feature in the lightroom application. If only when you take pictures at tourist attractions or when photographing beautiful scenery, it turns out that there are people who pass or accidentally appear in your photos. Well, you can trust the features in this lightroom.

You can also remove small objects such as pimples on your face when taking pictures.

3. Camera Features

In addition to being able to edit photos, in this application, you can also take pictures directly from this application and the results can be edited in this application as well after taking pictures. This manual camera feature can adjust WB, and ISO, so that even if the lens is not set digitally.

4. Improve Exposure

You can adjust the exposure in the light menu which is divided into 5 settings, namely:

  1. Shadow is a feature that adjusts the dark color in a photo.
  2. Contrast serves to divide the color contrast in the photo, and the more contrast color can produce a more prominent color.
  3. White and Blacks are used to adjust black and white colors in photos, you can edit them like vintage manually using this feature.
  4. Exposure is a feature used to adjust the brightness of the photo.
  5. The highlight is a feature to adjust color brightness in photos, more often used for sky lighting for better cloud detail.

5. Eliminate Noise

Adobe Lightroom CC 2022 For PC Free Download

Previously, the noise was spots or dots of color that caused the photo to be not smooth. The Noise Reduction and Color Noise Reduction features can solve this noise problem. This can clear up the grain in the photo and restore the blurred colors.

In addition to removing noise, you can also add noise to photos by adding Grain in the Effect menu. With the Shaperning setting, you can also increase or decrease detail in your photos.

6. Editing RAW Format Photos

By using this RAW format, you can change exposure, balance, and adjust sharpness better than photos in non-RAW format. You can change the settings to the max even after the photo is saved.

7. Adjusting White Balance

You can find this feature on the Color menu in lightroom. You can adjust the white balance of the photo to the maximum with the previous RAW format.

You can change the color to be more green, yellow, blue, and others manually. Other editing applications mostly provide preset white balance, so it is rarely found in other editing applications besides Lightroom.

8. Fitur Selective

This feature helps those of you who want to focus on one object in the photo. You can edit the main object separately from the background.

9. Cloud Sync

The cloud sync feature is used to edit photos on any device connected to the same account. This includes iOS devices and PCs. With this practicality, professionals prefer lightroom applications.

10. Undo and Redo

This feature is useful for repeating and canceling commands during the editing process up to 12 times if an error occurs. Undo to cancel the command, while redo to repeat the editing that has been done.

Disadvantages of Adobe Lightroom Application

1. No Editing Layers

In this application, there is no clear separation between the ability or image segment to use blending modes. However, effects and modifications can be stacked on the edited image.

2. Some Editing Tools Are Incomplete

Compared to other editing applications, the tools in Lightroom are not that complete. Adobe Lightroom is not meant for full-on raster editors.

3. Feature Loss with Photoshop Mobile

Many also prefer to use Photoshop instead of Lightroom because the features provided by Photoshop are more complete.

4. Only for Photo Editing

In this application, you can only import and modify photos, because lightroom is intended for photographer workflow systems. We can’t find the vector image loader that you can find in one other application.