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Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 Free Download

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 Free Download

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 Free Download – Are you someone who is in the world of graphic design? Maybe you are already familiar with an application called Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator or AI is a vector graphic design application marketed and developed by Adobe. This application is very popular and its users are spread all over the world.

Why is Adobe Illustrator famous and until now the application of choice for graphic design? One of the reasons is that Adobe Illustrator has great color quality. This application is also capable of displaying CMYK print parameters on the RGB monitor screen to reach 100% precision of the printout.

Meanwhile, when you use other graphic design applications, you still have to do various configurations so that the resulting colors are really precise. But when using Adobe Illustrator, you don’t need to do various troublesome configurations.

What Is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic design editor application program developed and marketed by Adobe. Illustrator is a vector application that is very popular among graphic designers.

This program is well known among graphic designers for the quality of the colors in its output files. Illustrator can display CMYK print color parameters on an RGB monitor screen with almost 100% precision with its printouts. While in other vector applications, designers need to do a lot of monitor color management configurations first before achieving near-precise colors in their prints.

Features of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 Free Download

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The sidebar on the left side of the Illustrator window is called the Tools panel, it contains many tools for selecting, creating, and manipulating objects in the work area (Artboard). For a graphic designer, getting to know the Tools section is a very important basic technical knowledge. Because when he works he has to memorize and get used to where the required tool icons are, so they can access them quickly.

On some of these tool icons, there is a small triangular icon on the bottom-right, if you click and hold on the icon it will bring up hidden tools. An example is the Line tool, when you click and hold it, hidden tools appear, including the Arc tool, Spiral tool, Rectangular grid tool, and Polar grid tool.

Some Illustrator tools have parameters that are not found in other vector design applications such as Links, Artboard tool, Action, Slice, Magic wand, and many more. These features are the same as those in Photoshop. When called unique, not really, because each application has its flagship feature.

If you are familiar with the tools in Photoshop or InDesign, it will be faster to learn to master the tools in this application. Illustrator is slightly different from CorelDRAW in terms of location and equipment parameters, but rest assured if you are used to using CorelDRAW or Inkscape, you will quickly learn to use Illustrator, because of the similarity in concept.

Quoting from “ Illustrator 10 for Windows and Macintosh (Visual Quickstart Guide),” written by Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas, the key components of Tools in Illustrator include:

1. Toolbox (Tools)

Toolbox by default is on the left sidebar. Here some tools will be used frequently. In total there are more than 50 tools, including hidden tools.

2. Color palette

The color palette is used to determine the Fill (fill) and Stroke (line) colors. The color palette will display different parameters depending on which the user chooses, RGB or CMYK.

3. Transparency palette

Useful for changing the Blending mode and Opacity of individual objects, groups, or layers.

4. Stroke palette

Useful for adjusting the thickness of the line on a vector object.

5. Gradient palette

Helps the user to adjust the color gradation of a selected vector object. By default, the gradient color in this tool is Black (black) and White (white).

6. Layers palette

Layers in Illustrator work just like Layers in Photoshop, Firework, InDesign, or any other Adobe application. Users can add, delete, arrange the order, hide/show it ( hide/show), lock/unlock it (lock/unlock), change its thumbnail mode, and include it as an object that is printed or not ( dim object ) either individually or individually. group or layer, create a sub-layer, create a new layer, and create a new object.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 Free Download

In addition, some of the tools in Adobe Illustrator have parameters that you don’t find in other vector design applications, such as Magic wand, Links, Action, Slice, Artboard tool, and so on. But you can also find this feature in Adobe Photoshop. Is Adobe Illustrator unique? Not really because each application has its advantages and disadvantages.

Thus the information we can provide regarding the Adobe Illustrator application. If you want to become a reliable graphic designer, then you can start learning through this application. Download the latest and free Adobe Illustrator via the link below:

Download Adobe Illustrator 2020