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Adobe Audition 2022 Free Download (Full Version)

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Adobe Audition 2022 Free Download (Full Version)

Adobe Audition 2022 Free Download (Full Version)

Adobe Audition 2022 Free Download – Do you know, that great audio/sound out there can produce a good instrument or sound because of what process? Audio, videos, films, and instruments, of course, go through a very good and maximum editing process.

One of them is using audio editing software which is the choice of audio content creators and music producers in processing their audio projects to make them sound fantastic.

At first, the sound recording and audio quality that was done in a project did not sound smooth and tidy. However, by going through the editing process, the audio can be smooth and pleasing to the ear. One of them is Adobe Audition, which is a computer software known as an audio or sound editor. This software has professional features for editing, mixing, and mastering audio.

This professional software is the main choice for users to process sound and audio quality such as recordings, music, instruments, radio, podcast projects, and more. To deepen your understanding of this software, please read the following review to find out the definition, performance system, and main features of this Adobe Audition software.

What is Adobe Audition?

Adobe Audition is a multitrack digital audio recording as an editor and mixer with audio or sound processing facilities. With the Adobe Audition application, users can record sound, edit sound quality, add various sound effects, combine various soundtracks into one track, as well as save projects in various formats. Adobe Audition is widely used by several users including musicians recording, producers, radio stations, and demo CDs.

History of Adobe Audition

Origins Adobe Audition was founded in the early 1990s by Robert Ellison and David Johnston, who were both former Microsoft employees. First developed by Syntrilium under the name Cool Edit which is distributed for Windows computers. Developers from Syntrilium then released Cool Edit Pro to add the ability to work audio from various tracks along with other features.

At that time, the audio processing was not strong enough for the performance of the computer processor, finally, Cool Edit Pro v2 added support for real-time non-destructive processing and version v2.1 added a surround sound mixer and unlimited simultaneous tracks. Cool Edit Pro also includes additional plugins such as noise reduction and FFT equalization.

Cool Edit Pro 2000 and Cool Edit Pro support various import/export codecs for various audio file formats since their initial versions. Cool Edit Pro also licenses and integrates the original Fraunhofer MP3 encoder since the MP3 format became popular.

Cool Edit Pro is software that has an SDK and codec plugins supported by FLT filters, and several plugins in the form of import/export formats from the developer community are used to open and save in a collection of compressed audio formats.

Various audio formats and containers supported by Cool Edit Pro are Fraunhofer MP3, LAME MP3, Dolby AC3, DTS, ACM Waveform, PCM waveform, AIFF, AU, CDA, MPEG-1 Audio, MPEG-2 Audio, AAC, HE-AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, True Audio, WavPack, QuickTime MOV and MP4 (import only), ADPCM, RealMedia, WMA Standard, WMA Professional, WMA Lossless and WMA Multichannel.

Until finally in May 2003, the company Adobe Systems acquired and purchased Cool Edit Pro from Syntrilium Software for $16.5, along with a large loop library called ‘Loopology‘ . Adobe changed the name of the Cool Edit Pro software to ‘Adobe Audition’ until now.

Adobe Audition 2022 Free Download

The next advantage is that Adobe Audition presents a variety of sound effects or sound effects. Some of these sound effects include: reversal of sound, slowing of sound, distortion, and so on. All these effects have been applied to the audio settings and several other settings. So, you can easily determine the sound effect you want.

Adobe Audition also has great audio restoration capabilities. You can improve the sound that is less clear, for example, the sound found in music on vinyl records. So, you can easily remove the unclear sound and your audio then has a sound that is not inferior to other audio sounds. Download the latest and free Adobe Audition via the link at the end of this article.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition has various facilities for audio editing needs. Even so, no matter how perfect the application, there must be advantages and disadvantages for users when using the software.

Advantages of Adobe Audition

This advantage makes this audio processing software widely used by many people.

  • Interface, user-friendly, and more intuitive screen display to suit user needs. In contrast to the old version which is still rigid and has a complicated appearance, now the Adobe Audition interface can be adjusted by the user’s layout.
  • Performance, professional enough to record more audio sources at the same time. In addition, the latest version with Adobe Creative Cloud makes performance improvements to audio processing for soundcard functions. There is a complete digital mixer for managing audio levels and other parameters.
  • Audio Restoration Capability can fix the Audio track that is less clear from a sound recording project by deleting the desired audio part.
  • Sound Effects and Batch Processing, allows you to create and add a variety of sound effects, such as slow sound effects, sound reversal, distortion, and more, to apply to your audio projects. Apart from that, this software can also be used to combine various sound effects at the same time. When you have a lot of audio files that you want to edit, you can also do Batch Processing to process audio.
  • With the addition of Essential Sound, users can add essential sound (in collaboration with Adobe Premiere Pro) to achieve high-quality sound results.

Disadvantages of Adobe Audition

Of all the advantages that exist, Adobe Audition is also considered to have shortcomings that cannot be denied, especially for ordinary Adobe Audition users.

  • Control buttons are difficult for beginners to operate, and it takes time for them to adjust their understanding.
  • Subscription software, for budget savers, is not suitable if you choose to operate this software.
  • There is no file preview facility available when performing the Open File audio command.
  • There is no DV video to audio converter available, it has more features, but some users think this software is still lacking because it cannot convert DV video to audio format.

Audio Editor Functions in Adobe Audition

In general, Adobe Audition has two recognizable audio editor functions, namely Waveform and Multitrack Editor. Both have different roles for user needs. The different roles of the two are:

Waveform Editor

  • The waveform is an audio editor in Adobe Audition that is intended for single-track, where users will use it for one track only.
  • In terms of appearance, Waveform has a more detailed audio spectrum because it only focuses on one audio clip.
  • The flexibility contained in the Waveform, for example, when doing a delete on a particular clip, so that the clip will disappear immediately.
  • Changes in the shape of the spectrum appear in more detail when applying effects so that the fluctuations in the spectrum can be estimated in the output results later.
  • The waveform can be used to apply multiple effects just like the Multitrack editor. But the difference lies after the application of these effects.

Multitrack Editor

  • Multitrack Editor is used on multiple tracks in a single project, where users can use a large number of tracks for the audio editor.
  • In terms of appearance contained in Multitrack is quite complicated and is divided into several tracks because the audio clip is more than one.
  • In the Multitrack editor, users can move, duplicate, cut, and arrange clips freely and easily so that it feels more flexible with Multitrack.
  • Having a multitrack role will make spectrum changes less visible when applying effects. However, the output can be estimated by listening to the audio level.
  • Like Waveform, Multitrack Editor can apply multiple effects, other than that the selected effect will be set aside on a shelf. Users can also freely explore several effects by turning off, dragging, and editing the effects already installed on the project.

Whatever the differences between the two audio editors in Adobe Audition, the choice and the answer still depend on the user’s needs in processing audio projects.

Adobe Audition Key Features

1. Free Sound Effects

Adobe Audition provides a variety of sound effects for free, you can build projects with professional sound effects here. From videos to podcasts, choose from hundreds of effects for free to add a new tone, mood, or comedic touch to your recordings.

Add impressive textures to the Audio

By recording audio from a digital audio workstation it will be easier for you to get layered sound. Get access to over 12 thousand free sound effects from Adobe Audition with free sound effects and explore the feature library to help improve your audio projects.

Some of the sound effects in this feature are Audio animation with comic and cartoon effects, Channel arcade classics with beeps and boops sound effects, Access to over 450 gun and firearm sound effects for video games, podcasts, and others, classic slapstick sound effects such as whistles, horns, and pops.

Find quality sound effects

Uncompressed effects files ensure crisp sound and look perfect for podcasting and video production. The sound effects in Adobe Audition are fully marked so you can easily find them quickly. Apart from that you can also group similar effect styles and download them from Adobe Audition.

2. Audio Mixing and Mastering

Adobe Audition is the perfect software for mixing and mastering audio editors in film, television, music, and podcast projects. Making sound editing with this feature will increase the volume and the mastery of the sound is perfect.

Mix and Master any audio project

Some of the important projects you can polish with this mixing software include rock music videos, academic documentaries, and various soundtracks. The way you can do Mix and Mastering audio is using your favorite hardware or any plug-in.

Adobe Audition will work as needed, simplifying audio editing with the remix function, controlling audio and layering compositions with the Multitrack editor, or customizing audio with the Waveform editor.

Additionally, you can remove noise by removing beep, hisre, and background noise from audio tracks with the Spectral Frequency display, as well as visually editing sound waves.

Mastering Audio with some tips

You can learn how to mix and polish audio projects for the perfect soundtrack. First, you can add audio effects by adding custom effects to the soundtrack. Second, you can create an optimal soundtrack in Adobe Premiere Pro with the Essential Sound panel and then take it to Adobe Audition for additional finessing without changing the original audio parameters.

3. Record Podcast

The Adobe Audition feature also provides the facility to create Podcast recordings. Perfectly record and mix audio into the app, then you’ll be exporting quality audio content to your podcast audience.

Improve Podcast audio quality

Place audio vocal tracks and precisely manage podcast recording and editing. Some of the tips include Adjusting tone levels by editing the essential audio panel, mixing audio podcasts by accessing the sound effects library, using podcast templates to set up multitrack recordings, and editing podcasts with Multitrack or Waveform editors.

4. Noise Reduction

Adobe Audition also makes it easy for users to explore noise reduction in audio. Sometimes when recording via iPhone or high-quality video camera, the noise will still be noticeable and can’t be avoided. However, by editing Adobe Audition with the DeNoise and Noise Reduction features, you can remove noise to get the best sound.


From the explanation above, it can be concluded that Adobe Audition is an audio recording and editing program developed by the Adobe company. This program has been widely used by professional audio editors in processing audio/sound according to their wishes and needs. Adobe Audition also has a variety of effects that can be applied to audio projects to produce fantastic sound preparations.

No wonder, if this software is widely used for music recording, audio producers, demo CDs, and radio stations. As a fan of audio editing, Adobe Audition software will be the best choice.

That’s a brief review of the understanding, functions, and features of Adobe Audition, hopefully, it can be helpful and useful for those in need. Save and share this article on social media and with your friends to make it more useful. Thank you and good luck with the Adobe Audition application!


Is Adobe Audition free?

Adobe Audition is a software developed by Adobe Systems which is open for subscription. Of course paid, with a subscription fee of US $ 20.00/month. However, you can download the trial version via Creative Cloud using your Adobe ID and password.

Is Adobe Audition easy to use?

Easy to use for those who are well acquainted with its features and the tools in it. So before using this software, it’s a good idea to first study some tutorials on using Adobe Audition to edit audio.

What are the uses of Adobe Audition?

Adobe Audition is used as an audio editor with forms of mixing, merging, cutting, adding audio effects, and a full range of sound processing.

What operating systems support Adobe Audition?

For now, Adobe Audition still supports Windows and Mac OS operating systems.