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Adobe After Effects 2022 Free Download

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Adobe After Effects 2022 Free Download

Adobe After Effects 2022 Free Download – Technological developments in video content are progressing very rapidly, as evidenced by video and animation maker software that is increasingly being used on computers, laptops, to smartphones.

The number of video software available makes video creators more proficient and professional in honing their talents. Especially in the fields of content, film, and other multimedia, video editing software is always the mainstay to create great work.

Discussing video maker and editor software, this time the author will also give a brief review of motion graphics (video) processing software called Adobe After Effects.

Adobe After Effects is a PC or Laptop software that currently dominates professional video creators in the world because its facilities and features are very complete compared to other video creator software. This software is the output of Adobe Inc. collaborated with Creative Cloud which has given birth to several other great products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, and others.

After Effects software is widely used in television, film post-production, special effects creation, and video animation. If you are curious, with a complete understanding and history, just take a look at the following review.

What is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects 2022 Free Download

Adobe After Effects is a professional motion graphics processing software (digital motion graphics) for editing video content and visual effects. This software is widely and reliably used for the needs of making videos, multimedia content, and films, on the web. The main ability of this software is that it can turn objects into animations.

Adobe After Effects software has more complete video editing facilities than other editing software. After Effects incorporates the full features of several software, including Shape tools such as Adobe Photoshop (to create shapes), and Keyframe tools (to set keyframes in animations) such as Adobe Flash. Besides that, After Effects also has Expression features like Adobe Flash to make motion graphics look dynamic by adding action scripts.

Adobe After Effects is an application made by Macromedia, which was later acquired by Adobe by upgrading all the features of the application. This software is widely used by professional video editors, web designers, film producers, visual effects creators, and other multimedia programs.

As the name suggests, this program facilitates a lot of visual effects, there are dozens of standard effects that are ready to be processed to be applied to graphic video content in the workspace. In addition to abundant Effects support, this application also facilitates the import of vector files.

Features of Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects 2022 Free Download

Adobe After Effects is currently fully compatible with graphic video editing. After Effects provides the best facilities for video processing needs with additional Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Graphics Animations, Compositing, and other video graphic features.

After Effects applies a working method with the help of a layering system so that work is organized and organized. The most prominent virtue in After Effects is an action script called Expression which aims to produce dynamic animation movements into its motion graphics.

1. Text Animation

The text animation will help you to animate words. This feature also has some special effects such as using kinetic typography effects on text. Even After Effects also makes it easy for you to animate your logo ( this logo is a vector graphic previously created from Illustrator). You can also add motion animation to text in 3D, to make animations and appearances look beautiful, use pro presets and templates.

If you’re interested in creating beautiful scrolling animated text titles, this Text Animation tool will help you turn your words into animation. Manage and adjust from the available presets or you can create your own using the keyframing feature. Some of the interesting icons from Text Animation are Text animators, Graph editing, 3D text animation, and Mask paths.

2. VFX/Visual Effects

With this feature you can create visual wonders by things like removing objects from videos, adding 3D animations, creating weather effects on video layers, and adding special effects to make your work look magical and real. Some of the visual effects of this feature are ‘Smooth handheld footage’, with this you can track the motion of the video and make the motion smooth and balanced using the VFX Stabilizer.

Then ‘Add the weather’ to add weather such as rain, blizzard, lens flare/light, or smog effect to the scene you are editing. Another is ‘Add 3D geometry and depth’ to change the animation to high resolution. With the help of rendering, Cinema 4D will make it easier for you to create 3D space on layers, as well as to convert shapes and text into 3D objects.

3. Motion Graphics

This one feature is very useful for you to use, namely ‘Motion Graphics’. With this feature, you can animate motion graphics with stunning visual effects. This feature also provides quality motion design templates or you can create them for repeated use in projects that you want to edit.

Some of its full features include, ‘ Animate logos using composition ‘, how to create compositions by importing files from Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or others, and adjusting the scale, position, rotate objects, create object recordings, and animate them.

Other features such as, ‘Animating/animating objects with their backgrounds’, and ‘Creating custom transitions’ by adding transitions dynamically, you can also add color and shape touches and create animated masks on video scenes.

Then in this feature, there is also ‘Expressions for motion graphics’ which is used to create motion graphics that focus on object animation by saving time without making hundreds of repetitive movements. This expression will also create dynamic and organized movement efficiently.

4. Rotoscoping

This rotoscoping is used to cut the motion of objects from the video. In this feature, you can remove elements from videos and add them to live-action footage. In this rotoscope, you can also find compositing techniques for combining the moving elements of a video project.

5. Motion Tracking

As the name of the feature, namely Motion Tracking, you can track the movement of objects in the video. You can learn techniques from this feature for embedding graphic elements into objects to create dynamic, fluid motion with the help of the camera.

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Adobe After Effects 2022 Free Download

From the brief review that the author gave above, it can be concluded that After Effects provides very complete features for creators in creating animated graphics on video. Complete feature facilities, making After Effects reliable in creating video content for media companies and multimedia content. After Effects currently supports both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

That’s a brief review that the author can give about the understanding, history, and main features of Adobe After Effects. If you have any questions or comments regarding the above discussion, please write your questions in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck!


Are After Effects free?

Until now, After Effects is still paid and premium. You can buy it on the official website www.adobe.com on Adobe After Effects software at a cost of US$20.99/month.

Are After Effects easy to use?

Not for beginners, of course, if you want to be proficient in After Effects, first learn the functions and uses of the tool along with the basic features in the application.

What are the uses of After Effects?

To create graphic video content by adding some visual effects.

Is After Effects safe to use?

Of course, it is very safe, if you download and buy it on the official Adobe.com website.

Download Adobe After Effects 2022