• Mar 22, 2023

7 Ways to See Quality Backlinks for Optimizing Your Business Website

by Flexadia 1 year ago in Marketing
7 Ways to See Quality Backlinks

7 Ways to See Quality Backlinks – In the world of SEO or search engine optimization , you must know how to see the quality of backlinks in order to increase website rankings.

This is because backlinks have a fairly important role in SEO itself. It is also through backlinks that bloggers and SEO professionals are competing to find as many backlinks as possible, either with White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO, so that their websites can appear on the Google search engine.

Because of this intense competition, in recent years Google has limited the number of backlinks that can be utilized by SEO practitioners.

With new algorithms such as Google Sandbox, Pagerank, Google Dance, to the banned step, websites that are indicated to be spamming backlinks can be filtered and even removed from search engines.

For this reason, currently the Black Hat SEO step or looking for as many backlinks as possible without paying attention to the quality of the backlinks will be in vain.

7 Ways to See Quality Backlinks

7 Ways to See Quality Backlinks

So how do you see the quality of backlinks for website development? At least there are some bakclink parameters or benchmarks that you can pay attention to. Here’s the review.

1. Link Location

The benchmark of a good backlink can also be influenced by the location of the link. This is because search engines prefer links that are built in a natural way.

The natural way? What does it mean? So the backlink is written by yourself on a website, not a link in the comments column. From here, the search engines will determine the quality of the backlinks that point to your website.

However, not a few SEO practitioners like to spam backlinks in the comments columns on every blog with a niche similar to the blog that is being managed.

Although this can increase the amount of traffic, the backlinks that are built are considered by Google as low-quality backlinks.

2. Website or Blog Theme

One way to see the quality of backlinks can also be determined by the theme of the website or blog. The point is that links from websites with the same niche/theme will be judged to be of higher quality when compared to links from other websites that do not have the same theme.

An easy example like this. You are managing a website with a technology theme. But then it turns out that someone recommends your website, but the website is themed on food and traveling. Not connecting , right?

Not even a few SEO practitioners say that backlinks from websites with different themes can affect the search engine’s assessment of these backlinks.

3. Anchor Text

You may not realize that anchor text can also have a considerable influence on SEO. This is because in the link or URL there is anchor text that will be remembered by search engines.

In the sense that a URL with many backlinks accompanied by certain anchor text will give a good position on the Google search engine.

4. Type of Domain Used

Domains can also be a benchmark for backlink quality. The way to see the quality of backlinks by type of domain is in certain domains such as .edu and .gov, the value will be better than any domain. This has been proven by SEO masters. Although this is just an opinion, this is a fact that can be justified.

5. Types of Backlinks

The type of backlink also determines the quality of the backlink. The reason is, One Way Links or one-way links have better quality when compared to Two Way Links or linked links. An example of a Two Way Link is a link exchange that is usually found in the comment field on a blog or website.

6. Different Domain and IP

The influence of the domain and IP is on the number of links. So for example like this, there are 200 backlinks sourced from the same domain.

Of course the backlinks are of low quality when compared to 200 backlinks sourced from different domains and IPs. In other words, no matter how many backlinks come from one domain and IP, backlinks from different domains and IPs are of better quality.

Yes, at least those are some ways to see the quality of backlinks on the website you are managing, Hope it is useful.